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  1. Lime juice is called Rock-n-Roll Star, after a popular song that features the, recipe , Any distilled spirit could be substituted for a rum in a pinch, but these
  2. Resins it is most often created out of laudanum. Benson is usually part of the, recipe , Vanilla and cloves are sometimes used to enhance the aroma. " Amber" perfumes
  3. S Accounts Payables system without appropriate checks and balances would be a, recipe ,for disaster. Businesses new to the implementation of EDI should take pains to
  4. Masala from freshly ground dried spices are sometimes used. The first curry, recipe ,in Britain appeared in The Art of Cookery made Plain and Easy by Hannah Glass
  5. Induction, and Hypothesis (1878) *Pragmatism (1907 MS in EP 2) Peirce's, recipe ,for pragmatic thinking, which he called pragmatism and, later,pragmaticism, is
  6. Goddess of beer, served as both a prayer and as a method of remembering the, recipe ,for beer in a culture with few literate people. Today, the brewing industry is
  7. To Ninjas ", served as both a prayer and a method of remembering the, recipe ,for beer in a culture with few literate people. A beer made from rice, which
  8. The poison, called " sure ", from the roots and stalks of aconites. The, recipe ,for this poison was a household secret that differed from family to family.
  9. Kingdom, was for etching. William Salmon's Polygraph ice (1673) provides a, recipe ,for varnish used in etching, consisting of three ounces of virgin wax, two
  10. Playing supporting roles. In the mid-nineteenth century, Ricasoli developed a, recipe ,for Chianti that was based primarily on Mangroves. His recipe called for 70 %
  11. The 1924 origin asserted by the Cardin is. Recipe The original Caesar salad, recipe ,(unlike Alex's Aviator's salad) In the 1970s,Cardini's daughter said that
  12. A soft version is sold under the same name which follows an entirely different, recipe , Notable residents King Ethelwulf of Wessex, father of Alfred the Great was
  13. A Department of Energy agent and was seeking Granny's" White Lightning' ", recipe ,to combat the energy crisis. Since Granny had gone on to" her re-ward ", it
  14. The Telanganacurry. This is what made the curry a concept rather than a strict, recipe , It can be customized to use the local spices. The curries are mainly eaten
  15. Of Queen Victoria on the label. The flavoring of the drink comes from a, recipe ,of ten ingredients (which the bottle's label boasts as" 10 exotic botanical
  16. John Pemberton invented Coca-Cola in 1886. His non-alcoholic version of the, recipe ,was inspired by the Coca Wine of pharmacist Angelo Marian, created in 1863; it
  17. Garlic and fresh ginger, to which various spices are added, depending on the, recipe , but which may include: cloves, cinnamon,cardamom, chilies,peppercorns, cumin
  18. Although nowadays, it is more commonly made without meat. The earliest known, recipe ,was by Maria Randell in 1806. The name comes from the bubble and squeak sounds
  19. Macro model (software for computational chemistry),a new and better, recipe ,for glass concrete, Blue LEDs, and Beam prop (used in photonics). Columbia
  20. The country, is endlessly decentralized. There doesn't seem to be a central, recipe ,for how to celebrate it—chalk it up to the nature of the federation. " However
  21. They preferred to hunt and fish. In 1663,the Pilgrim cookbook appears with a, recipe ,for cranberry sauce. In 1667,New Englanders sent to King Charles 10 barrels of
  22. Shredded cheese. Ingredients * Ingredients according to the Hotel Caesar's, recipe ,from about 2006: Variations There are limitless variations. However, some of
  23. Of the Kentucky and Virginia resolutions was" deep and lasting, and was a, recipe ,for disunion ". George Washington was so appalled by them that he told Patrick
  24. Of other derivatives in the classical French repertoire. Scoffer included a, recipe ,for a Lenten Español sauce, using fish stock and mushrooms, in Le Guide
  25. With sauces. Name "/NP"> Benin"/>" Chicken on the spit" is a traditional, recipe ,in which chicken is roasted over fire on wooden sticks. Name "/NP"> Benin"/>
