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  1. Of a rubidium and cesium alum (Cs, Rb)Al (SO4)2·12H2O yields after 30, subsequent , steps pure rubidium alum. Reports of two other methods are given in the
  2. With Clean following either the controversy over The Babylonians or a, subsequent ,controversy over The Knights. It has been inferred We know that Aristophanes
  3. The final, defeating Viswanathan Anand (+2 −2 2,rapid tiebreak 2:0). In the, subsequent ,cycle, the format was changed, with the champion having to qualify. Karol
  4. Like Apatosaurus were adapted to low browsing or ground feeding. However, subsequent ,studies demonstrated that all tetrapods appear to hold their necks at the
  5. Whether a given Turing machine will ever halt. While his proof was published, subsequent ,to Alonzo Church's equivalent proof in respect to his lambda calculus, Turing
  6. Came under Azeris control. After Lt Gen Marshall became Chief of General Staff, subsequent ,defense ministers from 1992 have included: * Maj. -Gen. Aladdin Mehdi (
  7. Traveler prevents the assassination of John F. Kennedy, resulting in an altered, subsequent ,history. A few movies about alternative universes focus on individuals rather
  8. Of relativity could also be extended to gravitational fields, and with his, subsequent ,theory of gravitation in 1916,he published a paper on the general theory of
  9. Earthquake near Arica, Peru,causes an estimated 25,000 casualties, and the, subsequent ,tsunami causes considerable damage as far away as Hawaii and New Zealand. *1898
  10. Repudiating modern war and developed a statement that has been affirmed at each, subsequent ,meeting of the Council. This statement was strongly reasserted when" the 67th
  11. Age of six. The headmistress recognized his talent early on, as did many of his, subsequent ,educators. In 1926,at the age of 14,he went on to Seaborne School, a famous
  12. S Book of British Fairy Tales (1984) and A Bag of Moonshine (1986). In his, subsequent ,novels, Strandloper (1996) and Thurs bitch (2003),he continued writing
  13. Age sea levels continuing to rise for another 3,000 years after that. The, subsequent ,Bronze Age civilizations of Greece and the Aegean Sea have given rise to the
  14. Anselm Auerbach. Schopenhauer declared that their teaching was corrupted by, subsequent ,errors and therefore was in need of clarification. He gave a name to a force
  15. War, and diplomacy. This period ended with the rise of the Qin Dynasty and the, subsequent ,purge of dissent. The Book of Han lists ten major schools, they are:
  16. Wrote Variety),and is captured on film in. The Australian tour and its, subsequent ,ABBA: The Movie produced some ABBA lore, as well. Fältskog's blonde good looks
  17. Absorbent, for example alumina will remove water from hydrocarbons, to enable, subsequent ,processes that are poisoned by moisture. Aluminum oxides are common catalysts
  18. Claims, has anything in common with Alchemy. " Atwood's work influenced, subsequent ,authors of the occult revival including Cliffs Levi, Arthur Edward Waite, and
  19. Style. After his death, the cult of the Ten was quickly abandoned, and the, subsequent ,pharaohs Tutankhamen, Ay, and Horsemen erased all mention of Akhenaten's
  20. Delta and recorded the episode on his steal of victory. Pine set the stage for, subsequent ,25th dynasty pharaohs, such as Sahara, to reunite the" Two lands" of
  21. Of the annual International Astronautical Congress in 1950 and the, subsequent ,founding of the International Astronautical Federation the following year. NASA
  22. Methodology could be used for parallel computation of statistical moments with, subsequent ,combination of those moments, or for combination of statistical moments
  23. Mongolian, Manchu,and Yukaghir languages. This inclusion was retained by, subsequent ,Nostratics, starting with Vladislav Illich-Svitych and Aaron Dolgopolsky. *
  24. Festival Center began under Steele Hall in 1970,and was completed under the, subsequent ,government of Don Duns tan, who also established the South Australian Film
  25. In 405. Frogs in fact won the unique distinction of a repeat performance at a, subsequent ,festival. We know that a son of Aristophanes, Araros, was also a comic poet and
