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  1. Probably due to the lack of teeth and stomach, but some species like the Asp, specialize ,in fish. Many specie side, common Rudd will eat small fish however when
  2. Knowledge about science. At the Master's level and higher, students tend to, specialize ,in a particular field. Fields of specialization include biochemistry, nuclear
  3. All, of the sub-disciplines of electrical engineering. Students then choose to, specialize ,in one or more sub-disciplines towards the end of the degree. Some electrical
  4. Increasingly would be pulled out to preserve their arms. Bullpens began to, specialize ,more, with more pitchers being trained as middle relievers, and a few hurlers
  5. Scientists engaged in chemical research are known as chemists. Most chemists, specialize ,in one or more sub-disciplines. History Ancient Egyptians pioneered the art of
  6. Version the Annals School and the German Bielefeld School Scholars typically, specialize ,in a particular theme and region. See: Related fields Important related fields
  7. Punter: Punts ball, usually on third downs; Returners: Fast, agile runners who, specialize ,in fielding punts and kickoffs, attempting to advance them for better field
  8. Complications of diabetes mellitus. This evidence convinced most physicians who, specialize ,in diabetes care that an important goal of treatment is to make the biochemical
  9. Is used, so that seldom-used data will tend to be on just a few nodes which, specialize ,in providing that data, and frequently used items will be spread widely
  10. In which the body was built of repeated" modules" which could later, specialize , for example the heads of most arthropods are composed of fused, specialize d
  11. Known as flamers, who are specifically motivated to incite flaming. These users, specialize ,in flaming and target specific aspects of a controversial conversation, and are
  12. Postgraduate engineering awards (M.Eng./M.Sc.) which allow students to further, specialize ,in their particular area of interest within engineering. In most countries, a
  13. The kinetics and the relative product mix of a reaction. Many physical chemists, specialize ,in exploring and proposing the mechanisms of various chemical reactions.
  14. Stage of succession. Different species of plants, animals,and microbes, specialize ,in exploiting a particular stage, and by creating these different types of
  15. Crew members were trained in all aspects of the mission, it was necessary to, specialize , Borman, as commander, was given training on controlling the spacecraft during
  16. Good. On the contrary, the Heckscher-Ohlin theory states that a country should, specialize ,production and export using the factors that are most abundant, and thus the
  17. Marketplace (in equilibrium) each source of production will tend to, specialize ,in that activity where it has comparative (rather than absolute) advantage.
  18. Times, these breeds themselves have since been selectively bred to further, specialize ,at certain tasks. One example of this is the American quarter horse. Once a
  19. Studied inheritance in a wide range of organisms, researchers began to, specialize ,in studying the genetics of a particular subset of organisms. The fact that
  20. Defines methods. Generic functions are a collection of methods. Methods can, specialize ,their parameters over classes or objects. When a generic function is called
  21. Association of Legal Fee Analysis provides certification for professionals who, specialize ,in attorney fee and legal billing matters. Criticisms; Computer technologies
  22. Specialty like dentistry or podiatry. It has been proposed that chiropractors, specialize ,in nonsurgical spine care, instead of attempting to also treat other problems
  23. Of cells during embryogenesis has provided information on how stem cells, specialize ,into specific tissues and organs. This information has led, for example, to the
  24. Structured team system delegates responsibilities to different individuals that, specialize ,in certain tasks. The following is a list of positions held both in the kitchen
  25. And create new artificial substances and useful processes. Chemists may, specialize ,in any number of subdisciplines of chemistry. Materials scientists and
  26. For each other) leads to a highly asymmetric situation, with nodes coming to, specialize ,in data that has closely related keys. There are forces which tend to cause
  27. Concept in international trade theory. In a Riparian model, countries, specialize , in producing what they produce best. Unlike other models, the Riparian
  28. Example of this category would be St John's College. Private schools that, specialize ,in improving children's marks through intensive focus on examination needs are
  29. Housing),technological expertise or project delivery methods. Some architects, specialize ,as building code, building envelope, sustainable design, historic preservation
  30. Regulate acupuncture. Legal and political status United States Those who, specialize ,in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine are usually referred to as" licensed
  31. Forms of employment, often becoming mercenaries. Free Companies would often, specialize ,in forms of combat that required longer periods of training that was not
  32. Usually limits his play to exhibition events, and has revamped his style to, specialize ,in rapid chess. In 2002, he won a match against Kasparov, defeating him in a
  33. And Radio. Cardiology (from Greek, kardiā," heart "; and, Physicians who, specialize ,in this field of medicine are called cardiologists. Cardiologists should not be
  34. Baez, Ovation and Thiamine are other popular Korean/Japanese companies which, specialize ,in guitar-making. Alvarez Guitars, another quality brand, are made in China or
  35. Jurisdiction, analogous to an American attorney. French attorneys may, specialize ,as litigators (trial lawyers) and legal consultants (advising lawyers)
  36. Unlike other models, the Riparian framework predicts that countries will fully, specialize ,instead of producing a broad array of goods. Also, the Riparian model does not
  37. Free bandy is a sport that developed in the 2000s from floor ball fanatics who, specialize ,in a technique called" Zorro ", which involves lifting the ball onto a stick
  38. As the common name, eat algae from hard surfaces, some,such as the black carp, specialize ,in snails, and some, such as the silver carp, are specialize d filter feeders.
  39. The overall market than do market neutral strategies. Whereas" sector funds ", specialize ,in specific areas including technology, healthcare,biotechnology
  40. Also some Halal Chinese food stalls and street vendors in Flushing, Queens that, specialize ,in items such as Bing, lamb Chuan, soft tofu, and side dishes typical of Halal
  41. On the outskirts of Málaga, and CARTA 93 in Seville. Some of these parks, specialize ,in specific sector, such as Acropolis in aerospace or Geolit in food technology
  42. In a placental mammal of their mass). This is particularly true of types that, specialize ,on using termites as their primary food source (for example, Priodontes and
  43. There has also been an explosive growth of online adult toy companies that, specialize ,in leather/latex gear and BDSM toys. Once a very niche market, there are now
  44. And preparation of herbal medicines by Sushant. Master craftsmen and women, specialize ,in weaving, including plaited work (Nick- and åkgak-leaf baskets, mats,bags
  45. Horse. Once a general-purpose working ranch horse, different bloodlines now, specialize ,in different events. For example, larger,heavier animals with a very steady
  46. Boogie" and" Faded Love ". After 1950 radio stations began to increasingly, specialize ,in one form or another of commercially popular music. Wills did not fit into
  47. Not all, of the sub-disciplines of civil engineering. Students then choose to, specialize ,in one or more sub-disciplines towards the end of the degree. While an
  48. Like LinkedIn foster commercial and business connections. YouTube and Flickr, specialize ,in users' videos and photographs. In the first decade of the 21st century the
  49. And historical socioeconomic or religious conditions. Genealogists sometimes, specialize ,in a particular group,e.g. a Scottish clan; a particular surname, such as in
  50. Are traditionally grouped into" high" horn and" low" horn pairs. Players, specialize ,to negotiate the unusually wide range required of the instrument. Formerly, in

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