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  1. Ronnie Cord, and had some re-recordings, as Blitz's 1983 version. In 1983,the, british , group Echo & The Funnymen composed and recorded the song Do It Clean, released
  2. The Isle of Man is brought under British control. July–December * August 9 –, british , Empress Catherine II issues a decree authorizing the new way to produce vodka (
  3. Phrase" a Local Shop for Local People ". Boston Visa is the real name of, british , stand-up comedian Roy 'Chubby' Brown, who played the part of the town's Mayor
  4. Also a past member of Hot Gossip Russel Grant (( Andy Ellison) ), Singer in, british , rock bands, Johns Children, Radio Stars, Jet. Images of Bradbury Image:
  5. War I *, first of the 1930s Panzerschiffe (called pocket battleships by the, british , ),later renamed Luzon; involved in the 1937 Deutschland incident *, a
  6. Weather and a landscape more similar to Britain's. You can still see the old, british , styled bungalows which gives a small glimpse of British culture The city is on
  7. Times in London in the years that followed influencing a whole generation of, british , theatre makers. It subsequently played to audiences and festivals all over the
  8. Countries. Macedonian 80s pop music In the 80s the world music was booming, british , and US music scene was getting its highest glam. Music TV channels like Music
  9. 1924) presents the character as an amalgam with Jack the Ripper. * In the, british , Televison show, Primeval Spring-heeled Jack was actually a Dromaeosaur that had
  10. DOM Min toff (born 1916) - Prime Minister (1955–58, 1971–84)- terminated the, british , troops in Malta which resulted in one of the national days of Malta - freedom
  11. Was not done for the next century. This increased the opportunities for jobs in, british ,North America (B. N. A). Over the entire eighteenth century Britain's naval
  12. To 1933. The final agreement saw Qantas flying the airmail to Singapore, where,British, Imperial Airways would take over. 1934,Qantas and Imperial Airways built a new
  13. The town brier field is known for its projects and the Asian community and the, british , community have been working together in many projects that have been and are
  14. Was.: date.4-from May 1930s night's twelve struck after this place-at-from, british , government his arrest done was. Transliteration and detailed gloss —::::::::::
  15. England during the 1960s and 1970s. Ash tons were one of several pioneers of the, british , three bed semi, a style of house used frequently from the 1940s until the 1970s
  16. Held company. Acquisitions * In December 2000 NDS acquired Orbit Technology,a, british , company which develops software for interactive betting, in order to
  17. Second Battle of the Marne 15–18 July – French troops, helped by American and, british , troops,win a great and decisive victory against Germans armies and saved Paris
  18. Railway station and a commuter station in Mumbai. It was designed by the, british , architect Claude Bailey. It serves as the terminal for several long distances
  19. General Harte. On August 19, 1942,50 rangers fought alongside Canadian and, british , commandos in the ill-fated Dipped raid on the coast of occupied France. In
  20. Chesapeake – 5 September – French fleet, under Admiral Comte de Grasse, defeat,British, fleet under Admiral Thomas Graves, seals Cornwallis' fate. This french victory
  21. Of Shantinatha. First nagarpalika in India is established herein the time of, british , reign (compiled by Dr Ravi Gupta a dentist) Geography Jhalrapatan is located
  22. By making a break in mainstream acting. In 2010,he was offered a role in the, british , comedy film On the Ropes (2011 film). The director (Mark Noyce) was
  23. Found on the Mark IV, Vintage Low, and Vintage High, based off of hot-rolled, british , designs. Stacked potentiometers, and isolated preamp circuits facilitate
  24. Museum Statue Young Man. JPG|Argent sphere, Richter 182. File: Hours, british , museum. JPG|BM B475,from Knife (? ). File: NAME 3938 Aristodikos Hours.
