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  1. During gameplay. These players are commonly referred to as" tech nical ",", tech ," or" perfect attack" ( PA) players. These tech nical players usually play
  2. AOL CDs were recognized as No.1 on PCWorld's top ten list of most annoying, tech ,products. Software * In 2000,AOL was served with an $8 billion lawsuit
  3. Third" Wallenstein" sequel has been released by Raven Software, using the ID, tech ,4 engines. Doom Eighteen months after their release of Wallenstein 3D,in 1993
  4. In 2007, it was rated by the same magazine as the 37th best, tech ,product of all time
  5. And on the job experience take more time per character point while high, tech ,teaching aids can reduce the time required. Some intensive situations let a
  6. Secrets. France accused the U. S. of attempting to sabotage its high, tech ,industrial base. The government of France has been alleged to have conducted
  7. Entertainment, energy,financial services, healthcare and life sciences, high, tech , and electronics, public sector, retail and consumer goods, and transportation
  8. Tax exemptions for those willing to invest in the country. Several global high, tech ,corporations have already started developing in the area and are exporting
  9. The economy was among the 25 largest employers in 2005,but by 2008 high, tech ,companies Akamai and ITA Software had grown to be among the largest 25
  10. Wallenstein and Brink. Similarly, almost all the games utilizing the ID, tech ,2 engines have Linux ports, the only exceptions being those created by Ion Storm
  11. Quality of the produce being manufactured. While it is easy to produce a low, tech , low skill product, the ability to manufacture high quality products is limited
  12. By the university's research and development money, and by its graduates. High, tech , health services and bio tech nology are other major components of the city's
  13. In creating two distinct looks for the movie. " One is the police state, high, tech , lots of neon, a United States dominated by underground computers. That was
  14. Percentage of Colorado Springs' economy is still based on manufacturing high, tech ,and complex electronic equipment. The high- tech sector in the Colorado Springs
  15. Issued on December 14, 1948,as U. S. Patent 2455992. Inspired by radar display, tech , it consisted of an analog device that allowed a user to control a vector-drawn
  16. Very earliest forms of the Jargon File, dating from the early 1980s. A typical, tech ,usage from the Linux Bible,2005 characterizes the Unix software development
  17. Of total revenue generated and employment. Current trends project the high, tech ,employment ratio will continue to decrease in the near future. High- tech
  18. During preparation for this tour a feature on bass player. Tv with his live bass, tech , Russ Ryan, was filmed, detailing Lee's live signal path. For Rush's 2010
  19. To create works of found art or assemblage. Students may use salvaged high, tech ,items in tech nical projects. Still others may dumpster dive just to indulge in
  20. Based on manufacturing high- tech and complex electronic equipment. The high, tech ,sector in the Colorado Springs area has decreased its overall presence over the
  21. As a result, the child becomes more independent. The following" low ", tech ,visual support strategies can be created and used to benefit and assist the
  22. Sound. In the mid-2000s,fusion genres such as electron house, fidget house and, tech ,house emerged. This fusion is apparent in the crossover of musical styles by
  23. Distributed on the internet since 2002. It is one of the top five most popular, tech ,podcasts on the NPR website and maintains a 5-star rating from iTunes listeners
  24. Of fair use A balanced copyright law provides an economic benefit to many high, tech ,businesses such as search engines and software developers. Fair Use is also
  25. Her Chrestomanci quartet (1977–1988),with wizards taking the place of high, tech ,secret agents. Among the novels in this series, Witch Week stands out for its
  26. They consume, sees a future Hamilton with younger upscale Hamiltonian's—who are, tech ,savvy and university educated—choosing to live in the downtown and surrounding
  27. A family. Forbes Magazine in 2008 ranked the city as the no. 1 up-and-coming, tech ,city in the nation, and the city was ranked a top ten city by Relocate America
  28. CAIRO obtained a patent for the same tech nology in the US. In April 2009,14, tech , companies selling Wi-Fi devices, including Dell, HP,Microsoft, Intel,Nintendo
  29. Period, resulting in the creation of the Brain port initiative to draw high, tech ,business and industry to the region. The university started expending more
  30. Was active in Kashmir though he did not have any hard evidence. He proposed hi, tech ,ground sensors along the line of control to prevent militants from infiltrating
  31. Jane L. Campbell appointed a" tech czar" whose job is to actively recruit, tech ,companies to the downtown office market, offering connections to the high-speed
  32. This concept has been adopted in many other strategy games. Since only one, tech ,may be" researched" at any given time, the order in which tech nologies are
  33. Publishers. Oracle Corporation, Sun Microsystems, Yahoo and other high, tech ,companies, released a study that found that Fair Use exceptions to US copyright
  34. Polaroid, Symbolics, and Thinking Machines. Over the years, most of these, tech ,companies either have grown and moved away or declined and closed their
  35. At Townsville, Australia,by Major Paul I." Pappy" Gun and North American, tech ,rep Jack Fox, were also used on strafing and skip-bombing missions against
  36. Can pose an even greater risk. A proper attack does not need to be very high, tech ,or well funded; for a power outage at an airport alone can cause repercussions
  37. Of $86 billion in 2010. Austin is considered to be a major center for high, tech , Thousands of graduates each year from the engineering and computer science
  38. And complex electronic equipment. Due to a slowing in tourism, the high, tech ,sector still remains second to the military in terms of total revenue generated
  39. First decade of the 21st century. Former Mayor Jane L. Campbell appointed a ", tech ,czar" whose job is to actively recruit tech companies to the downtown office
  40. Geometrically with the speed (see the effect of the handle, below ). High, tech ,titanium heads are lighter and allow for longer handles, thus increasing
  41. Economy The economy of Ithaca is based on education and manufacturing with high, tech ,and tourism in strong supporting roles. As of 2006,Ithaca remains one of the
  42. Is a postmodern and science fiction genre noted for its focus on" high, tech ,and low life. " The name is a portmanteau of cybernetics and punk, and was
  43. high- tech employment ratio will continue to decrease in the near future. High, tech ,corporations with connections to the city include: *Verizon Business – Software
  44. Visual). Therefore, various types of tech nology from" low" tech to" high ", tech , should be incorporated into every aspect of daily living in order to improve
  45. Processing area (visual). Therefore, various types of tech nology from" low ", tech ,to" high" tech , should be incorporated into every aspect of daily living in
  46. For governments who must find money to fund it. Canada has an important high, tech ,industry, and also an entertainment industry creating content both for local
  47. Saakashvili. The Georgian police used teargas, batons,water cannons and high, tech ,acoustic weapons in the streets of Tbilisi. Later that day, the President
  48. Innovation, worldwide tech nology trends and social media. She also reviews, tech ,gadgets and writes the weekly Booting Up column. *Gayle Fee and Laura Reynosa
  49. Technology partnerships, create a city-wide Wi-Fi network, and develop a, tech ,economy. In addition to this Intel initiative, in January 2006 a New York–based
  50. Production plant located in Austria. BRP's Can-Am product is among the high, tech ,recreational vehicles which specifically include the Can-Am Spider, a

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