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  1. In Sing adopted, from the Greeks, the theory that epidemics are caused by, pollution ,in the air (miasma). It classifies and describes diseases, and outlines their
  2. And petrochemicals industries also have contributed to present air and water, pollution ,problems. Several environmental organizations exist in Azerbaijan, yet few
  3. The substitution of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides for labor, water, pollution , and farm subsidies. In recent years there has been a backlash against the
  4. Metro, and the new Athens International Airport),considerably alleviated, pollution ,and transformed Athens into a much more functional city. In 2004 Athens hosted
  5. Of pesticides and chemical fertilizers has caused extensive groundwater, pollution ,and has been linked by Azerbaijani scientists to birth defects and illnesses.
  6. Tendencies of the state and other communal arrangements. Air, water,and land, pollution , for example, are seen as the result of collectivization of ownership. Central
  7. Smuggling, the protection and support of fishing rights, prevention of marine, pollution , search and rescue, ceremonial duties, assistance to government programs
  8. Sky if the membership is less able to observe due to factors such as light, pollution , It is common for local societies to hold regular meetings, which may include
  9. Environmental effects of mainstream agriculture, particularly regarding water, pollution , resulting in the organic movement. One of the major forces behind this
  10. Been implicated as a factor in Alzheimer's disease. The Camel ford water, pollution ,incident involved a number of people consuming aluminum sulfate.
  11. The fish stock decline and contributing to international disputes. Municipal, pollution ,comes from the eastern United States, southern Brazil, and eastern Argentina;
  12. Which, along with the failure of the Greek Government to control industrial, pollution , is responsible for the air pollution problems the city has recently faced.
  13. This voice later intrudes into waking moments, threatening more attacks if the, pollution ,and corruption caused by humans goes unchecked. The player discovers that
  14. Appear in great quantities. Various international treaties attempt to reduce, pollution ,caused by environmental threats such as oil spills, marine debris, and the
  15. And fauna would be endangered. Among major industrial centers closed to curtail, pollution ,were the Carat Chemical Plant, the Slavery Metallurgical Plant, and the
  16. Occasionally severe earthquakes; droughts Environment - current issues: soil, pollution ,from toxic chemicals such as DDT; energy blockade, the result of conflict with
  17. Of ice. He also anticipated modern concerns with fuel shortages and industrial, pollution , Methane gas, he reasoned, could be produced from the waste of farms and
  18. From the eastern United States, southern Brazil, and eastern Argentina; oil, pollution ,in the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Lake Maracaibo, Mediterranean Sea, and
  19. To the spirit and, in a sense, predicted modern environmentalism by condemning, pollution ,and encouraging humankind's role in sustaining ecology. Criticism Alcott's
  20. Ineffective at targeting critical applications of limited funds, establishing, pollution , standards,or monitoring compliance with environmental regulations. Early in
  21. Sixty kilometers across the Turkish border, became a symbol of worsening air, pollution ,in Yerevan. In independent Armenia, environmental issues divide society (and
  22. Worry that this could erode safeguards for the popular sea creature. Marine, pollution ,Marine pollution is a generic term for the entry into the ocean of potentially
  23. Greek Government to control industrial pollution , is responsible for the air, pollution ,problems the city has recently faced. This issue is not characteristic of
  24. Are linear, image processing may be used to subtract away the effects of light, pollution , which has increased the popularity of astrophotography in urban areas.
  25. Area in the world because of severe air, water,and soil pollution ; soil, pollution ,results from the use of DDT as a pesticide and also from toxic defoliants used
  26. Yearly average in these areas can exceed. Environmental problems Air and water, pollution ,are widespread and pose great challenges to economic development. Major sources
  27. Sustainable practices. New methods lessen the risk of biological and chemical, pollution ,through minimizing fish stress, fallowing net pens, and applying Integrated Pest
  28. Widespread and pose great challenges to economic development. Major sources of, pollution ,include oil refineries and chemical and metallurgical industries, which in the
  29. A Ministry of Nature Protection and introduced taxes for air and water, pollution ,and solid waste disposal, whose revenues are used for environmental protection
  30. About one man who tries to save a bleak, futuristic Earth from the ravages of, pollution ,directed by Rolf Forster Web Series * Ark (web series),a 2010 science
  31. And sanitation, road networks and urban transport. Reducing environmental, pollution ,is an equally important part of working towards leaner, more efficient economic
  32. Be involved, including habitat destruction and modification, over-exploitation, pollution , introduced species, climate change, endocrine-disrupting pollutants
  33. Rapid growth of air travel in recent years contributes to an increase in total, pollution ,attributable to aviation, offsetting some reductions achieved by
  34. Life. In graphene the PAH motif is extended to large 2D sheets. Occurrence and, pollution ,Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are basophilic, meaning they mix more easily
  35. The world's 30 most polluted cities are located in the country. Similarly high, pollution ,levels are found across the region; according to the World Health Organization
  36. Tillage, a farming process which helps prevent land loss to erosion, water, pollution , and enhances carbon sequestration. Affordability The goal of modern agriculture
  37. The means for government to address significant demographic, resource and, pollution ,challenges, these policies are often also designed to stimulate employment and
  38. Gas, cement and chemical sectors obligatory and provides tax incentives for, pollution ,control devices, was one of the earliest attempts to reverse some of the
  39. Could erode safeguards for the popular sea creature. Marine pollution Marine, pollution ,is a generic term for the entry into the ocean of potentially hazardous
  40. Most devastated area in the world because of severe air, water,and soil, pollution ,; soil pollution results from the use of DDT as a pesticide and also from toxic
  41. S Environmental Health reports studies that demonstrate that exposure to PAH, pollution ,during pregnancy is related to adverse birth outcomes including low birth
  42. Primitive models hold quite a few people in exchange for producing considerable, pollution , but later models are denser and cleaner. When 301 of the most advanced model
  43. The aim of the restoration was to reverse the decay of centuries of attrition, pollution , destruction by acts of war, and misguided past restorations. The project
  44. Which lies at the west of city's center. Environment By the late 1970s,the, pollution ,of Athens had become so destructive that according to the then Greek Minister
  45. Services, the development of clean power, and the reduction of air and water, pollution , In addition to providing the means for government to address significant
  46. Reopened in January 1992 after being closed in 1989 because of the massive air, pollution ,it caused. Newly independent Armenia needed the income from foreign sales of
  47. 1990s have improved the quality of air over the Attica Basin. Nevertheless, air, pollution , still remains an issue for Athens, particularly during the hottest summer days.
  48. Green" groups formed in opposition to Yerevan's intense industrial air, pollution ,and to nuclear power generation in the wake of the 1986 reactor explosion at
  49. With Azerbaijan, has led to deforestation when citizens scavenged for firewood;, pollution ,of Radar (Radar) and Arabs Rivers; the draining of Seven Rich (Lake
  50. Mediterranean Sea, and North Sea; and industrial waste and municipal sewage, pollution ,in the Baltic Sea, North Sea, and Mediterranean Sea. In 2005,there was some

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