  25. The early people used to work as chillers, hunters,mahogany loggers for the, british , This was the defaced hon George. C. Price hometown when he was 8 yrs old
  26. To the Award tribe in al-Qasim, Taroot and Chairman. In the summer of 1923 the, british , Advisor did not like the fact that the Award tribe were cursing from Saudi to
  27. Holder and his effort to gather all Indian princes under one flag against, british , British East India Company signed treaty with Yashwantrao Holder of peace
  28. Has a homeroom teacher (named" Klassenvorstand" in German (form teacher in, british , english) ). There are no special hours reserved for announcements etc., the
  29. Regular and controversial contributor to the Usenet newsgroups 'soc. Culture., british ,' and 'soc. Culture. Canada' *Laurence Colborne, Chilean mining and energy
  30. Genre termed" UK Garage" was created. The further fusion of UK Garage with, british , hip hop resulted in what is now known as grime music. A derivate form of grime
  31. Is the only engagement that can be described as a clear victory - not for the, british , forces - but for Amati Aka Nine and his warriors. However, there are no
  32. The past. How I Learned to Love the Boot boys is the fourth and final album by, british , alternative rock band The Auteurs. Track listing *CD/LP (CDHUT53/HUTLP53)
  33. Here-from he dharasana's salt's mounds towards march doing's self's resolve, british , viceroy-to letter written-having notified was.: date.4-from May 1930s night
  34. Albert, Cali,Daniel Dark, Richard Molina et Raphaël; Basing plays the, british , myth,Jack l'eventful, in the song" Unique Technique ", in La Technique Du
  35. And civil parish in the Seven oaks District of Kent known for its classically, british , countryside. The village is located on the River Parent, flowing north down its
  36. Resembles an unspecified Blackface-era Fender; Hi 1-which models higher gain, british , sounds commonly associated with Marshall, Hiwatt, and Orange; and Hi 2-which
  37. Character changed to Emma Peel throughout. ) The Avengers were played by two, british , ex-patriate actors, Donald Money as Steed and Diane Appleby as Mrs Peel, with
  38. Can still see the old British styled bungalows which gives a small glimpse of, british , culture The city is on the Deccan Plateau of central and south India, about
  39. Pop and rock singer Dani prize People known as Dani * Danielle Dickinson, A,British, model and personality * Dani Ali (basketball player),a Pakistani basketball
  40. Dance. The rave music genres speed garage and UK Funky are also fusions of, british , hip hop with some form or aspect of house music. List of Notable Hip-House
  41. Dates. This is BAR 02 ZR 77 and is the longest serving armored vehicle in the, british , forces leaving service in 2005. Last active service in 2003 in the gulf and has
  42. The island was then still occupied by Italian forces supplemented by, british , units following the surrender of Italy. By November 16 the battle was won and
  43. More smart alien, is much elegant and rather self-centered at times and has a, british , accent. He often Accompanies Tommy and the aliens on their wacky adventures. *
  44. End of suffering in Buddhism * Niter Ebb Production, the productions of the, british , synthduo The Somerset Maugham Award is a British literary prize given each May
  45. Soldiers killed or wounded,12 000 Americans killed or wounded and 12 000,British, killed or wounded. 180 000 Germans soldiers killed or wounded. ** Battle of
  46. Gallery in Cork, Ireland Philip Castle, born in 1943 in London, England,is a, british , airbrush artist. Castle is best known for designing posters for the Stanley
  47. Of the Atlantic ", is launched. *1911 – White Star Line's collides with, british , warship. *1930 – Syro-Malankara Catholic Church is formed by Archbishop Mar
  48. Or, did it? " In the electronic pop track" The Black Hit Of Space ", by the, british , band The Human League (in their late 1970s first incarnation),Burke is
  49. History Pachmarhi region was kingdom of grand tribe king beaut Singh. Before, british , empire it's was capital of tribe dynasty. The area was introduced to western
  50. Island then near Areas. The sixteen islands of the Gilbert's were declared a, british , protectorate by Captain Davis, R. N. of between 27 May and 17 June 1892. The

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