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  1. Of antigens. The large and diverse population of antibodies is generated by, random ,combinations of a set of gene segments that encode different antigen binding
  2. Including the motherboard with eight expansion slots, and an array of, random ,access memory (RAM) sockets that could hold up to 48 kilobytes worth of
  3. Equality as all had an equal chance of obtaining government office. The, random ,assignment of responsibility to individuals who may or may not be competent has
  4. On the design of the experiment, especially on the protocol that specifies the, random ,assignment of treatments to subjects; the protocol's description of the
  5. Himself up in his room. Eventually, he loses his mental balance and shoots at, random ,at people on the street. The police arrest him. *Garcia: Garcia is a man who
  6. Spoke out in an interview to a local tabloid saying," Random charges are, random ,; they do not deserve the kind of attention you wish me to give. " Later, on 28
  7. Storage format or the original measurement hardware. A relative histogram of a, random ,variable can be constructed in the conventional way: the range of potential
  8. In near-future England, leads his gang on nightly orgies of opportunistic, random ," ultra-violence. " Alex's friends (" druids" in the novel's Anglo-Russian
  9. Of famous sayings, such as" By words the mind is winged. " Listed below is a, random ,and very tiny sample of works influenced (more or less) by Aristophanes.
  10. President Ronald Reagan of Executive Order 12564,which initiated mandatory, random ,drug testing of all truck drivers and employees of other DOT-regulated
  11. All three families had a common ancestor, we should expect losses to happen at, random , not only at the geographical margins of the family, and that the observed
  12. Strings shorter than a certain length end up being (Chaitin-Kolmogorovically), random , because the best one can do with very small strings is to write a program that
  13. Values (1,2,2,1,1,2 and so on). Another problematic situation is passing a, random ,() function. However, call-by-name is still beloved of ALGOL implementors for
  14. Called algorithmic random ness) defines a string (usually of bits) as being, random ,if and only if it is shorter than any computer program that can produce that
  15. Of Venice elected the Doge of Venice using a multi-stage process that featured, random ,selection and voting which allowed approval of multiple candidates and required
  16. Recruits (meaning less chances of survival),and the overarching role of, random ,chance in the lives and deaths of the soldiers are described in detail. The
  17. Deter others. If someone did manage to escape, the SS would pick 10 people at, random ,from the prisoner's block and starve them to death. Name "/IN"> rees15"/> The
  18. That encode different antigen binding sites (or paradoxes),followed by, random ,mutations in this area of the antibody gene, which create further diversity.
  19. Also send their ship into hyperspace, causing it to disappear and reappear in a, random ,location on the screen (with the risk of self-destructing or appearing on top
  20. Rule out expected data that was only random ly generated. This category covers, random ,sources such as noisy diodes and radioactive decay. Although the term is used
  21. Solutions rather than simply locally optimal ones, the idea being that the, random ,element will be decreased as the algorithm settles down to a solution.
  22. And cooling of metal to achieve freedom from defects. The purpose of the, random ,variance is to find close to globally optimal solutions rather than simply
  23. From controllers such as routers. If no address is provided, one is picked at, random ,from the" base subnet ",0. It then broadcasts another packet saying" I am
  24. On top of an asteroid). Each stage starts with a few asteroids drifting in, random ,directions on the screen. Objects wrap around screen edges — for instance, an
  25. Technology and hasten secret projects; landmarks provide resource bonuses; and, random ,events add danger and opportunity. Excessive development leads to
  26. And notorious women of monarchic times" yet who died of a similarly seemingly, random ,death like her husband, and his capital of
  27. Levels are sampled from a larger population. Because the levels themselves are, random ,variables, some assumptions and the method of contrasting the treatments differ
  28. Buildups that would otherwise cause the arrow to" plane" on the air in a, random ,direction after shooting. Even though the arrow be made with extreme care, the
  29. Is an MRI technique that involves measuring the fractional anisotropy of the, random ,motion (Brownian motion) of water molecules in the brain. Water molecules
  30. The seasons of Ally McBeal were available on DVD in the United States (only 6, random , episodes can be found on the R1 edition) until 2009,though it has been
  31. Close to the true solution. Approximation may use either a deterministic or a, random ,strategy. Such algorithms have practical value for many hard problems. *
  32. Deterministic; some algorithms, known as random ized algorithms, incorporate, random , input. A partial formalization of the concept began with attempts to solve the
  33. To problems by mimicking biological evolutionary processes, with a cycle of, random ,mutations yielding successive generations of" solutions ". Thus, they emulate
  34. An example of Anomalous operation would be the use of Psi to manipulate a, random ,number generator into giving out pre-selected results, or causing a compass
  35. Before disappearing again. The saucers are of two kinds: Large saucers fire in, random ,directions, while small saucers aim at the player's ship. The minimalist
  36. The image of Jobs" wandering the hall with a flamethrower in hand, asking, random , people 'do you work on Mobile Me? ' ". Users While this brand loyalty is
  37. Including games and music. Sent, a board game where pieces moved according to, random ,chance, was particularly popular from the earliest times; another similar game
  38. Also has a monodic equivalent called" Roll" which simply returns a single, random ,integer between 1 and its sole operand to the right of it, inclusive. Thus, a
  39. Of heuristic probabilistic algorithms that vary the solution of a problem by a, random ,amount. The name" simulated annealing" alludes to the metallurgic term
  40. A vector consisting of a select number (left argument: 6 in this case) of, random ,integers ranging from 1 to a specified maximum (right argument: 40 in this
  41. Bound to their atom spontaneously emit this energy as a photon, traveling in a, random ,direction, and so drop back to lower energy levels. Thus, the atoms behave like
  42. Primary disadvantage of analog signaling is that any system has noise – i.e., random ,unwanted variation. As the signal is copied and re-copied, or transmitted over
  43. To impede enemy movement across defensive lines or areas. *Harassing fire: a, random ,number of shells are fired at random intervals, without any pattern to it that
  44. Is copied and re-copied, or transmitted over long distances, these apparently, random ,variations become dominant. Electrically, these losses can be diminished by
  45. Usually a Turing machine. According to the above definition of random ness,a, random ,string is also an" incompressible" string, in the sense that it is impossible
  46. Lines or areas. *Harassing fire: a random number of shells are fired at, random ,intervals, without any pattern to it that the enemy can predict. This process
  47. Will, while others rely on the butterfly effect from chaos theory to amplify, random ,differences at the atomic or subatomic level into a macroscopic divergence at
  48. Or 14 in MAX) factions, pre-game options include scenario game, customized, random , map,difficulty level, and game rules that include victory conditions, research
  49. North America * Ark (ark. Com),a website empowering people to spread acts of, random ,kindness. Agriculture * Chicken ark, a mobile shelter for domestic chickens
  50. Determined by anatomy and not by TCM. In some sources“ acupuncture” refers to, random ,needling with needle insertion, and this is compared to pressing telescoping

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