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  1. Due to nuclear pairing effects. Shape and size Atoms lack a well-defined outer, boundary , so their dimensions are usually described in terms of an atomic radius. This
  2. Equivalent to elementary charges per second, such as electrons, moving past a, boundary ,in one second. The proposed change would define 1 A as being the current in the
  3. Soviet Union tended to push views of the border to the south. The Oceania-Asia, boundary ,The border between Asia and Oceania is placed somewhere in the Malay
  4. Although some Greek geographers suggested the Red Sea would form a better, boundary , Darius' canal between the Nile and the Red Sea introduced considerable
  5. And in the east the Chattahoochee River, which forms almost half of the Georgia, boundary , The Tombigbee and Alabama rivers unite near the southwest corner of the state
  6. Ancient cartons in eastern South America. In the south the Andes shares a long, boundary ,with the former Patagonia Terrace. To the west, the Andes end at the Pacific
  7. Likely to be found in certain regions of the atom than in others. Given this,a, boundary ,surface can be drawn so that the electron has a high probability to be found
  8. Or 400 feet. Property cadastral surveying Related to cartography, property, boundary , surveying using the metes and bounds system relies on fractions of a degree to
  9. Of the Atoms. Enemy was chased down to the mouth of the Manama river, the old, boundary ,between Assam and Mughal India. The Whom also succeeded in bringing back the
  10. To disable certain features, such as run-time type checking or array subscript, boundary ,checking, or to instruct the compiler to insert object code in lieu of a
  11. Called" globalization critics ". In practice, however,there is no set, boundary ,between these approaches, and the term" anti-globalization" is often
  12. It was the northernmost navigable point of the European shore. The Europe-Asia, boundary ,The Don River became unsatisfactory to northern Europeans when Peter the Great
  13. Hostilities were suspended, peace concluded, and the Halls fixed as the, boundary ,between the two kingdoms. Lattes drove the Commercials (see Scythia) from
  14. Next to a pause or next to a voiceless sound, inside a word or across its, boundary , Because the choice of allophone is seldom under conscious control, people may
  15. As a result, the sport shares some terminology (i.e." umpires" and ", boundary ,"). However, cricket authorities did not initially allow football to be played
  16. The houses are separated from one another by fruit gardens. Ana marks the, boundary ,between the olive (north) and the date (south). Arab's poets celebrated its
  17. Aristotle's Physics stated that the place of something is the two-dimensional, boundary ,of the containing body that is at rest and is in contact with what it contains.
  18. X, y)\in D\subset\mathbb^2 and D is a region in the plane with the smooth, boundary ,:: A=\mint_D\sort\, dx\, dy. Even more general formula for the area of the graph
  19. On Roman expansion in the West. Ultimately, it established the Rhine as the, boundary ,of the Roman Empire for the next four hundred years, until the decline of the
  20. Could" hide" at the opposite end of the screen and shoot across the screen, boundary , while remaining relatively safe. Another popular method of exploiting this bug
  21. In Clay and Greene counties where the St. Francis River forms the western, boundary ,of the Missouri Boot heel, and in dozens of places where the current channel of
  22. Idea to on Strahlenberg. The latter had suggested the Emma River as the lower, boundary , Over the next century various proposals were made until the Ural River
  23. The province is boreal forest, while the Rocky Mountains along the southwestern, boundary ,are largely forested (see Alberta Mountain forests and Alberta-British
  24. 0 holds for reversible processes only. For example, an adiabatic boundary is a, boundary ,that is impermeable to heat transfer and the system is said to be adiabatically
  25. Indicate that such a simplification does not do justice to the complex tectonic, boundary ,between the South-American and Caribbean plates. Geology The Andes are a
  26. To describe property lines' angles in reference to cardinal directions. A, boundary ," mete" is described with a beginning reference point, the cardinal direction
  27. Has nasal explosion when it is followed by nasal, inside a word or across word, boundary , * Partial voicing of colorants – In English colorants () are partially
  28. Of runic literacy. Bad Ems is in Rhineland-Palatinate, on the northwestern, boundary ,of Alemannic settlement, where Frankish influence would have been strongest.
  29. Features dominate Azerbaijan: the Caspian Sea, whose shoreline forms a natural, boundary ,to the east; the Greater Caucasus mountain range to the north; and the
  30. The end of the Cretaceous, and of brachiopods by bivalves at the Permo-Triassic, boundary , Agarose gel electrophoresis is a method of gel electrophoresis used in
  31. Boundary of the ACC is defined by the Subtropical Front. This marks the, boundary ,between warm, salty subtropical waters (generally with a salinity of greater
  32. Then 90 degrees and a second cardinal direction, and a linear distance. The, boundary ,runs the specified linear distance from the beginning point, the direction of
  33. Extending entirely across the state of Alabama for about south of its northern, boundary , and in the middle stretching farther south, is the Cumberland Plateau, or
  34. Out of bounds (beyond the oval boundary line around the edge of the field),a, boundary ,umpire will stand with his back to the infield and return the ball into play
  35. Pacific. The current is accompanied by a number of weather fronts. The northern, boundary ,of the ACC is defined by the Subtropical Front. This marks the boundary between
  36. Or thermally) insulated; an insulated wall approximates an adiabatic, boundary , Another example is the adiabatic flame temperature, which is the temperature
  37. In humans and other animals, they almost uniformly invoke a bitter taste. The, boundary ,between alkaloids and other nitrogen-containing natural compounds is not
  38. Suicide, so her works are unreadable. * What Ted Kaczynski wrote about, boundary ,conditions in mathematics is shown false due to his crimes. Circumstantial Ad
  39. Vary, but it is commonly considered to have started at the Eocene/Oligocene, boundary , The isolation of Antarctica and formation of the ACC occurred with the
  40. For a solid shape such as a sphere, cone,or cylinder, the area of its, boundary ,surface is called the surface area. Formulas for the surface areas of simple
  41. Dispute by a compromise in 1237. This was the Treaty of York which defined the, boundary ,between the two kingdoms as running between the Sol way Firth (in the west)
  42. On the west. Areas of southern Nevada, Utah and Colorado form a loose northern, boundary , while the southern edge is defined by the Colorado and Little Colorado rivers
  43. West separates it from the province of Saskatchewan, while on the west its, boundary ,with British Columbia follows the 120th meridian west south from the Northwest
  44. 0). DQ TDS = 0 holds for reversible processes only. For example, an adiabatic, boundary ,is a boundary that is impermeable to heat transfer and the system is said to be
  45. Where i is the number of grid points inside the polygon and b is the number of, boundary ,points. This result is known as Pick's theorem. Area in calculus *the area
  46. Roman town. It has now been covered and diverted, but it formed the northern, boundary ,of the old town during the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods. Canada, the
  47. Can be found by dividing the polygon into triangles. For shapes with curved, boundary , calculus is usually required to compute the area. Indeed, the problem of
  48. Also called magnitude or modulus) of the complex-valued wave function. This, boundary ,surface is sometimes what is meant when the" shape" of an orbital is referred
  49. Of space existed, the gamma rays produced in annihilation reactions along the, boundary ,between matter and antimatter regions would be detectable. Antiparticles are
  50. The point of contention. If the ball ever goes out of bounds (beyond the oval, boundary ,line around the edge of the field),a boundary umpire will stand with his back

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