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  1. Developed rigorous experimental methods of controlled scientific testing to, verify ,theoretical hypotheses and substantiate inductive conjectures. Other historians
  2. JavaScript (where it can be extracted by an attacker),then have JavaScript, verify ,a user's password and pass" password_ok 1" back to the server (since the "
  3. 75,so the calculated answer is −75. To check, perform standard subtraction to, verify ,that 357 − 432 is −75. Note that in the event that there are a different number
  4. Done in the previous two decades' censuses. Canvassers came to be used only to, verify ,a random sample of censuses received, and to attempt to complete records for
  5. Usually called Makefile. PL or Build. PL) and test scripts which can be run to, verify ,the contents of the distribution are functioning properly. New distributions
  6. Scrutiny. Nowadays, AMD,Intel and others use automated theorem proving to, verify ,that division and other operations are correctly implemented in their
  7. State, with the understanding that there are, and can be, no physical ways to, verify ,it. This belief has been advanced by Rabbi Dr. David Gottlieb, former
  8. His maternal grandfather Lyon, to whom one day Zeus went and had a meal. To, verify ,that the guest was really the king of the gods, Lycaon killed his grandson and
  9. Is provided with information showing what the answer is, it may be possible to, verify ,the answer quickly. The class of questions for which an answer can be verified
  10. To have the world's the highest GDP per capita, yet these statistics are hard to, verify ,as Bermuda is not classified as a country but rather as a territory of the U.
  11. Surveying: a survey conducted at the end of the construction project to, verify ,that the work authorized was completed to the specifications set on plans.
  12. Charging handle is pulled to the rear and the operator inspects the chamber to, verify ,the weapon is unloaded. The operator presses forward on the retainer button at
  13. However, within the context of the Cold War, skepticism about the capability to, verify ,compliance with a comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty posed a major obstacle
  14. A disorder that occurs in between 12 % and 24 % of those with dyslexia. {{, verify ,credibility|date=October 2010|The category is controversial, and it would be
  15. A professional gambler. The Prussians suspect he is a spy and Barry is to, verify ,this. Barry discovers the chevalier is Irish and they become confederates
  16. Are simpler than in the absence of dimensional analysis. We'd perform none to, verify ,that the energy is proportional to the tension. Or perhaps we might guess that
  17. Dfx as above. Since the map d restricts to 0 on Ix2 (the reader should, verify ,this),d descends to a map from Ix / Ix2 to the dual of the tangent space, (
  18. Nature of ultimate reality is unknowable by reason of our natural inability to, verify ,any experience with anything but another subjective experience. A strong
  19. And ratify swimmers' claims to have swum the English Channel and to, verify ,crossing times. The CSA was dissolved in 1999 and was succeeded by two separate
  20. Frac\sin\franc \; \ X (s) -\franc\cos \franc \. With these results one can, verify ,that:: X (s)^2 + yo (s)^2 1 \; \ \franc yo (s)X (s)-yo (s)X (s) =
  21. Equality is true, but it does not provide a value for x. Indeed, one can easily, verify ,(by just filling in some values of x) that for any x there is a solution as
  22. Systems having a SLIP can be preactivated with an OEM product key, and they, verify ,an XML formatted OEM certificate against the SLIP in the BIOS as a means of
  23. Tasted beryllium and its various compounds for sweetness in order to, verify ,its presence. Modern diagnostic equipment no longer necessitates this highly
  24. Code Sequence and Jump) * Will code coverage be measured against tests that, verify ,requirements levied on the system under test (DO-178B)? * Is the object code
  25. As the first claimed mathematical proof which was essentially impossible to, verify ,by humans due to the enormous size of the program's calculation (such proofs
  26. Both Abelian and non-American groups are considered. Multiplication table To, verify ,that a finite group is Abelian, a table (matrix) - known as a Cayley table -
  27. A different observatory and using newer plate measuring techniques, failed to, verify ,the planetary companion. Another paper published by John L. Hershey four months
  28. No treatment is required for uterine perforation, a laparoscopy may be done to, verify ,that bleeding has stopped on its own. Infection of the uterus or Fallopian
  29. New psychotropic substances, has tried to contact the Texas A&M researchers and, verify ,their findings. The authors of the paper have not responded; natural
  30. Part of the study of electronics. These experiments are used to prove, verify , and reinforce laws and theorems such as Ohm's law,Kirchhoff's laws, etc.
  31. Tests, Decca conducted tests in cars, driving in the Kingston By-Pass area to, verify ,receiver accuracy. In the car installation, it was found possible to navigate
  32. A putative enumeration of these forms, but that Grünbaum was unable to, verify ,this at the time. * 2006: George Bolshevik, in his manuscript Uniform Haploid
  33. Been 'grandfathered' to keep their awards. The Darwin Awards site does try to, verify ,all submitted stories, but many similar sites, and the vast number of
  34. Is complete and totally bounded. In practice, the condition (5) is easiest to, verify , for example a closed interval or closed n-ball.; Metric spaces * A metric
  35. A scientifically proven cause, considering current acceptable evidence does not, verify ,a deity’s existence. Some cosmologists and physicists argue that a challenge to
  36. Perrault in her essay on Diana qualifies Dumézil's theory as" impossible to, verify ,". Dumezil's interpretation appears deliberately to ignore that of James G.
  37. Receipts due to the activities of spammers: * Delivery Reports can be used to, verify ,whether an address exists and so is available to be spammed * If the spammer
  38. Locations cited as Xia's in ancient historical texts, but it is impossible to, verify ,that these remains are of the Xia without written records from the period. The
  39. Which supposedly encloses this tomb, although it is not currently possible to, verify ,the claim, as the remains are completely enveloped by a marble sheath. The
  40. Chat rooms were included with the free service, but users were required to, verify ,the age of an account created under the free plan using a credit card. AOL
  41. By men who said they saw the golden plates with Joseph Smith and could, verify ,their existence. Chronology The books from 1 Ne phi to OFNI are described as
  42. But such signatures require extra programming and often external programs to, verify , Some ISPs do not relay email claiming to come from a domain not hosted by them
  43. Of GPS satellites for detecting nuclear explosions enhances the ability to, verify ,compliance to the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, giving the United
  44. Agencies require an actual credit card to be used, or at the very least, will, verify , the creditworthiness of the renter using a debit card. In Canada and additional
  45. Support to instruments mounted on pallets. The main mission objective was to, verify ,performance of Space lab systems, determine the interface capability of the
  46. In NP (such as NP-complete problems) that are harder to compute than to, verify ,: they could not be solved in polynomial time, but the answer could be verified
  47. In such cases, the pastor and parents usually meet together with the child to, verify ,the child's comprehension of the decision to follow Jesus. There are instances
  48. NP. Consider the subset sum problem, an example of a problem that is easy to, verify , but whose answer may be difficult to compute. Given a set of integers, does
  49. Spotted color patterns were excluded, but now with the advent of DNA testing to, verify ,parentage, the registry accepts all colors as long as both parents are
  50. Jammy and Kashmir; furthermore he said that there is nothing that can, verify ,reports from the media of al-Qaeda presence in the state. He however stated

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