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  1. S land area. Climate Amsterdam has an oceanic climate (Köppen climate, classification ,CFB),strongly influenced by its proximity to the North Sea to the west, with
  2. However, such objects could be associated with outer planets as well. Spectral, classification ,In 1975,an asteroid taxonomic system based on color, albedo,and spectral
  3. In 3 families The actual number of species partly also depends on the taxonomic, classification ,followed, the two most common classification s being the classification of the
  4. History, having been assigned to widely differing families in different, classification ,systems. Proposed subgroups are difficult to recognize, having similar
  5. Based on phylogenetic research, the latest (2009) revision of the APG, classification ,groups together the former families Hemerocallidaceae, Xanthorrhoeaceae sense
  6. Many Commonwealth air forces * Minesweeper (ship),U. S. Navy 1921 warship, classification ,code * Anti-materiel rifle, a weapon for use against material rather than
  7. Name of Amaryllidaceae. ). A paper published at the same time as the 2009, classification , proposed that the original three families should be retained as subfamilies
  8. One source includes 97 different genera. Others include far fewer. In older, classification ,systems, amoeboids have been divided into several morphological categories
  9. Classification. * Oilcloth (1974) Diffloth's widely cited original, classification , now abandoned by Oilcloth himself, is used in Encyclopædia Britannica
  10. Times. Based on phylogenetic research, the latest (2009) revision of the APG, classification ,supports the use of a single broadly defined family, Asparagaceae sense late.
  11. Of alphabets reflects how they treat vowels. For tonal languages, further, classification , can be based on their treatment of tone, though names do not yet exist to
  12. Rainfall occurs mostly during the spring and autumn. Under Köppen's climate, classification , Ankara features a semi-arid climate. Because of Ankara's high altitude and
  13. In the laboratory. The estrogen-like effects of these salts have led to their, classification ,as a metalloestrogen. The effects of aluminum in antiperspirants has been
  14. Of their orbits, and features of their reflectance spectrum. Orbital, classification ,Many asteroids have been placed in groups and families based on their orbital
  15. Successive revisions of the influential Angiosperm Phylogeny Group (APG), classification , have changed the circumscription of the family. In the 1998 version, Alliaceae
  16. Be producing. Asparagus is the name of an order of plants, used in modern, classification ,systems such as the APG III system (which is used throughout this article).
  17. And the southeast panhandle is a mid-latitude oceanic climate (Köppen climate, classification ,CFB) in the southern sections and a subarctic oceanic climate (Köppen CFC)
  18. Classification followed, the two most common classification s being the, classification ,of the website Amphibians, University of California (Berkeley) and the
  19. To language contact, so it is only a starting point for a proper genealogical, classification , * Oilcloth (1974) Diffloth's widely cited original classification , now
  20. And is placed in the monocots. The order has only recently been recognized in, classification ,systems. It was first put forward by Huber in 1977 and later taken up in the
  21. A result of this impetus, works of art are elusive, refractive to attempts at, classification , because they can be appreciated in more than one way, and are often
  22. Source is allied," binding, entwining. " Since Algae has become a biological, classification , alga can also mean one classification under Algae, parallel to a fungus being
  23. Correspond to the composition of the asteroid's surface material. The original, classification ,system had three categories: C-types for dark carbonaceous objects (75 % of
  24. With the name of Latin Period, a prominent scientist and artist. It was his, classification ,that related the four large groups of carpets with the four geographical zones
  25. Stars and galaxies. Historically, astronomy was more concerned with the, classification ,and description of phenomena in the sky, while astrophysics attempted to
  26. As" Altaic". On Strahlenberg's classification was the first attempt at, classification ,of many languages some of which are Altaic. The term" Altaic "
  27. Based on phylogenetic research, the latest (2009) revision of the APG, classification ,groups together these three families under the conserved name of Amaryllidaceae
  28. Since Algae has become a biological classification , alga can also mean one, classification ,under Algae, parallel to a fungus being a species of fungi, a plant being a
  29. Of order based primarily on the long history of morphological studies. This, classification , like any other taxonomy based on phylogenetic research is in a state of flux.
  30. Neumann's algebras in the 1970s,he succeeded in obtaining the almost complete, classification ,of injective factors. Following this he made contributions in operator K-theory
  31. Active/reactive portions (functional groups) of the molecule. Structure, classification ,Saturated hydrocarbons can be: * linear (general formula) wherein the carbon
  32. Taxonomic class are composed of similar materials. At present, the spectral, classification ,based on several coarse resolution spectroscopic surveys in the 1990s is still
  33. Are studied. The two most widely used taxonomies now used are the Thole, classification ,and SMASS classification . The former was proposed in 1984 by David J. Thole
  34. Of these only the last subclass includes recent species. With the phylogenetic, classification ,Labyrinthodontia has been discarded as it is a paraplegic group without
  35. Interrelated Choke and Linda, the Angela and Nhaneca-Humbe, in both cases, classification ,terms which stand for a variety of small groups, the Rambo, the Herero, the
  36. The languages which later became known as" Altaic". On Strahlenberg's, classification ,was the first attempt at classification of many languages some of
  37. Magnoliopsida angiosperms with the following families included: In Tahktajan's, classification ,(1997),the Order Alismatales contains only the Alismataceae and
  38. Ilia Parts (2004) Parts is a lexicostatistic, classification , based on percentages of shared vocabulary. This means that a language may
  39. Amoebas" ) by all sources): While most morphologies can be mapped to modern, classification ,systems, the older grouping" arthropods" is polyphyletic. Arthropods are
  40. Pahlavi ahead eventually became logo graphic. (See below. ) Thus the primary, classification ,of alphabets reflects how they treat vowels. For tonal languages, further
  41. Has comprised Turkic, Mongolic,Tunguska, Korean,and Japanese. An alternative, classification , though one with much less currency among Activists, was proposed by John C.
  42. Most widely used taxonomies now used are the Thole classification and SMASS, classification , The former was proposed in 1984 by David J. Thole, and was based on data
  43. Of the website Amphibians, University of California (Berkeley) and the, classification ,by herpetologist Darrel Frost and The American Museum of Natural History
  44. And shelled) and testate (mollusks). In some respects, this incomplete, classification ,is better than that of Linnaeus, who crowded the invertebrate together into two
  45. These families within Austro-Asiatic are debated. In addition to the traditional, classification , two recent proposals are given, neither of which accept traditional "
  46. Is the circumscription which the Angiosperm Phylogeny Group accepted in the APG, classification ,of 1998 and which later became known as Alliance sense strict. In the APG II
  47. Preferred phylogeny of the author, whether they use a stem-based or node-based, classification , Traditionally, amphibians as a class are defined as all tetrapods with a
  48. Of known asteroids) and U for those that did not fit into either C or S. This, classification ,has since been expanded to include many other asteroid types. The number of
  49. East and Central India and parts of Bangladesh. However, no evidence for this, classification ,has ever been published. Each of the families that is written in boldface type
  50. The hound shark Mustelus. Classification of living things Aristotle's, classification ,of living things contains some elements which still existed in the 19th century

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