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  1. Of some Persian symbols of a star within a diadem, or the eight-spoked Buddhist, wheel ,(see the coins of the Indo-Greek king Menander I with this symbol) have also
  2. System, and the impact it had on the competitors, would eventually ban all four, wheel ,drive cars from competing in 1998,but by then, Audi switched all their works
  3. Spokes connected to the outside circle, in a style rather indicative of a, wheel , On others, the spokes can have a more" flame-like" shape, more indicative of
  4. National music scene, with local artists such as Willie Nelson, Asleep at the, wheel , and Stevie Ray Vaughan and iconic music venues such as the Armadillo World
  5. That of the Earth (or twenty-eight, depending on the sources) and the lunar, wheel , whose fire was less intense, eighteen (or nineteen) times. Its hole could
  6. Eclipse corresponded with the occlusion of that hole. The diameter of the solar, wheel ,was twenty-seven times that of the Earth (or twenty-eight, depending on the
  7. S team had access to all of these weapons and had no need to" reinvent the, wheel ,", though he denied that his design was based on the German Sturmgewehr 44
  8. If engine installation takes 20 minutes, hood installation takes 5 minutes, and, wheel , installation takes 10 minutes, then a car can be produced every 35 minutes. In
  9. Diagrams are usually used to represent helices. One is called the“ helical, wheel ,”, and the other called“ Wenliang diagram ”. The latter name came from the
  10. A milestone in the History of the world. Ashoka Chakra The Ashoka Chakra (the, wheel ,of Ashoka) is a depiction of the Dharmachakra or Dhammachakka in Pale, the
  11. And Greek Legend: BASELESS ALEXANDROS" King Alexander ". Rev: Eight-spoke, wheel ,or star within diadem. Hebrew legend inside the spokes:" Yonatan the King ".
  12. Expedition this time traversed the entire continent twice, using 2 six, wheel ,drive vehicles and a Concept Ice Vehicle designed by Lotus. This time the team
  13. Castle architecture – Castle town – Catacomb – Catalan vault – Catherine, wheel ,– Cats head – Clematis – Cement – Center for Mathematical Sciences – Centering
  14. Wheel drive. The majority of Audi's lineup in the United States features all, wheel ,drive standard on most of its expensive vehicles (only the entry-level trims
  15. Areas. Major roads branch out from the downtown district like spokes on a, wheel ,to the highways surrounding the city. Several of the major surface arteries
  16. Accuracy, there was a motor with its average speed controlled by a balance, wheel , hairspring, jeweled-bearing differential, a twin-lobe cam, and spring-loaded
  17. May well have exchanged technologies and ideas such as mathematics and the, wheel , Other innovations, such as writing, seem to have been developed individually
  18. Two arch rivals Mercedes-Benz and BMW, favoring either front- wheel drive or all, wheel ,drive. The majority of Audi's lineup in the United States features all wheel
  19. And introducing the native Iberian tribes to the alphabet, iron and the pottery, wheel , By the 3rd century BC, the rival armies of Carthage and Rome began to invade
  20. Color on a White background, by replacing the symbol of Cha-cha (Spinning, wheel ,) of the pre-independence versions of the flag. Ashoka Chakra can also been
  21. Or simply called the 'Eighth Month' ) Events in August * In the neopagan, wheel ,of the year August begins at or near Lughnasadh in the Northern Hemisphere and
  22. The anchor with two flukes, and others made him the inventor of the potter's, wheel , Revival in the 18th century In 1788 Jean Jacques Archenemy (1716–95),a
  23. De l'Automobile (FIA),having difficulty regulating the quarto four, wheel ,drive system, and the impact it had on the competitors, would eventually ban
  24. First of the Jewish kings to introduce the" eight-ray star" or" eight-spoked, wheel ," symbol, in his bronze" Widow's mite" coins, in combination with the
  25. Tracks in very sandy or exceedingly rocky areas may require high-clearance four, wheel ,drives and spare fuel, tyres, food and water before attempting to travel them
