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  1. Ukadey tandoor in Contain) is steamed with a large amount of water. Jain kanji, matt , are famous in these districts. Usually simple kanji with pickle and milk are
  2. A light blue 'boot stripe' at the waterline divides a reflection reducing, matt , blue-black hull below the waterline. The queue, docks,subs and scenes have all
  3. And used as a portable radio, auxiliary dials, Lucas Square 8 fog lights, matt , black bonnet, dash mounted ice detector and map lights. The car was offered for
  4. Type of surface. Cleaning, protection,care Porcelain stoneware polished and, matt , Adherence of dirt on hardly visible remains of joint material or adhesives
  5. Cm long. The cones are nut-brown,2.5-5.5 cm long, symmetrical,thin-scaled and, matt , texture in subs. Mugo, asymmetrical with thick scales on the upper side of the
  6. Food source for chicks and for the adults during their long flights. It will, matt , the plumage of avian predators, and can lead to their death. They also have a
  7. Town is represented in sport by a Men's & Ladies Gaelic football team. Were, matt , sharp is the selector The Men's team were Death county champions 3 years in a
  8. And broader side molding inserts, Inside the instrument bezels where now in, matt , black,the switchgear was also again revised, the headlight switch was now on
  9. Where his own pupil was the chief, so he left stringer and started his own, matt , at the Panama of tuna and Chandra, kudli, and this came to be known as Audi
  10. To deflect the hot exhaust gasses into the rotor down wash, and they were given, matt , paint finishes. This was done to reduce the Infra Red signature of the
  11. 1971: Alternator fitted to all UK Models, revised direction indicator circuit, matt , finish wood dash,1750 now has its own gold/yellow conquered grill badge. *1972
  12. Good blues may be obtained by breeding bronze (metallic) with pink (, matt , ) goldfish, but a gray slate color may result instead. It may take several
  13. From the company's American agent, a range of vehicles was produced in the, matt , green with white star livery of the US Army. These included Comer Military
  14. Gales. The leaves are alternate, leathery,glossy yellow-green above, paler and, matt , below,6-14 cm long, oval with a smooth margin. The flowers are borne on 2-5 cm
  15. Return to Stringer after a few days. But he of course could not go in to the, matt , where his own pupil was the chief, so he left stringer and started his own
  16. From the tip to half of the other side. The entire blade is coated with a dull, matt , finish to prevent detection at night from stray reflections. Use According to
  17. Canadian speakers remain more likely than US speakers to use assurance. *, matt , or matt e: In the UK, matt refers to a non-glossy surface, and matt e to the
  18. Black moldings instead. By the end of the 1996 model year, exterior chrome or, matt , moldings were dropped altogether and for model year 1997 Volkswagen de Mexico (
  19. Even in old age, its life span being a maximum of 60-100 years. The leaves are, matt , green,ovoid,5-11 cm long and 4-8 cm broad. The flowers are catkins, appearing
  20. The Second World War, engines that went for overhaul were painted in an overall, matt , black due to the scarcity of paint and labor. The yellow lettering remained
  21. didn't meet up in the middle, and they were printed on gloss instead of, matt , finish paper. These mistakes were corrected, and a serial number was added to
  22. Under the belly. In order to slip in unobtrusively the Lysander were painted, matt , black; operations almost always took place within a week of a full moon, as
  23. As the sole Champion. In addition to this he began to reference himself as ", matt , and Morgan" making him seem as if he had split personality disorder. Morgan
  24. Medium, fast drying medium, and impasto medium, as well as gloss varnish, matt , varnish,satin varnish, and varnish remover. All of these products are
  25. With thin white edges. From 1937,the basic livery was changed by Ballad to a, matt , blue/green Malachite green that was similar in appearance to copper oxide. This
  26. A white magnolia leather interior with a dark blue stripe running above the, matt , black sills, and a white top that could be manually stowed away. And so
  27. Functional race care essentials cockpit. This sported bare aluminum painted, matt , black with FIA approved racing harnesses with a fixed floor mounted single
  28. Is its distinctive sloping grass roof situated above a broad band of Luka, matt , cladding, although it is also noticeable for its runway-like ramp to the
  29. And often striped vividly in contrasting colors or tones, some glossy, others,Matt, and wrinkled depending on the species concerned. To pollinate, the flowers
  30. The hairs from the ear canal should be gently plucked out regularly. Some coats, matt , more easily than others. Left untended, the Lagotto's hair will grow to cover
  31. As the first standard passenger livery for the Southern Railway) * Wartime, matt , black (1940–1950; a wartime laborsaving livery) * SR Ballad light green (
  32. Cars' liveries. The Ferraris ran without any sponsorship livery and sported, matt , black nose-cones. The Jaguar team fitted black engine covers to their R2 cars
  33. Coloured floor coverings is effective. Some manufacturers offer factory-sealed, matt , ( currently even polished) porcelain stoneware tiles. Adding a standard
  34. With sports seats incorporating a rigid titanium fiber shell. Reflecting the, matt , paint finish of the exterior, the cabin has a back-to-basics feel. With no rear
  35. Minor changes: headlights increased in size, and chrome parts were changed to a, matt , black or color-coded finish. Interiors were improved, and engines changed. Now
  36. Black. The male has glossy bright green upper parts. His throat and chest are, matt , black,bordered with blue-green. The flanks are bright green, and the black of
  37. With another Rover 2000 (322) from the same event finished in white with a, matt , black bonnet. The final Monte Carlo Rally car was the Sunbeam Imp (340)
  38. Pencils will write underwater on permanence, plastic dive slates, or,Matt, laminated paper. Photography is the mainstay of recording, and with the advent
  39. With the green and yellow replacing most of the white on some buses, and,Matt, black lower deck window surrounds applied to many others, the latter became the
  40. Clear the 4th,Maharajah of Mysore. This brought good times to this, matt , again. Between the original founder and this person, few talented persons had
  41. Distributed from field kitchens. The early models of the 1908 were painted in a, matt , black. In the year 1910 there were improvements made to the Handle, which was
  42. Colour, hence the name suggested by A. G. Werner in 1701,from 'λευκος ',' (, matt , ) white '. They are transparent and glassy when fresh, albeit with a noticeably
  43. To the earlier cars, the bonnet bulge was lost, although the bonnet turned, matt , black,and there were changes to wheels and seats. These cars went on at £1350.
  44. Before (all the panels were finished in black vinyl and the gauge rims were, matt , black to match) and" eyeball" vents were fitted in the center console where
  45. A polished surface. Whether this treatment is suitable for structured or, matt , surfaces has to be checked. In most cases an impregnation of very light or dark
  46. As a tightly taped small foam box, a layer of strong mesh tape, or some yoga, matt , that will prevent the core (which will whip back and forth) from sliding
  47. Micro T-1: The police and military version in the Micro series, comes in a, matt , black finish with NVD capabilities. *Aim point MPS3: A machine gun sight which
  48. Bag is shiny silver or golden combined with leather but the chain of a 2.55 is, matt , without any leather. The Timeless CC is available in four size and the most
  49. Plates have a glossy finish, whereas the same models released in the UK have, matt , black baseplates. India Some tool work was sold by Mecca no to S. Kumar in India
  50. Of tuna and Chandra, kudli, and this came to be known as Audi Stringer, matt , Now in the beginning of 1900s,a new swami took the position of the chief

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