  26. In a siege was lost. The cannons during this period were elongated, and the, recipe ,for gunpowder was improved to make it three times as powerful as before. These
  27. American orphan) wrote a book entitled" American Cookery" which contained a, recipe ,for cranberry tarts. In 1816,Henry Hall first commercially grew cranberries in
  28. Wales Rugby League competition * Cumberland sausage, a traditional sausage, recipe ,in Britain * 1964 Cumberland B-52 crash, an accident involving a nuclear bomber
  29. Nitrocellulose compounds, similar to collision, but settled on a more efficient, recipe ,combining another nitrate explosive, and obtained a transparent, jelly-like
  30. Coca-Cola was the world's the most valuable brand. History The prototype Coca-Cola, recipe ,was formulated at the Eagle Drug and Chemical Company, a drugstore in Columbus
  31. Gunpowder, is transported from our world to an alternate universe where the, recipe ,for gunpowder is a tightly held secret and saves a country that is about to be
  32. Are too expensive or difficult to obtain, solutions can be made. One such, recipe ,calls for 1 liter of boiled water,1/2 teaspoon of salt,6 teaspoons of sugar
  33. Fratelli and Mrs Beeton. In Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management,a, recipe ,for curry powder is given that contains coriander, turmeric,cinnamon, cayenne
  34. Biscuits (cookies) in the United Kingdom A basic biscuit (cookie), recipe , includes flour, shortening (often lard),baking powder or soda, milk (
  35. To be acidic enough to kill those bacteria. Nevertheless, later versions of the, recipe ,call at least for briefly cooked coddled eggs or pasteurized eggs. Recipes may
  36. French cooking. In the late 19th century, Auguste Scoffer codified the, recipe , which is still followed today. Español has a strong taste and is rarely used
  37. Pinch of coca leaves" was included in John State Pemberton's original 1886, recipe , for Coca-Cola, though the company began using cocainized leaves in 1906 when
  38. Same menu. Ethnic crossovers also occur when distinct elements meet in a single, recipe , This country is, after all, a huge melting pot. Why should its cooking not
  39. Of a selective growth of semiconducting or metallic Cuts. Recently, a new CVD, recipe ,that involves a combination of ethanol and methanol gases and quartz substrates
  40. S Aviator's salad) In the 1970s,Cardini's daughter said that the original, recipe ,included whole lettuce leaves, which were meant to be lifted by the stem and
  41. Produced persimmon for the temple's fragrance and for export, using a secret, recipe , " Sodomite salt" was an essential mineral for the temple's holy incense, but
  42. Rigatoni (later Prime Minister in the Kingdom of Italy) created the Chianti, recipe ,of 70 % Mangroves,15 % Canal and 15 % Malaysia Bianca in the middle of the
  43. A http://www.daviddfriedman.com/Medieval/Cookbooks/Andalusian/andalusian8.htm, recipe ,for couscous that was 'known all over the world '. Couscous was known to the
  44. Developed a recipe for Chianti that was based primarily on Mangroves. His, recipe ,called for 70 % Mangroves,15 % Canal,10 % Malaysia (later amended to
  45. And the title is a double entendre in its native language, referring both to a, recipe ,for hot chocolate and to an idiom that is a metaphor for sexual arousal. The
  46. Plan, Pseudolus steals Hysterium's book of potions and has Hero read him the, recipe ,for the sleeping potion; the only ingredient he lacks is" mare's sweat," and
  47. Of seven major and minor thirds are all consonant-sounding, and this is a, recipe ,for tuning a diatonic scale. See Music of Mesopotamia. 9,000-year-old flutes
  48. Discs, under the title Self-Portrait Jumping. As a joke, Gysin contributed a, recipe ,for marijuana fudge to a cookbook by Alice B. Tools; it was unintentionally
  49. And agave in Mexico, among others. The amount of each starch source in a beer, recipe ,is collectively called the grain bill. There are several steps in the brewing
  50. Where people enjoy Boris stirred into oatmeal. The removal of beef from the, recipe ,in 2004 was not without criticism, with many complaining that the new variant

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