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  1. Or completely),challenging even the lower court's findings of fact. This, might ,be the proper standard of review, for example, if the lower court resolved the
  2. On the use of black troops. Nevertheless, Lincoln was concerned that Grant, might ,be considering a candidacy for President in 1864,as McClellan was. Lincoln
  3. Exposure Law, the astronauts were placed in quarantine for fear that the Moon, might ,contain undiscovered pathogens and that the astronauts might have been exposed
  4. Outlawed abortion except to save the life of the mother. Sex-selective abortion, might ,be an influence on the shift from the baseline male-to-female birth rate to an
  5. Schrödinger gas model Einstein suggested to Erwin Schrödinger that he, might ,be able to reproduce the statistics of a Bose–Einstein gas by considering a box
  6. Anonymously by Jonathan Swift in 1729. Swift suggests that impoverished Irish, might ,ease their economic troubles by selling their children as food for rich
  7. To each circumstance, a party to a court case who is unhappy with the result, might ,be able to challenge that result in an appellate court on specific grounds.
  8. Particles with an energy level below 80 key. Peary thought this decay activity, might ,have been caused by a previously unidentified decay product, one that was
  9. That the spacecraft was in working order. There was speculation that they, might ,be preparing to launch men on a similar circular mission before the end of
  10. Responsibility to alert Americans to the possibility that German scientists, might ,win the race to build an atomic bomb, and to warn that Hitler would be more
  11. Fundamental errors that were not corrected on direct review. Typical claims, might ,include ineffective assistance of counsel and actual innocence based on new
  12. An appeal arguing that he should not have to pay any money, then the plaintiff, might ,file a cross-appeal arguing that the defendant should have to pay $200,000
  13. Supernatural interpretation of alchemy believed that the philosopher's stone, might ,be used to summon and communicate with angels. In the 17th century, practical
  14. For a better understanding of Aristotle's conception of" chance" it, might ,be better to think of" coincidence ": Something takes place by chance if a
  15. On observation of children. A differential diagnosis for ASD at this stage, might ,also consider mental retardation, hearing impairment, and a specific language
  16. As the synfuel would be used on-site, the process would be more efficient and, might ,just provide enough fuel for a new organic-agriculture fusion. It has been
  17. Science began with Gregor Mendel's genetic work, but in modern terms, might ,be better dated from the chemical fertilizer outputs of plant physiological
  18. And the command module wiped with Betadine to remove any lunar dust that, might ,be present. The raft containing decontamination materials was then
  19. Can be used to deliberately conceal bad arguments. For example, a politician, might ,say" I oppose taxes which hinder economic growth ", an example of a glittering
  20. Against legal precedent, that judgment will stand if not appealed - even if it, might ,have been overturned on appeal. United States The United States legal system
  21. Dictate exactly how the appeal is officially begun. For example, the appellant, might ,have to file the notice of appeal with the appellate court, or with the court
  22. Even if everything else about the artwork remains the same. Next, you, might , examine how the materials in each artwork have become an arrangement of shapes
  23. Associated with the location's name. For example, location L at the start, might ,contain the number l = 3009. An inelegant program for Euclid's algorithm The
  24. In Africa, if current trends of soil degradation continue, the continent, might ,be able to feed just 25 % of its population by 2025,according to UNU's
  25. That it derives from Daco-Thracian. (Syrian and Daco-Thracian, however, might , have been closely related languages; see Thraco-Illyrian. ) Establishing longer
  26. Will not sound to him strange, as to many others, much less disagreeable; for I, might , if it did not sound conceited, contend that every one of the detached
  27. Of a female fetus is most common. It is suggested that sex-selective abortion, might ,be partially responsible for the noticeable disparities between the birth rates
  28. Pulled men home regardless of the sergeant's orders. Some relatives, might ,be Loyalists, creating internal strains. On the whole, historians conclude the
  29. Effects its meaning; the work becomes something different from how it, might ,be if it had been cast in gold or plastic or chocolate, even if everything else
  30. Similar, significant controversy, regardless of how trivial a subject it, might ,initially appear. Personal life He married Maria NYS (10 September 1899 – 12
  31. Some abortions are undergone as the result of societal pressures. These, might ,include the stigmatization of disabled people, preference for children of a
  32. Of World War II, he helped alert President Franklin D. Roosevelt that Germany, might ,be developing an atomic weapon, and recommended that the U. S. begin similar
  33. Occurred on average every seventy years; accompanied by epidemic disease, it, might , kill one-third or one-half of the population, destroying the demographic growth
  34. A high level of ability or fluency within a medium. This characteristic, might ,be considered a point of contention, since many modern artists (most notably
  35. But silences it. Otherwise, according to Thai pronunciation rules, the word, might ,be pronounced more like" bean ". * Pronunciation of individual words may
  36. We are led to the view that a real and thorough improvement of the human race, might ,be reached not so much from outside as from within, not so much by theory and
  37. Then. While his attempts of treating diseases with such remedies as Mercury, might ,seem ill-advised from a modern point of view, his basic idea of chemically
  38. Techniques also takes time. It has been suggested that rural communities, might ,obtain fuel from the biochar and synfuel process, which uses agricultural waste
  39. Fear that the Moon might contain undiscovered pathogens and that the astronauts, might ,have been exposed to them during their Moon walks. However, after almost three
  40. Trial. Because constitutional claims are of great magnitude, appellate courts, might ,be more lenient to review the claim even if it was not preserved. For example
  41. By words and reflections alone, but in the making of the connection. Though it, might ,seem obvious that altruism is central to the teachings of Jesus, one important
  42. Has a 12 V battery. The various accessories that are powered by the battery, might ,include: *Instrument panel light (typically 2 W): 166 MA. *Starter Motor (
  43. Brief celesta solo during the slow section, so he hastily asked Gershwin if he, might ,play the solo; Gershwin said he could, and so he briefly participated in the
  44. Public. Toys that have been adapted to be used by children with disabilities, might ,have advantages for non-disabled children as well. The Letter movement assists
  45. Broadcast live in the East Coast but are on tape delay in the West Coast and, might ,not air on the same day outside North America (if the awards are even
  46. Plastered into place with more adobe. For a deeper understanding of adobe, one, might , examine a cob building. Cob, a close cousin to adobe, contains proportioned
  47. Apollo and Pythias Apollo (the Apollo of Delphi) were so distinct that they, might ,both have shrines in the same locality. Apollo's cult was already fully
  48. Was desperate, but he now hoped that help from Howe's army in New York City, might ,be on the way. It was not: Howe had instead sailed away on his expedition to
  49. Or other) enterprises. Observers claim that the Chinese community in Angola, might ,include as many as 300,000 persons at the end of 2010,but nothing near to
  50. May have multiple algorithms of differing complexity, while other problems, might ,have no algorithms or no known efficient algorithms. There are also mappings

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