  26. A 0-4-0 wheel arrangement * Atlantic, a type of steam locomotive with a 4-4-2, wheel , arrangement (UIC classification 2B1),* RMS Atlantic, a steamship that sank
  27. In front of the axle line. While this allows for the easy adoption of all, wheel ,drive, it goes against the ideal 50:50 weight distribution (as do all front
  28. Cars). In 2003,Champion Racing entered an RS6. Once again, the quarto four, wheel ,drive was superior, and Champion Audi won the championship. They returned in
  29. Found in the 16th century by Thomas Cory at in the ruins of ancient Delhi. The, wheel ,represents the sun time and Buddhist law, while the swastika stands for the
  30. An early forward-looking infrared (FLIR) in the forward part of the left, wheel ,well, and Gatling guns fixed facing down and aft along the left side. The
  31. And a new multitouch interface that replaced the traditional iPod click, wheel , * iPod Classic (previously named iPod from 2001 to 2007),portable media
  32. In a car seat. Child advocates were horrified by the photos of her holding the, wheel ,with one hand and Sean with the other. Spears claimed that the situation
  33. In the Ice Special People Expedition. Travelling in a specially designed six, wheel ,drive vehicle, the team completed the journey from the Antarctic coast at
  34. The hand-carved carousel from the world-famed Denzel Company, the Ferris, wheel , the roller coaster, and other rides – were auctioned off in 1940 for mere
  35. Of Ashoka from Sarah has been adopted as the National Emblem of India and the, wheel ," Ashoka Chakra" from its base was placed onto the center of the National Flag
  36. While all who had in any way befriended Alexei were impaled, broken on the, wheel ,and otherwise lingeringly done to death. All this was done to terrorize the
  37. Disc driven by one variable. Output came from a kickoff device (such as a, wheel ,) positioned at a radius on the disc proportional to the second variable. (A
  38. Of the representation of a star within a diadem. It is not clear what the, wheel ,or star may exactly symbolize, and interpretations vary, from the morning star
  39. Drive, it goes against the ideal 50:50 weight distribution (as do all front, wheel ,drive cars). Audi has recently applied the quarto badge to models such as the
  40. Above, the railroad tracks converging in Aberdeen resembled the spokes of a, wheel ,converging at a hub, hence the name“ Hub City of the Dakotas ”. These three
  41. Unlike GT cars, do not rely on road legal cars as a base. They are closed, wheel ,and often closed cockpit purpose built race cars intended mainly for endurance
  42. Cars had been produced by hand coach building craft methods, such as the English, wheel , In 1998 the 2,000th DB7 was built, and in 2002 the 6,000th,exceeding
  43. Early steam-powered locomotive of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad with a 0-4-0, wheel , arrangement * Atlantic, a type of steam locomotive with a 4-4-2 wheel
  44. The mill, with a slowly turning wheel in the river, then a closer shot of this, wheel , and then a still closer shot of it. (As the mill is where the elder lives
  45. Water damage – Water feature – Water Reducer – Water tunnel – Water, wheel ,– Wattle and daub – Way finding – Weld and Downland Open Air Museum –
  46. Clues to its type. If it is an antique or light aircraft it might have a tail, wheel , Some aircraft types have a fixed undercarriage while others have retractable
  47. For subsistence, as well as sport. This includes fish taken by hook, net or, wheel , Hunting for subsistence, primarily caribou, moose,and All sheep is still
  48. Were often converted to this type of printout. Even manual typewriters or daisy, wheel ,printers could be used. The technique has fallen from popularity since all
  49. That one could see through a hole the same size as the Earth on the farthest, wheel , and an eclipse corresponded with the occlusion of that hole. The diameter of
  50. elder's advice, there is a long shot of the mill, with a slowly turning, wheel ,in the river, then a closer shot of this wheel , and then a still closer shot of

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