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  1. U. S. Senator Storm Thurmond begins a filibuster to prevent the Senate from, voting ,on Civil Rights Act of 1957; he stopped speaking 24 hours and 18 minutes later
  2. Jo spin,16.2 %. A generalized version of the Burr dilemma applies to approval, voting ,when two candidates are appealing to the same subset of voters. Although
  3. The pros and cons and drafting proposals, but the format is that of a trial, voting ,yes or no after a clash of speeches and such. Citizen-initiator The
  4. Series of lotteries, designed to prevent prejudice and corruption, reduced the, voting ,judges at the City Dionysian to just five. These judges probably
  5. 1621,with an average of about forty cardinals engaging in repeated rounds of, voting ,until one candidate was listed on at least two-thirds of ballots. * In the 13th
  6. A different discipline in film production. Actors constitute the largest, voting ,bloc, numbering 1,311 members (22 percent) of the Academy's composition.
  7. Several write-in candidates. Historically, several, voting , methods which incorporate aspects of approval voting have been used: *
  8. Powers to be given the confederal government, whether to have a judiciary, and, voting , procedures. In practice, the Articles were in use beginning in 1777. The
  9. And required a super majority. * According to Steven J. Brass, approval, voting , was used in 19th century England. * The selection of the Secretary-General of
  10. Which incorporate aspects of approval voting have been used: * Approving, voting ,was used for papal conclaves between 1294 and 1621,with an average of about
  11. Voting advocates Steven Brass and Dudley R. Rorschach predict that approval, voting ,should increase voter participation, prevent minor-party candidates from being
  12. Approval voting . IEEE Executive Director Daniel J. Sense stated that approval, voting ,was abandoned because" few of our members were using it, and it was felt that
  13. To" Good" and" Poor ". Approval voting can also be compared to plurality, voting , without the rule that discards ballots which vote for more than one candidate.
  14. It was in proportion to the amount of money at stake). Decisions were made by, voting ,without any time set aside for deliberation. Jurors did talk informally amongst
  15. Movement and gaining Federal legislation in the mid-1960s to protect their, voting ,and civil rights. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 also protected the suffrage of
  16. Peter Fish burn. Theory Approval voting can be considered a form of range, voting , with the range restricted to two values,0 and 1,or a form of Majority
  17. Accorded them in the assembly, rather than their vested powers. While citizens, voting ,in the assembly were the people and so were free of review or punishment, those
  18. The age of majority, age of criminal responsibility, the marriageable age,the, voting ,age, the drinking age, driving age, or other purposes. Generally, it is set at
  19. To 17.8 %, a sign that the true top two had not been found. Straight approval, voting ,without a runoff, from the study, still would have selected Chiral, but with an
  20. Without critics, however. Fearsome has a position paper arguing that approval, voting ,has three flaws that undercut it as a method of voting and political vehicle.
  21. By Guy Farewell and also by Robert J. Weber, who coined the term" approval, voting , " It was more fully published in 1978 by political scientist Steven Brass and
  22. As the Red Shirts and White League, that acted more openly to suppress black, voting , Regaining power by the late 1870s,in the last decade of the 19th century
  23. For deliberation. Jurors did talk informally amongst themselves during the, voting ,procedure and juries could be rowdy, shouting out their disapproval or
  24. Doge of Venice using a multi-stage process that featured random selection and, voting ,which allowed approval of multiple candidates and required a super majority. *
  25. Historically, several voting methods which incorporate aspects of approval, voting ,have been used: * Approving voting was used for papal conclaves between 1294
  26. By an alumni vote of 82 % to 18 % in 2009. Dartmouth's students used approval, voting ,to elect their student body president in 2011; the winner secured the support
  27. Is Lake Basal, below sea level, in Djibouti. Approval voting is a single-winner, voting ,system used for elections. Each voter may vote for (or 'approve' of) as many
  28. A formal vote is held in the Security Council. Effect on elections Approval, voting ,advocates Steven Brass and Dudley R. Rorschach predict that approval voting
  29. Judgment, with the grades restricted to" Good" and" Poor ". Approval, voting ,can also be compared to plurality voting , without the rule that discards
  30. Tanzania. The lowest point is Lake Basal, below sea level, in Djibouti. Approval, voting ,is a single-winner voting system used for elections. Each voter may vote for (
  31. And has incentives for tactical voting . One study showed that approval, voting ,would not have chosen the same two winners as plurality voting (Chiral and Le
  32. C. Fish burn, the IEEE board in 2002 rescinded its decision to use approval, voting , IEEE Executive Director Daniel J. Sense stated that approval voting was
  33. Were elected by the state legislature. After leading in the first six rounds of, voting ,in the Illinois assembly, his support began to dwindle, and Lincoln instructed
  34. Made up of members from all branches. In the special case of Best Picture, all, voting , members are eligible to select the nominees for that category. Foreign films
  35. That approval voting would not have chosen the same two winners as plurality, voting ,(Chiral and Le Pen) in France's presidential election of 2002 (first round
  36. Awards season. But such an accelerated schedule would dramatically decrease the, voting ,period for its members, to the point where some voters would only have time to
  37. Scientist Steven Brass and mathematician Peter Fish burn. Theory Approval, voting ,can be considered a form of range voting , with the range restricted to two
  38. Arguing that approval voting has three flaws that undercut it as a method of, voting ,and political vehicle. They argue that it can result in the defeat of a
  39. Not win any support in a plurality election, and has incentives for tactical, voting , One study showed that approval voting would not have chosen the same two
  40. Effectively disfranchised African Americans and many poor whites through, voting ,restrictions, including literacy requirements. While the planter class had
  41. Members were using it, and it was felt that it was no longer needed. " Approval, voting ,also was used for Dartmouth Alumni Association elections for seats on the
  42. By a subset of the citizen body, those over thirty. But crucially citizens, voting ,in both were not subject to review and prosecution as were council members and
  43. The ballot can be considered to convey the ranking A C>B D). Uses Approval, voting ,has been adopted by the Mathematical Association of America (1986),the
  44. Arts and Sciences (AMPS),a professional honorary organization, maintains a, voting ,membership of 5,835. Academy membership is divided into different branches
  45. Been invited to join. The 2007 release also stated that it has just under 6,000, voting , members. While the membership had been growing, stricter policies have kept its
  46. Nominal party members to vote in pre-selection ballots),impersonation, multiple, voting , and,on occasions, fraudulent electoral enrollment. Trade unions were in the
  47. Allies, he voted in support of the Athenians' claim and joined other Greeks in, voting ,to help Athens to recover possession of Amphiboles. With Olympus defeated
  48. Of the people of American Samoa and a majority of the voters of American Samoa, voting ,at the 1966 election, and came into effect in 1967. The government operates
  49. Prisoners. After attending an April 11, 1865,speech in which Lincoln promoted, voting ,rights for blacks, an incensed Booth changed his plans and became determined to
  50. Nominees for Best Picture. The winners are then determined by a second round of, voting ,in which all members are then allowed to vote in most categories, including

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