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  1. Administered from Fort Vancouver on the lower Columbia River. The northeast, corner ,of the province east of the Rockies, known as the Peace River Block, was
  2. The Canadian currency tactile feature, which a system of raised dots in one, corner , based on Braille cells but not standard s has been widely taken up. Hardware *
  3. Pizza and the New Zealander Restaurant. Neptune Court, just a block away on the, corner ,of Central Ave. and McKay Ave., provides another glimpse of what resort life
  4. And ε Are" TSO King ", meaning 'left guard '. Deep sky objects The northwest, corner ,of Ara is crossed by the Milky Way and contains several open clusters (notably
  5. Lugs FYI Stan Bros: which translates," Make your hearth in the southeast, corner ,of the house, which is the quarter of Agni ". He also plays a central role in
  6. Notably those of the Attain kings of Bergamo Attacks II (in front of the NW, corner ,of the Parthenon),and Eugene II, in front of the Propylaea. These were
  7. Box to send his opponent off the court, followed by a shot to the opposite, corner , Agassi's service speed when hitting a flat first serve would range between.
  8. There are small groups in the medallion. Perched Doorway Upper right, corner ,: The splendid T-shaped doorway came very late in the 7th century. The interior
  9. Area of Massed described Massoud's territory in 1997 as" the last tolerant, corner ,of Afghanistan ". About his life in Massoud's area he stated:" I feel freedom
  10. New York. The grave site is located on the Arcadia Hebron plot of land at the, corner ,of Summit Avenue and Dingle Road. Carnegie is buried only a few yards away from
  11. Beach era still exist in present-day Alameda. The Roll Building, on the, corner ,of Webster Street and Central Avenue, was the site of Croll's Gardens and
  12. Poses and gesticulates as if it was human, splaying its branches out in every, corner , Halfway up the tree trunk, hangs a gabled shrine. At the time, a shrine like
  13. To the U. S. Andy Warhol's father was born deep down in the most southeasterly, corner ,of Poland, a little village called Wetland in Bieszczady Mountains, located at
  14. It is one of those dishes that can almost certainly be eaten in almost every, corner ,of this country. Buenos Aires, Rosario and Córdoba also serve it with fauna
  15. Together with the servants' and laborers' quarters (k). At the south-east, corner ,we find the hen and duck house, and poultry-yard (m),and the dwelling of the
  16. A table and then on the ground. However, as he jumped towards the table,the, corner ,of the table struck his abdomen, resulting in a splenic rupture from which he
  17. Except for the impressive gatehouse, which stretches between the south-west, corner ,of the church and a defensive tower on the High Street, and the still complete
  18. Of the province is prairie, ranging from short grass prairie in the southeastern, corner ,to mixed grass prairie in an arc to the west and north of it. The central aspen
  19. Been a farm. Lakes Field is a plateau rising out of the sea on the northeast, corner ,of the island. This Air Force base is a joint American and Portuguese venture.
  20. His dominions included not only the whole of Hispanic except its north-western, corner ,but also Gallic Aquitania and the greater part of an as-yet undivided Gallic
  21. To bring people together through music. " We can communicate anywhere at any, corner ,of the planet and feel that we're at home," McNally told Patrick MacDonald of
  22. Leaving, he had stacked all his cultures of staphylococci on a bench in a, corner ,of his laboratory. On returning, Fleming noticed that one culture was
  23. Includes most of Tajikistan, the southwest corner of Kyrgyzstan, the northeast, corner ,of Afghanistan, a long narrow portion of western Turkmenistan and about half of
  24. Monologues accompanying scientific discoveries and the" photographs in the, corner ,of a comm link – hometowns, first steps, first loves, family,graduation
  25. Of Confederate Memorial Day for most states. *1865 – Union cavalry troopers, corner ,and shoot dead John Wilkes Booth, assassin of President Lincoln, in Virginia.
  26. Dakota from the Minnesota border before curving northwest into the southwestern, corner ,of North Dakota. US Highway 12 is the major thoroughfare in Aberdeen. US
  27. Of life. Mind causes motion. It rotated the primitive mixture, starting in one, corner ,or point, and gradually extended until it gave distinctness and reality to the
  28. Garnering national attention, ethnic restaurants offering cuisine from every, corner ,of the world, and traditional eateries specializing in Southern dining. In the
  29. Bono Bridge from Queens. The Bronx's highest elevation, is in the northwest, corner , west of Van Cortland Park and in the Chapel Farm area near the Riverdale
  30. This debate, Hitler had also won," because he wanted and needed me back in his, corner , and he got me ". Fall of the Reich Speer's name was included on the list of
  31. Which is not on Vancouver Island but rather is located in the southwest, corner ,of the mainland (an area often called the Lower Mainland). Other major cities
  32. Contiguous to the infirmary, and the physic garden (T) at the north-east, corner ,of the monastery. Besides other rooms, it contains a drug store, and a chamber
  33. His next targets were the Chaldean and Hutu tribes of the far south-eastern, corner ,of Mesopotamia, whom he conquered and reduced to vassalage, and the Arabs of
  34. The Aral Sea endorheic basin. This includes most of Tajikistan, the southwest, corner ,of Kyrgyzstan, the northeast corner of Afghanistan, a long narrow portion of
  35. NGC 772 (southeast of β ARI),NGC 972 (in the constellation's northern, corner ,), and NGC 1156 (northwest of δ ARI). Visualizations Ancient Greek
  36. Was born in Ballston Spa, New York. He was born in a small house on the, corner ,of Washington and Fen wick Street. The family all slept in the attic loft of the
  37. Profile, belly-ache,spearhead, skyrocket,showcase, service (as a car), corner , torch, exit (as in" exit the lobby" ), factor (in mathematics),gun ("
  38. Rate is 8.3 %. Several global companies are headquartered in the northwest, corner ,of Arkansas, including Walmart (the world's the largest public corporation by
  39. Christs St. Frances Cabrini Hospital was opened in 1950 and is located at the, corner ,of Masonic Drive and Texas Avenue. Both hospitals are in the process of
  40. Anchor point. This point is consistent from shot to shot and is usually at the, corner ,of the mouth, on the chin, to the cheek, or to the ear, depending upon one's
  41. Quantity). The word angle comes from the Latin word annulus, meaning " a, corner ,". The word annulus is a diminutive, of which the primitive form, angus, does
  42. Team arrived at Groom Lake and laid out a, north-south runway on the southwest, corner ,of the lake bed and designated a site for a base support facility. The new
  43. The central west border to Birmingham, where I-59 continues to the north-east, corner ,of the state and I-20 continues east towards Atlanta; I-85 originates in
  44. Ukraine (oblasts of Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk,Ternopil (except its northern, corner ,) and most of the oblast of Chernivtsi) *Montenegro (bay of Boa Motors
  45. John Anderton owns a phone with the Nokia logo clearly written in the top, corner , or his watch engraved with the Bulgari logo. Another example of advertising in
  46. The Georgia boundary. The Tombigbee and Alabama rivers unite near the southwest, corner ,of the state, their waters discharging into Mobile Bay by the Mobile and Tenses
  47. Are contrasted with the beggar whose legs and arms were amputated, in the left, corner ,File: JohnMcFall-Manchester-20070513. JPG|John McCall, who has an above-knee
  48. Who chased the governor and the rest of the State Guard to the southwestern, corner ,of the state. (See also: Missouri secession). In the resulting vacuum, the
  49. Able (Ancient Greek: Ἄβαι, Abai),is an ancient town in the northeastern, corner ,of Phones, in Greece. It was famous in antiquity for its oracle of Apollo

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