  26. Atoms at their facilities. The antihydrogen atoms created during PS210 and, subsequent ,experiments (at both CERN and Fermi lab) were extremely energetic (" hot" )
  27. Suggestions of Jacques Her brand (cf. Gödel's Princeton lectures of 1934) and, subsequent ,simplifications by Kleenex. Church's proof that the Entscheidungsproblem was
  28. In the city for a short period. After his death at Babylon in 323 BC and the, subsequent ,division of his empire amongst his generals, Ankara and its environs fell into
  29. Architect (1939–1942) Speer supported the German invasion of Poland and, subsequent ,war, though he recognized that it would lead to the postponement, at the least
  30. Original performance and the text that has come down to the modern age was a, subsequent ,draft that Aristophanes intended to be read rather than acted. The circulation
  31. For profit Farmers using patented seed are restricted from saving seed for, subsequent ,plantings, which forces farmers to buy new seed every year. Since seed saving
  32. Wiping” away the image while simultaneously revealing the first image of the, subsequent ,scene. As a transitional device, it is used as a substitute for the straight
  33. Gore Vidal calling her viewpoint" nearly perfect in its immorality ". Her, subsequent ,books got progressively less attention from reviewers. In 2007,book critic
  34. Spoken by the Tats, as a remnant of Atari. Locally, the possessions of the, subsequent ,Seljuk Empire were ruled by States, who were technically vassals of the Seljuk
  35. The extrasolar planets detected by ground-based asymmetry has been verified in, subsequent ,studies, astrometry is expected to be more accurate in space missions that are
  36. Of Canada into the United States if it chose to do so. It did not, and the, subsequent ,Constitution carried no such special provision of admission. Article summaries
  37. Of his best friend. In" The Big Four" ( 1927) Poirot feigned his death and, subsequent ,funeral in order to launch a surprise attack on the Big Four. Major novels The
  38. Angular displacement of the fluoroscope that occurs between absorption and, subsequent ,emission of a photon. Real-world imagery Images of a gravity-bound or man-made
  39. Around 70,000 people are killed instantly, and some tens of thousands die in, subsequent ,years from burns and radiation poisoning. *1953 – Venerable Pius XII
  40. Engine has been mounted, it then can be moved to the hood station; meanwhile, subsequent ,cars (if any) can be moved to the engine installation station. Assuming no
  41. B. Demise led to a job as an extra in his film, The King of Kings, and to, subsequent ,work as a junior screenwriter. While working on The King of Kings, she met an
  42. In September 1862 the Battle of Antietam provided this opportunity, and the, subsequent ,War Governors' Conference added support for the proclamation. Name "
  43. Be corrected by issuing a revision of the faulty Circular T or by errata in a, subsequent ,Circular T. Aside from this, once published in Circular T the TAI scale is not
  44. Renaissance draftsmanship) had an immense influence on Impressionism and, subsequent ,development. Later, African sculptures were taken up by Picasso and to some
  45. Him, tore up his work, and then brutally gang raped his wife, which caused her, subsequent ,death. He is left deeply scarred by these events, and when he encounters Alex
  46. The lost works appear to have been originally written with an intent for, subsequent ,publication, the surviving works do not appear to have been so. According to a
  47. Attention from reviewers, both for its first publication in England and for, subsequent ,re-issues. Rand's first bestseller, The Fountainhead, received far fewer
  48. And messy, knotted,convoluted webbing – influenced the way virtually all, subsequent ,artists would draw the character. McFarlane's other significant contribution
  49. From the natural gas (because sulfur deactivates the catalysts used in, subsequent ,steps). Catalytic hydrogenation converts organosulfur compounds into gaseous
  50. To lose a proton if the conjugate base is more negatively charged. Although the, subsequent ,loss of each hydrogen ion is less favorable,all the conjugate bases are

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