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  1. Large region (largely east of the Urals) of highly distinct, pre-industrial, often , non-literate peoples, similar to the situation in the Americas. On the other
  2. Or self-determination. Although core difficulties tend to persist, symptoms, often , become less severe with age. Acquiring language before age six, having an IQ
  3. To the interpretation of sociocultural processes. Linguistic anthropologists, often ,draw on related fields including sociolinguistics, pragmatics,cognitive
  4. Infants show less attention to social stimuli, smile and look at others less, often , and respond less to their own name. Autistic toddlers differ more strikingly
  5. They are charged with preserving the results of their excavations and are, often ,found in museums. In the typical scenario, archaeologists are associated with "
  6. Philosophies that are sometimes in conflict. In 1793,William Godwin, who has, often ,been cited as the first anarchist, wrote Political Justice, which some consider
  7. To this. (The artists who recorded the nominees for Best Original Song quite, often ,perform those songs live at the awards ceremony, and the fact that they are
  8. Have posited a rupture between generations of anarchism, with those" who, often ,still have not shaken the sectarian habits" of the 19th century contrasted
  9. To questions from the audience. During these speeches and Q&A sessions, she, often , took controversial stances on political and social issues of the day. These
  10. The state with a new society, democratically self-managed by the workers. It is, often ,combined with other branches of anarchism, and anarcho-syndicalists often
  11. Children with autism prefer to be alone. Making and maintaining friendships, often ,proves to be difficult for those with autism. For them, the quality of
  12. Of their fields. 20th century In the 20th century, academic disciplines have, often ,been institutionally divided into three broad domains. The natural and
  13. Early in life can help children acquire self-care, social,and job skills, and, often , improve functioning and decrease symptom severity and maladaptive behaviors;
  14. Respected by European thinkers during and after the Renaissance, these thinkers, often ,took Aristotle's erroneous positions as given, which held back science in this
  15. And into the North Atlantic as far north as Iceland and the United States. They, often ,made raids, called Razzing, on European coastal towns to capture Christian
  16. Care, and 60 % lost economic productivity. Publicly supported programs are, often ,inadequate or inappropriate for a given child, and reimbursed out-of-pocket
  17. Aristotle's psychology, given in his treatise On the Soul (per psyche, often ,known by its Latin title De Anima),posits three souls (" psyches" ) in
  18. Autistic disorder; in clinical practice, though,autism, ASD,and PDD are, often ,used interchangeably. The manifestations of autism cover a wide spectrum
  19. Babbling, consonants,words, and word combinations; their gestures are less, often ,integrated with words. Autistic children are less likely to make requests or
  20. The successor states of continental Europe, on the other hand, anthropologists, often , joined with folklorists and linguists in building nationalist perspectives.
  21. Who resented his civilian interference with their own plans. Even so, he, often , continued to give detailed directions to his generals as Commander in Chief.
  22. A conceptual difference between education and culture. Summer hill is, often ,cited as an example of anarchism in practice. However, although Summer hill and
  23. It is often combined with other branches of anarchism, and anarcho-syndicalists, often ,subscribe to anarchist communist or collectivist anarchist economic systems. An
  24. Anthropological Association (AAA). Professional anthropological bodies, often ,object to the use of anthropology for the benefit of the state. Their codes of
  25. Tasks such as figurative language, comprehension and inference. As people are, often ,sized up initially from their basic language skills, these studies suggest that
  26. Distinct from those of the natural sciences. In particular, social sciences, often ,develop statistical descriptions rather than the general laws derived in
  27. Directions. In countries of the British Commonwealth, social anthropology has, often ,been institutionally separate from physical anthropology and climatology, which
  28. Being happy in this way necessarily requires a good character (strike are), often , translated as moral (or ethical) virtue (or excellence). Aristotle taught
  29. Songs live at the awards ceremony, and the fact that they are performing is, often ,used to promote the television broadcast). The Academy Awards is televised
  30. By a constitutionally limited government. Although her political views are, often ,classified as conservative or libertarian, she preferred the term" radical for
  31. Dates both to Classical Greece and Classical Rome, specifically Herodotus, often ,called the" father of history" and the Roman historian Tacitus, who wrote
  32. In the area, such as Almoner, along with 4,000 prisoners. Barbary pirates, often ,attacked the Balearic Islands, and in response many coastal watchtowers and
  33. Throughout the interwar years, French interest in anthropology, often ,dovetailed with wider cultural movements such as surrealism and primitivism
  34. The name of a female gladiator fighting an" Amazon ". Roman gladiatorial games, often ,referenced classical mythology, and this seems to reference Achilles' fight
  35. Attempts at a seat in the United States Senate. He was an affectionate, though, often , absent,husband and father of four children. After deftly opposing the
  36. States are diagnosed with ASD. And tend to continue through adulthood, although, often , in more muted form. Unusual social development becomes apparent early in
  37. But modern population genetics, participant observation and other techniques, often ,take anthropologists" into the field," which means traveling to a community
  38. Initially appears as an unnamed menial worker for Haggard Transcontinental, who, often , dines with Eddie Willers in the employee's cafeteria, and leads Eddie to
  39. Atheist, the political figures who cite Rand as an influence are most, often ,conservative or libertarian members of the United States Republican Party. A
  40. Problems are associated with difficult behaviors and family stress, and are, often ,a focus of clinical attention over and above the primary ASD diagnosis. History
  41. Golf, Pels and Sale mink, but cf. Lewis 2004). *That ethnographic work was, often ,historical, writing about people as if they were" out of time" in an "
  42. Wealthy and successful. He was one of the most hated men of his time. Deign is, often ,inspired by looking at a statue of Nat Haggard at the railroad headquarters.
  43. Psychiatric disorders such as depression. Clinical genetics evaluations are, often ,done once ASD is diagnosed, particularly when other symptoms already suggest a
  44. Full criteria for ADHD, Tourette syndrome, and other of these conditions are, often ,present and these comorbid diagnoses are increasingly accepted. *Sleep problems
  45. George Washington. Grant waged his bloody Overland Campaign in 1864. This is, often ,characterized as a war of attrition, given high Union losses at battles such as
  46. Anything from extreme individualism to complete collectivism. Anarchism is, often ,considered to be a radical left-wing ideology, and much of anarchist economics
  47. Empires). In the former, the encounter with multiple, distinct cultures, often ,very different in organization and language from those of Europe, has led to a
  48. Release, but Lincoln ignored it. Throughout the war Lincoln came under heavy, often ,vituperative attack from most Northern Democrats, called Copperheads, not to
  49. Have no substantial delay in language development. Whereas autism itself is, often ,called autistic disorder, childhood autism, or infantile autism. In this
  50. In surveys of scholars ranking Presidents, Lincoln is ranked in the top three, often ,#1. A 2004 study found that scholars in the fields of history and politics

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