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  1. Can then be used to make and receive calls by anyone, making it a potential, tool ,in anonymous criminal activity such as narcotics trafficking. Where a payphone
  2. Done. (This may be thought to support Iverson's thesis about notation as a, tool ,of thought. ) Most if not all modern implementations use standard keyboard
  3. Its interstellar discovery,NH3 has proved to be an invaluable spectroscopic, tool ,in the study of the interstellar medium. With many transitions
  4. Student Pierre Design. To this day, ℓ-adic cohomology remains a fundamental, tool ,for number theorists, with important applications to the Langland's program.
  5. Classmate observations. Guided modeling with light hand contact is the primary, tool ,for detecting and guiding the way past unnecessary effort. Suggestions for
  6. States to present a unified front when dealing with the European powers. As a, tool ,to build a centralized war-making government, they were largely a failure:
  7. By Howard K. Beale) argued that the Republican Party in the 1860s was a, tool ,of corrupt business interests, and that Johnson stood for the people. They
  8. And time by those masses. General relativity has developed into an essential, tool ,in modern astrophysics. It provides the foundation for the current
  9. Although few programmers today regularly work with assembly language as a, tool , the underlying concepts remain very important. Such fundamental topics as
  10. Was revised, a new rationale document was written. One notable free software, tool ,that is used by many Ada programmers to aid them in writing Ada source code is
  11. Their plans to discontinue development of Authorware, the “ visual authoring, tool ,for creating rich-media e-learning applications for delivery on corporate
  12. Can never be replaced with talking calculators and is an important learning, tool ,for blind students. Blind students also complete mathematical assignments using
  13. In 1964. Lawrence asked Iverson and his group to help utilize the language as a, tool ,for the development and use of computers in education. After Lawrence M. Breed
  14. Offered a new program called AOL Active Security Monitor. This is a diagnostic, tool ,to check the local PC's security status, and recommends additional security
  15. Conflicting desires from their candidate of choice. Ambiguity is a powerful, tool ,of political science. More problematic are words whose senses express closely
  16. And carefully reasoned speculations on" what might have happened if ..." as a, tool ,of academic historical research. History of alternate history literature
  17. Be long and difficult. The abacus gives blind and visually impaired students a, tool ,to compute mathematical problems that equals the speed and mathematical
  18. Out the carbon content, creating the first process for the mass production of, tool ,steel. Huntsman's process was used for manufacturing tool steel until the
  19. USA * Atlas Model Railroad, maker of scale railroad models * Atlas Press (, tool ,company) of Kalamazoo, Michigan,the largest supplier of machine tool s to the
  20. The rsync algorithm, a highly efficient file transfer and synchronization, tool , He also was the original author of rip, which uses a similar algorithm to
  21. Used in therapeutic regimes. Applications Antibiotic resistance is an important, tool ,for genetic engineering. By constructing a plasmid which contains an antibiotic
  22. In Mind Reading. The abacus, also called a counting frame, is a calculating, tool ,used primarily in parts of Asia for performing arithmetic processes. Today
  23. The basis of creativity. In literature and rhetoric, ambiguity can be a useful, tool , Grouchy Marx’s classic joke depends on a grammatical ambiguity for its humor
  24. Farms, etc. These anchors must be screwed into the seabed with the use of a, tool , so require access to the bottom, either at low tide or by use of a diver.
  25. Of particular use in archaeology. Further cultural subdivisions according to, tool ,types, such as Olduvai or Austrian or Levalloisian help archaeologists and
  26. Mass production of tool steel. Huntsman's process was used for manufacturing, tool ,steel until the early 1900s. With the introduction of the blast furnace to
  27. Involves the cloud from which the star formed, ammonia is an invaluable, tool ,in understanding this surrounding molecular material. Since this molecular
  28. Blanchard Springs Caverns. More than 43,000 Native American living, hunting and, tool ,making sites, many of them Pre-Columbian burial mounds and rock shelters, have
  29. Suggestions for improvements are often student-specific. Exercise as a teaching, tool ,is deliberately omitted because of a common mistaken assumption there exists a
  30. Pencil and paper. Many blind people find this number machine a very useful, tool ,throughout life. The abacus shows how numbers, letters,and signs can be stored
  31. Began, as central levies of the peasantry began to be the central recruiting, tool , England was one of the most centralized states in the Middle Ages, and the
  32. The hook. One can get by without referring to charts, but they are an important, tool ,and a part of good anchoring gear, and a skilled mariner would not choose to
  33. Of representation, precision and speed of calculations. This arithmetic, tool ,was based on the vigesimal system (base 20). For the Aztec the count by 20s
  34. AIX Security Expert - A system and network security hardening, tool ,** Integrated Electronic Service Agent (TM) for auto error reporting * AIX 5L
  35. Observations have also been used in recent times. The Internet is an essential, tool ,of amateur astronomers. Almost all astronomy clubs, even those with very few
  36. They rejected the Marxist idea that history should be used as a, tool ,to foment and foster revolutions. In turn the Marxists called them
  37. Matthias Alexander, who,in the 1890s,developed its principles as a personal, tool ,to alleviate breathing problems and hoarseness during public speaking. He
  38. Had been known since 1100 BC, and the rare material was valued for use in, tool ,and weapon making. Because the ancients could not produce temperatures high
  39. Tulle gas" ( a dressing to heal burns) and the hominoid forceps (a medical, tool ,). Other early cinematographers The Lumiere Brothers were not the only ones to
  40. Landfill disposal of such timber. Mapping of industrial releases in the US One, tool ,that maps releases of arsenic to particular locations in the United States and
  41. Gr. Κισσός, ivy ), biconvex; steroidal or historical (Gr. ξυστρίς,a, tool ,for scraping),concavo-convex; amphicoelic (Gr. κοίλη, a hollow) or annulus
  42. Spacecraft) ALGOL software. The AWK utility is a data extraction and reporting, tool ,that uses a data-driven scripting language consisting of a set of actions to be
  43. Of his Spartan general, Lysander,who hoped to find in him a willing, tool ,for the furtherance of his political designs. Agesilaus, in order to gain money
  44. Technicians still use portable acetylene fueled torch kits as a soldering, tool ,for sealing lead sleeve splices in manholes and in some aerial locations.
  45. His role in leading the national army would be to save the union, using every, tool ,available, including complete or partial emancipation (he employed partial
  46. Into the human condition. Art relates to science and religion. Art serves as a, tool ,of education, or indoctrination, or enculturation. Art makes us more moral. It
  47. Displayed a kind of liturgical flexibility that kept in mind that liturgy was a, tool ,to serve people in worshiping God, and ought not to become a rigid entity that
  48. To retrieve. A grapnel is often quite light, and may have additional uses as a, tool ,to recover gear lost overboard; its weight also makes it relatively easy to
  49. In a federation in order to push the Median threat away if he possessed such a, tool , Finally, the philosophical idea of a global representation of the world simply
  50. Calculations were carried out using a Yuan (Quechua for" counting, tool ,"; see figure) which was still in use after the conquest of Peru. The working

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