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  1. All verses of the Book. After collecting all Our'panic verses from texts in the, possession ,of various Sahara, Zayd in Habit and members of his committee verified the
  2. By Achilles. One of the tasks imposed upon Heracles by Eurystheus was to obtain, possession ,of the girdle of the Amazonian queen Hippolyta. He was accompanied by his
  3. Convinced him that Poland should combine voluntary collectivism and individual, possession ,of the leased land. His pragmatism left room even for private peasant ownership
  4. As a subject of the Austro-Hungarian Empire resident on a British colonial, possession , he was effectively confined to New Guinea for several years. He made use of
  5. Already 12 On This Day in Canada ---- Events *1071 – Bar, the last Byzantine, possession ,in southern Italy, is surrendered to Robert Discard. *1450 – Battle of
  6. It was he alone who decided territorial divisions. Alexander proceeded to take, possession ,of Syria, and most of the coast of the Levant. However, the following year,332
  7. Royal treasury at Toulouse, which Gregory of Tours writes Clovis took into his, possession , Alaric's heirs were his eldest son, the illegitimate Resale, and his younger
  8. Were, however,aided by the reckless waste of man. The East India Company took, possession ,of the island in 1651,and about the year 1700 it began to be seen that the
  9. Into the late 14th century when Thomas LE Boiler was recorded as being in, possession ,of Jekyll & Well. In the 17th and 18th centuries, there was much migration to
  10. All the owners of a piece of land, a house, or a building before it came into, possession ,of the present owner. The abstract also records all deeds, wills,mortgages
  11. Or common law power of entry, or in hot pursuit, the person lawfully in, possession ,of land is entitled to withdraw permission for the officer to remain. Should
  12. By a variety of influences in the Christian church. All claims to the, possession ,of a secret tradition (as held by many Gnostic sects) were denied by the
  13. At the end of World War II in 1945,the Soviets declared war on Japan and took, possession ,of the Kuril Islands and southern Sakhalin. The Ainu population, as previously
  14. Intend to end slavery where it existed, but that he would use force to maintain, possession ,of federal property. His speech closed with a plea for restoration of the bonds
  15. Tracts of land, which require stewardship. Alaska is the only state in which, possession ,of one ounce or less of marijuana in one's home is completely legal under
  16. Word Idea wrongly as well as illegitimately, although Plato had already taken, possession ,of it, and used it most appropriately. Instead, Schopenhauer relied upon the
  17. Osman and his son Organ I. Smyrna was conquered in 1330,and the last Byzantine, possession , Philadelphia (modern Alasdair),fell in 1390. The Anatolian balks were in
  18. Also known as the Battle of Second Manassas. *1867 – The United States takes, possession ,of the,at this point unoccupied, Midway Atoll. *1879 – Cetshwayo, last king of
  19. In Castle Nova, fled to Sicily in August. Joan II and Louis III again took, possession ,of the realm, although the true power was in the hands of Gianni Carpaccio. An
  20. To restore the Altar. Death and legacy Soon after acquiring the undisputed, possession ,of the Roman Empire, Theodosius died at Milan in 395,and two years later (
  21. Murdered Atreus and restored his father to the throne. Aegis thus took, possession ,of the throne of Mycenae and ruled jointly with Theses. During this period
  22. And food. Robert Graves was of the opinion that" Poseidon's attempts to take, possession ,of certain cities are political myths" which reflect the conflict between
  23. Wrote to Monroe," Let it be signified to me through any channel ... that the, possession ,of the Florida's would be desirable to the United States, and in sixty days it
  24. Of gain, have usurped the whole right, appropriating to their own use the, possession ,of all the lands, leaving only to the clergy the altars, with their tenths and
  25. Opposition on his disastrous expedition against Persia (363),when he got, possession ,of the place and transported the people; and there that Jihad and Shiraz with
  26. Easily capture Versa, Salerno,Benedetto, Manfredonia and Bit onto. René, whose, possession , included now only part of the Abruzzo and Naples, obtained 10,000 men from the
  27. Gladly assented to Albert's demands and gave the imperial sanction to his, possession ,of the lands taken from the bishops of Würzburg and Bamberg; and his
  28. About 300 Malabar reinforcements from Bangalore. In less than a day they took, possession ,of Goa from Ismail ADSL Shah and his Ottoman allies, who surrendered on 10
  29. A matter which concerned the Athenians, after Salamis had come into their, possession , on which occasion Solon is said to have inserted a line in the Iliad (
  30. A recreational abalone license, there is a bag limit of 10 per day, and a total, possession ,limit of 20. Scuba diving for abalone is allowed, and has a rich history in
  31. Of a verb, noun or preposition and indicate verbal and prepositional objects or, possession ,of nouns. The first-person singular pronoun has a different enclitic form used
  32. Athenians' claim and joined other Greeks in voting to help Athens to recover, possession ,of Amphiboles. With Olympus defeated, Amyntas was now able to conclude a
  33. The foundation of all children of Seth. Odom becomes a possession , yea,Sere a, possession ,of its enemies; but Israel is triumphant. A victor issues from Jacob to wipe
  34. Down on paper. By the conditions accepted in the treaty, the Avers were to take, possession ,of Antonia and the Lombards were promised military support in Italy should the
  35. Albert if he could take it. After some initial success in his efforts to take, possession , Albert was driven from Saxony, and also from his Northern march by Henry, and
  36. Shell and a quantity limit of three per day and 24 per year. A person may be in, possession ,of only three abalone at any given time. Abalone may only be taken from April
  37. Of the great Swiss monastery of St Gall, erected about AD 820,which puts us in, possession ,of the whole arrangements of a monastery of the first class towards the early
  38. The brow of Moab, the foundation of all children of Seth. Odom becomes a, possession , yea, Seir a possession of its enemies; but Israel is triumphant. A victor
  39. The Qur'an, claiming that they should have accepted the copy of the book in the, possession ,of Ali Non-Muslim views Edward Gibbon wrote about Abu Bakr as: The moderation
  40. To the United States a province, of which she retains nothing but the nominal, possession , but which is, in fact ... a post of annoyance to them. " Adams used Jackson's
  41. Warplanes through Canada to Fairbanks and thence Nome; Soviet pilots took, possession ,of these aircraft, ferrying them to fight the German invasion of the Soviet
  42. The Han emperor's Heavenly Mandate through the continuity offered by his, possession ,of these same sacred talismans. It is because of this politicized recording of
  43. And state Senator John Townsend said that," our enemies are about to take, possession ,of the Government, that they intend to rule us according to the caprices of
  44. And the Ostrogoths drove back the Franks and their Burgundian allies, regaining, possession , of " the south of Novempopulana, Rodez, probably even Alba, and even Toulouse ".
  45. Or generally carrying out their official duties. Thus, a court officer taking, possession ,of goods under a court order may use force if reasonably necessary. Punishment
  46. And one of the possible eponyms for the city of Mylène * Smyrna, who obtained, possession ,of Ephesus and gave her name to a quarter in this city, as well as to the city
  47. The Kingdom of Castile. On his way towards Barcelona, he destroyed Marseille,a, possession ,of Louis III. In the late 1423 the Genoese fleet of Viscount moved in the
  48. Killed in the war, look after it. Following Kudashov's death, his widow took, possession ,of the manuscript, but she never disclosed the fact of owning it. The
  49. Of Sicily and disputed the island of Sardinia with Genoa. Alfonso was also in, possession ,of much of Corsica by the 1420s. In 1421 Queen Joan II of Naples, who had no
  50. To any concession or compromise which looks like buying the privilege to take, possession ,of this government to which we have a constitutional right. " Lincoln, however

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