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  1. Brunner and MOND chemical plant in Bellingham, Teesside, and the most, recent ,introduction to his famous science fiction novel Brave New World (1932)
  2. Been described as the crossroads of the continent, providing evidence for the, recent ,settlement of North America by way of the Bering land bridge. Religion Alaska
  3. To the AFC to equalize the number of franchises, and another three are more, recent ,expansion teams. Current teams Since 2002,the AFC has comprised 16 teams
  4. To distinguish from live action and are commonly used as visual effects for, recent ,movies. Toy Story (1995,USA) is the first feature-length film to be created
  5. Transcribed and translated by Urs App) about Buddhism. They are included in a, recent ,case study that traces Schopenhauer's interested in Buddhism and documents its
  6. Dominance of the singular usage by the end of the nineteenth century. In, recent ,years, historians have stressed Lincoln's redefinition of republican values.
  7. Extinct) — A stem Aura *** Order Aura (frogs and toads): Jurassic to, recent ,— 5,602 recent species in 48 families *** Order Caudate or Model (
  8. Toads, salamanders,newts, etc.) Of these only the last subclass includes, recent ,species. With the phylogenetic classification Labyrinthodontia has been
  9. Languages are not well documented. If Mon–Khmer is not a valid taxon, as some, recent ,classifications would have it, then Promotion–Khmer becomes synonymous with
  10. Was documented in the 13th century Icelandic Sagas and was corroborated by, recent ,L'Anne aux Meadows archeological evidence. *In 1003,Thornier Karlsefni led an
  11. Groundhog). The aardvark is not related to the pig; rather, it is the sole, recent ,representative of the obscure mammalian order Tubulidentata, in which it is
  12. Era. The reason is that Tchaikovsky saw film as an art as only a relatively, recent ,phenomenon, with the early film-making forming only a prelude. The list has
  13. Placed in Amphibian in Linnaeus taxonomy, but not in cladistic taxonomy. All, recent ,amphibians are included in the subclass Lissamphibia, superorder Salient
  14. Amphibians are called batrachology. Amphibians are ecological indicators, and in, recent ,decades there has been a dramatic decline in amphibian populations around the
  15. S largest city and a major distribution and transportation hub. According to, recent ,population estimates, these two census metropolitan areas have now both
  16. Order Gymnophiona or Agoda (caecilians): Jurassic to recent — 174, recent , species in 3 families The actual number of species partly also depends on the
  17. Sector. Overall,Angola's economy has undergone a period of transformation in, recent ,years, moving from the disarray caused by a quarter-century of civil war to
  18. As χημεία, and the original meaning forgotten. The etymology is still open, and, recent , research indicates that the Egyptian derivation may be valid. History Alchemy
  19. Prices and rising oil production have led to a very strong economic growth in, recent ,years, but corruption and public-sector mismanagement remain, particularly in
  20. Sustainable agriculture by some farmers, consumers,and policymakers. In, recent ,years there has been a backlash against perceived external environmental
  21. And over diagnosis are problems in marginal cases, and much of the, recent ,increase in the number of reported ASD cases is likely due to changes in
  22. Arabic, Kabyle and French, has been strongly influenced by the country's, recent ,history. Famous novelists of the 20th century include Mohammed Did, Albert
  23. Standard was published during 1963,a major revision during 1967,and the most, recent ,update during 1986. Compared to earlier telegraph codes, the proposed Bell code
  24. These are traditionally divided into two families, Mon–Khmer and Funds. Two, recent ,classifications have abandoned Mon–Khmer as a valid node, although this is
  25. Increasingly concerned about the global peak oil and climate change problem in, recent ,years due to by-products that are released into the atmosphere. Most of the
  26. Overly long and embarrassing displays of emotion. The Academy has also had, recent ,discussions about moving the ceremony even further back into January, citing TV
  27. The Modernist era, and waned somewhat thereafter. Nevertheless, a number of, recent ,publications have reinterpreted and modernized the study of Schopenhauer. His
  28. Rapidly, both with an average annual growth rate of more than 8 %. Other, recent ,very high growth nations in Asia include Malaysia, Indonesia,Pakistan
  29. Austro-Asiatic is debated. In addition to the traditional classification, two, recent , proposals are given, neither of which accept traditional" Mon–Khmer" as a
  30. In 48 families *** Order Caudate or Model (salamanders, newts ): Jurassic to, recent ,— 571 recent species in 9 families *** Order Gymnophiona or Agoda (caecilians
  31. Besides the super order Salient. Furthermore, Salientia includes all three, recent ,orders plus a single Triassic proto-frog, Triadobatrachus. Class Amphibian ***
  32. Premier. Demographics Alberta has enjoyed a relatively high rate of growth in, recent ,years, mainly because of its burgeoning economy. Between 2003 and 2004,the
  33. To honor outstanding film achievements of the 1927/1928 film season. The most, recent ,ceremony, honoring films in 2010,was held at Hollywood's Kodak Theatre on
  34. Region of Southeast and works in concert with the Alaska Marine Highway. In, recent ,years, cruise lines have created a summer tourism market, mainly connecting
  35. Of 2006. The Paris Club said the move reflected Algeria's economic recovery in, recent ,years. Agriculture Algeria has always been noted for the fertility of its soil.
  36. Fertilizers and pesticides for labor, water pollution, and farm subsidies. In, recent ,years there has been a backlash against the external environmental effects of
  37. Successive year. The exchange rate of the Aruba florin has remained steady in, recent ,years at 1.79 florins to 1 U. S. dollar. The community officially dates back to
  38. Order Caudate or Model (salamanders, newts ): Jurassic to recent — 571, recent , species in 9 families *** Order Gymnophiona or Agoda (caecilians): Jurassic
  39. Identified" three overlapping waves" of scholarly interest in Rand, the most, recent ,of which is" an explosion of scholarship" in the 2000s. However, few
  40. Late arranger/conductor/composer Carmen Dragon. Performed thousands of times in, recent ,years, Mr. Dragon's arrangement has been played for state occasions such as
  41. In 9 families *** Order Gymnophiona or Agoda (caecilians): Jurassic to, recent ,— 174 recent species in 3 families The actual number of species partly also
  42. Marxism, post-left anarchy, situationism and postcolonialism. Another, recent ,form of anarchism critical of formal anarchist movements is insurrectionary
  43. A stem Aura *** Order Aura (frogs and toads): Jurassic to recent — 5,602, recent , species in 48 families *** Order Caudate or Model (salamanders, newts ):
  44. In painting, Mohammed Haida and M'hammed Issiakhem have been notable in, recent ,years. Cinema Cuisine Literature Music Sports Landscapes and monuments UNESCO
  45. While Cyanobacteria have been traditionally included among the Algae, recent ,works usually exclude them due to large differences such as the lack of
  46. Existence of vapors and chewing of laurel-leaves which seem to be confirmed by, recent ,studies. Plato describes the priestesses of Delphi and Dodoma like
  47. Have chosen" Non-Partisan" or" Undeclared" as their affiliation, despite, recent , attempts to close primaries. Because of its population relative to other U. S.
  48. And region served by ARR tracks are known statewide as" The Rail belt ". In, recent ,years, the ever-improving paved highway system began to eclipse the railroad's
  49. He said, speaking at the Compassion in World Farming annual forum. For example, recent ,proposals for a voluntary code of conduct for the livestock industry that would
  50. Burma and the Nagpur language of Thailand. This family tree is consistent with, recent ,studies of migration of Y-Chromosomal haplogroup O2b-M95. However, the dates

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