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  1. Models, but to be viewed as an incessant process that only tends toward a, constantly ,changing equilibrium. A second area of contention between neoclassical theory
  2. I heard that Bud Fisher (creator of Mutt and Jeff) got $3,000 a week and was, constantly ,marrying French countesses," Camp said. " I decided that was for me. " In
  3. Noor after Alta'men kidnapped and killed a number of Dostum's men and, constantly ,agitated to gain control of Mizar i Sharif. Through the political mediations of
  4. Defeat of the enemy's army, decide the fate of one's own country, and must, constantly ,remain the general's main concern, a maxim which was never more remarkably
  5. She is put off them by the events of Hallowe'en Party. She also has a habit of, constantly ,changing her hairstyle, and in every appearance by her much is made of the
  6. Part of their moisture as they pass over the outer highlands, and becoming, constantly ,drier owing to the heating effects of the burning soil of the interior; while
  7. Which today gives birth to these ridiculous books, these insulting plays. It, constantly ,feeds on and derives strength from the newspapers and stultifies both science
  8. Leaders unable to agree on a structure for governance, chaos ensued, with, constantly , reorganizing alliances fighting for control of ill-defined territories, leaving
  9. Marble, which are still extant. Soon after this period he appears to have been, constantly ,employed under his grandfather. Amongst those who patronized the old man was
  10. 20 years. Conflicts with the Muslim states As a Crusader state Jerusalem was, constantly ,in a state of war. Since the failure to defeat the Begins during the Second
  11. Of the Empire during Alexios' long absences in military campaigns: she was, constantly ,at odds with her daughter-in-law and had assumed total responsibility for the
  12. We cannot perfect the endeavor we should strive for it: the will-to-live, constantly ,renews itself, for it is both an evolutionary necessity and a spiritual
  13. The majority of molecules exist as H2O,but a few molecules are, constantly ,dissociating and re-associating. Pure water is neutral with respect to acidity
  14. Medicine, as well as among different CAM systems, are often blurred and are, constantly ,changing. " Terms The term 'alternative medicine' is generally used to
  15. Whirlpools" that form around users of a certain drug, and the agent is, constantly ,trying to maximize the consistency of behavior among his alternate selves
  16. Circular motion. In this case, because the direction of the object's motion is, constantly ,changing, being tangential to the circle, the object's velocity also changes
  17. Bulges of cytoplasm. Amoebas breathe using their entire cell membrane that is, constantly ,immersed in water. Excess water can cross into the cytosol. Amoebas have a
  18. Brown observed that dust particles inside pollen grains floating in water, constantly ,jiggled about for no apparent reason. In 1905,Albert Einstein theorized that
  19. Population, with certainly more than 100,000,a number that has been, constantly ,increasing from the 2000s,because of Angola's growing demand for qualified
  20. This process is designed to hinder enemy forces' movement, and,by the, constantly ,imposed stress, threat of losses and inability of enemy forces to relax or
  21. Bauer and half a pound of butter for Jaden. Detering is a farmer who, constantly ,longs to return to his wife and farm. He is also fond of horses and is angered
  22. Gaussian gravitational constant and D is the time period of one day. The Sun is, constantly ,losing mass by radiating away energy, so the orbits of the planets are steadily
  23. Was also known to be a great journalist. This came about from his experience in, constantly ,writing to newspapers and to their editors. His knowledge in reading newspapers
  24. During the twenty-seven-year reign of Alexander Antaeus, he was almost, constantly ,involved in military conflict. Primarily, international factors at the time
  25. Of the millennium she thought would bring the Second Coming of Christ. She had, constantly ,devoted herself to the service of the church and peace, and to the empire as
  26. Late nineteenth century works donated by the museum's first benefactor and a, constantly ,changing collection of contemporary work and regular visiting exhibitions.
  27. Then absolute rules; and most are not stable, since the two varieties are, constantly ,influencing each other. Differences in orthography are also trivial. Some of
  28. Many other, less recognizable abiotic stress factors which affect environments, constantly , The most basic stressors include: high winds, extreme temperatures, drought
  29. Council, chiefly on account of his infirmities. In 1625, he attended the King, constantly , however, in his last illness, and performed the ceremony of the coronation of
  30. Hath an interpretation," and so on. When someone comes to church and, constantly ,hears only one person speaking, and all the listeners are silent, neither
  31. Agent and deceiving him in all possible ways. Among other things, the writer, constantly ,received envelopes with photographs of car accidents, brain surgery and other
  32. Today is almost identical with that assigned them in Roman times. They were, constantly ,at war with the Romans, who eventually conquered them. In the Middle Ages, they
  33. A color monitor. After the successful release of the CPC464,consumers were, constantly ,asking for two improvements: more memory and an internal disk drive. For
  34. My Fair Lady in one 24-hour period. He usually spent months on one song and was, constantly ,rewriting them. Lerner was said to have insecurity about his talent. He would
  35. In front of a blue screen so that the picture behind the silhouette could be, constantly ,changing. However, the one thing that stays the same in these ads is that there
  36. To start the range at the beginning of input. Similarly, if the second part is, constantly ,false,e.g. 0,the range continues until the end of input: /^--cut here--$/,0
  37. Had become acquainted with them by the Discourses they held, wherein they had, constantly ,praised the ancient Manners, and spoke with Distaste of the Novelties his
  38. Of the Russian troops in Poland. For the next twelve months Alexei was kept, constantly ,on the move. His wife joined him at Torn in December, but in April 1712 a
  39. Battle was not always a permanent success, as newly conquered territories were, constantly ,retaken by Rome's enemies in Germania. Augustus retaliated by dispatching
  40. Well as on many of its tributaries. On 31 July 1867 the government of Brazil, constantly ,pressed by the maritime powers and by the countries encircling the upper Amazon
  41. Ted Dawson as Dr. John Becker, a doctor who operated a small practice and was, constantly ,annoyed by his patients, co-workers,friends, and practically everything and
  42. Bag). Throughout their feud (which culminated at WrestleMania V),Roberts, constantly ,used Damien to gain a psychological edge over the much larger and stronger
  43. Extreme forms in the capital, Luanda. In the Human Development Index Angola, constantly ,ranks in the bottom group. According to The Heritage Foundation, a conservative
  44. Her colleagues to present their demands to the director. She and Kurosawa were, constantly ,at loggerheads, and it was through these arguments that the two, paradoxically
  45. On April 16. The" Kurosawa-gumi" Throughout his career, Kurosawa worked, constantly ,with people drawn from the same pool of creative technicians, crew members and
  46. Issues. The factions are themselves divided into sub-factions, and there is a, constantly ,changing pattern of factional and sub-factional alliances around particular
  47. As they are organs of propulsion rather than manipulation),which the sheep, constantly ,repeat, distracting the crowd from the lies of the pigs. The original
  48. N7 if the head command is available. The first part of a range pattern being, constantly ,true,e.g. 1,can be used to start the range at the beginning of input.
  49. To go to the war. Carrying his old school books with him to the battlefield, he, constantly , reminds himself of the importance of learning and education. Even while under
  50. To grant ESSD credits instead they receive this diploma from one of CCSET's (, constantly ,changing) partner schools based in Ontario. In contrast, Island Academy has

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