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  1. Go under "," overborne "," draw from a bowl" ), lexical sources typically, cite ,this as a meaning of the word in both the Septuagint and the New Testament.
  2. To distinguish. Para time thrillers published in recent decades often, cite ,the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics (first formulated by Hugh
  3. Are described in 2 Kings 23. These reforms took place in 622 BC. Scholars also, cite ,the reference to“ the officials and the king’s sons...” in 1:8 as evidence
  4. Over the entire world; as proof of their claims they publish and frequently, cite ,The Protocols of the Elders of Zion as factual. One Saudi Arabian government
  5. About these texts focus on their context and translation. Some scholars, cite ,alternate translations in which most of the verses do not refer to
  6. Is put forth by Intelligent design. Proponents of intelligent design often, cite ,the fine-tuning observations that (in part) preceded the formulation of the
  7. S disease. Nevertheless, some studies, such as those on the PAID cohort, cite ,aluminum exposure as a risk factor for Alzheimer's disease. Some brain
  8. Khmer Rouge decimation of Cambodia, the massacre of the Tutsis in Rwanda, to, cite , four of the most notorious examples. A large part of execution was summary
  9. Involved in transportation through the passes over the Andean Mountains. And in, cite ,46:: According to Clarín, two consequences were feared. First, those who were
  10. Limitation of being restricted to sound, proponents of radio advertising often, cite ,this as an advantage. Radio is an expanding medium that can be found not only
  11. Diabetics has achieved no acceptance as a scientific theory and scientists, cite ,Diabetics as an example of a pseudoscience. One proponent of Diabetics is
  12. Of science and other subjects now considered to be technical. They also, cite ,Smith's opposition to the often expressed view that science is superior to
  13. Systems are now integrating to social networking sites. Social media promoters, cite ,a number of business advantages, such as using online communities as a source
  14. From Equality to Hierarchy in Postclassical Economics Part and Levy also, cite ,Smith's view that a common street porter was not intellectually inferior to a
  15. Then from their involvement in the group. Frequently, critics of the movement, cite ,the writings of David Berg, as well as incidents of alleged criminal behavior
  16. Limitation of being restricted to sound, proponents of radio advertising often, cite ,this as an advantage. Radio is an expanding medium that can be found not only
  17. The production and flow of MDMA to the U. S. Criticism Critics from the left, cite ,episodes that undercut leftist governments or showed support for Israel. Others
  18. Others as apocryphal. Rosa has said that a number of novelists and movie-makers, cite ,Carl Barks as their 'major influence and inspiration '. The popularity of Barks
  19. C. The first distinctively Roman silver coin appears. Classic historians often, cite ,these coins as Denali, but they are classified by modern numismatists as
  20. Interpretation. ) As a consequence, it is not necessary to explicitly, cite ,Einstein's axioms, the more so since they concern subtle points on the "
  21. To show their consistency with the historic Reformed movement, supporters may, cite ,Calvin's Institutes, book 1,chapters 1-3,and other works. In the United
  22. Experience at Toby" the five funniest years of my life. " Lazarus went on to, cite ,Cap pas one of the" four essentials" in the field of newspaper cartoonists
  23. Buns, or saying that ships had been invented to house barnacles. These critics, cite ,the vast physical, fossil,genetic, and other biological evidence consistent
  24. The world. " Juvenile Instructor,46 (4),208-209 (April 1911) ). Some also, cite ,an additional editorial that enumerates various possibilities for creation
  25. Are not working with the facts," he said. " A substantial majority of gays, cite ,their faith as a central facet of their life, consider themselves to be
  26. In the process, they would collapse and upon gaining consciousness, would, cite , amnesia. Thus leading him to conclude amok is a type of“ depressive disorder
  27. With anything but a power-of-1000 meaning, but does not recommend or otherwise, cite ,the IEC binary prefixes. The European Committee for Electromechanical
  28. Era, was the earliest surviving monolingual dictionary, although some sources, cite ,the ca. 800 BCE Shizhoupian as a" dictionary ", modern scholarship considers
  29. Writers of fantasy novels with contemporary settings, notably Tim Powers, cite ,Williams as a model and inspiration. W. H. Auden, one of Williams’ greatest
  30. Episodes that undercut leftist governments or showed support for Israel. Others, cite ,human rights abuses and violations of international law. Critics have charged
  31. God has placed in his creation. And for this, Peter Reef and Ronald Bacilli, cite ,20 arguments for God’s existence. They assert that agnosticism's demand for
  32. Many Christians consider the text of the Bible to be divinely inspired, and, cite , passages in the Bible itself as support for this belief. The canonical
  33. On her moral character:" car tells n'est Que Rhine done desire DI is hate, cite ,come de Jerusalem" (" there should not be such a queen for so holy a city
  34. Today, and against the will of God present in the context of the Bible. They, cite ,these issues when arguing for a change in theological views on sexual
  35. The arguments have been easier to make, because lawyers have been able to, cite ,the relevant sections of the constitution rather than rely upon legal
  36. Then a complete success. " Later reviewers such as Allusion Eduardo Rivadavia, cite ,the album as a" masterpiece, essential to any heavy metal collection," while
  37. Scripture diverges too greatly from basic tenets of Christianity. They often, cite ,Christian Science's views on the nature/existence of evil or sin, the divinity
  38. Placed Kabul under intensive rocket bombardment in May 1992. Some sources, cite ,up to 3,000 rockets being fired into Kabul daily, killing thousands of
  39. Republican stance as a pro-choice atheist, the political figures who, cite ,Rand as an influence are most often conservative or libertarian members of the
  40. And the MTV generation. Trey Parker and Matt Stone, creators of South Park, cite ,the show as an influence and compared it to the blues, and met Mike Judge
  41. Of their questionable value to the church. Many in Protestant traditions, cite ,Revelation 22:18-19 as a potential curse for those who attach any canonical
  42. Compare Biblical law in Christianity). Some Jews contend that Christians, cite ,commandments from the Old Testament to support one point of view but then
  43. Chosen for new APL interpreter developments. Even today, most APL vendors, cite ,APL2 compatibility, which only approaches 100 %, as a selling point for their
  44. Control of the team to them in 1921. However, official team and league records, cite ,Halls as the founder as he took over the team in 1920 when it became a charter
  45. National well-being. Sources The editors/authors of the Deuteronomistic history, cite ,a number of sources, including (for example) a" Book of the Acts of Solomon
  46. Of ATC allowed this data to be omitted. In this case, current versions of ATC, cite ,default calorimetry standards depending on the format. Both of the cite d
  47. Authors Writ Large, With Chronological Table. This work, however,also doesn't, cite ,its sources, but its sources were likely to be ancient epigraphs (or later
  48. First as the name of a people, then of a country. Inhale inscriptions of BCE, cite ,-, damela- denoting Tamil merchants. Early Buddhist and Jain sources used - to
  49. Of a genuine creature. In addition to the lack of evidence, scientists, cite , the fact that Bigfoot is alleged to live in regions unusual for a large
  50. Christian denominations revere Athanasius as a saint, teacher,and father. They, cite ,his defense of the Christology described in the first chapter of the Gospel of

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