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  1. s the best hospitals as tabulated by U. S. News & World Report. Cleveland's, healthcare ,industry includes University Hospitals of Cleveland, a noted competitor which
  2. Malaria only in areas with" high socio-economic status, well-organized, healthcare , systems,and relatively less intensive or seasonal malaria transmission ". DDT
  3. Alternative Medicine (OCCAM) defines CAM as" a group of diverse medical and, healthcare ,systems, practices,and products, that are not currently part of conventional
  4. Healthcare delivery is limited, or nonexistent. And when they receive, healthcare , they are more likely than others in the general population to receive
  5. Resembling or forming the basis for alternative remedies, may comprise primary, healthcare ,or be integrated into the healthcare system. In Africa, traditional medicine is
  6. Economy, including the insurance and legal sectors and most importantly the, healthcare ,and government sectors. Other than defense and aerospace, healthcare accounts
  7. The Commonwealth of Nations all Barbadian citizens are covered by national, healthcare , Barbados has over twenty polyclinics throughout the country in addition to the
  8. Center was passionate about the power of genomics to radically transform, healthcare , Center believed that shotgun sequencing was the fastest and most effective way
  9. In 2002–3 as a result of recurring budget deficits and rising expenditure on, healthcare ,services. Botswana has been hit very hard by the AIDS pandemic; in 2006 it was
  10. Of the European Higher Education Area. Healthcare Responsibility for, healthcare ,jurisdictions devolved from the Spanish government to Andalusia with the
  11. The incidence of nosocomial infections (hospital acquired infections) in, healthcare ,facilities. Also, due to its antimicrobial/algaecide properties that prevent
  12. Network, a registration-only website that distributes drug alerts to licensed, healthcare ,professionals. On February 25, 2011 an additional Black Box warning was added
  13. Faith in Finland is to have a locally certified model who work in Finnish, healthcare ,perform the operation. In the 2008 case, the infant was not anesthetized and
  14. Center. Some wards in Arrington rank amongst the most deprived in terms of, healthcare ,and life expectancy in the country. According to the 1991 census 28 % of houses
  15. Showed that CD can be transmitted by blood transfusions. The finding alarmed, healthcare ,officials because a large epidemic of the disease could result in the near
  16. Public finance gap down to 4 % of GDP by 2006,but more difficult pension and, healthcare ,reforms will have to wait until after the next elections. Privatization of the
  17. Cited in various journals as Central America's great health success story. Its, healthcare ,system is ranked higher than that of the United States, despite having a
  18. Opportunities in Space exploration to them, as well as public policy changes, healthcare ,law and policy changes, and civil rights protections and public law changes for
  19. By the woman herself, by another person without medical training, or by a, healthcare ,professional operating in substandard conditions. Unsafe abortion remains a
  20. But that these restrictions should not extend to what they view as legitimate, healthcare ,products. In New Zealand, alternative medicine products are classified as food
  21. 27,000) of alcohol dependence-related insurance claims suggested that, healthcare ,utilization, such as the number of inpatient detoxification days
  22. Expensive property. In Yugoslavia, the people of Croatia were guaranteed free, healthcare , free dental care, and secure pensions. The older generation found this very
  23. Chiropractic does not have the same level of mainstream credibility as other, healthcare ,professions. Public perception of chiropractic compares unfavorably with
  24. By employer and employee contributions in respect of salaries. The cost of, healthcare ,is covered by CLASS at rates of 75 % for out-patient expenses such as medicines
  25. Healthcare system. In Africa, traditional medicine is used for 80 % of primary, healthcare , and in developing nations as a whole over one-third of the population lack
  26. Medicine users appear to be doing so largely because" they find these, healthcare ,alternatives to be more congruent with their own values, beliefs,and
  27. Members of the military and their families with certain privileges in terms of, healthcare ,and education, and to improve living conditions. Military education in Bulgaria
  28. Woes. Despite this, Dayton has diversified its workforce from manufacturing to, healthcare ,and defense, as well as being recognized as Ohio's aerospace hub. The 2000s
  29. Who participates in Barrio Agent, a social program which provides Cuban, healthcare ,treatment to Venezuelans and trains doctors and specialists, will grant 2,000
  30. In addition, many CAM systems have characteristics commonly found in mainstream, healthcare , such as a focus on good nutrition and preventive practices. Unlike mainstream
  31. 1993,Cuba's GDP declined by 33 %. Yet Cuba has managed to retain levels of, healthcare ,and education. Cubans receive low housing and transportation costs, free
  32. Center. As of 2008,no hospitals in Brunei were undergoing international, healthcare ,accreditation. There is currently no medical school in Brunei, and Bruneians
  33. Protection services when mutual assistance is needed (police, fire service, healthcare ,service, public utility, voluntary agencies). *To set up and implement
  34. And other experts. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the principal, healthcare ,regulatory authority in the United States, having jurisdiction over medical
  35. Cannot easily be distinguished by inexperienced persons, and therefore a, healthcare ,professional is often required to distinguish between the two. A nonallergic
  36. Objectives driving policy decisions by the FDA are safety and efficacy of, healthcare ,products. In addition, because biomedical engineers often develop devices and
  37. More service-based, with growth in the financial, insurance,legal, and, healthcare , sectors. Cleveland is also home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. As of the
  38. Has no health insurance. A significant part of the population has no access to, healthcare , Religion Although the great majority of Bolivians are Roman Catholic
  39. The healthcare and government sectors. Other than defense and aerospace, healthcare ,accounts for much of the Dayton area's economy. Hospitals in the Greater
  40. Treatment for any medical condition and suggested a precautionary principle in, healthcare ,for chiropractic intervention even if a causality with vertebral artery
  41. Then non-Hispanic whites or Asians. For a great many African Americans, healthcare ,delivery is limited, or nonexistent. And when they receive healthcare , they are
  42. Alternative remedies, may comprise primary healthcare or be integrated into the, healthcare ,system. In Africa, traditional medicine is used for 80 % of primary healthcare
  43. Countries, and this is associated with many tens of billions of dollars of, healthcare ,costs. The WHO's report It has been estimated that, on average, approximately
  44. It the nickname the Presentation College Saints. Healthcare Aberdeen’s main, healthcare ,provider is the http://www.averastlukes.org/astl/index.aspx Avert St. Luke’s
  45. Tourist areas tend to have more reliable power, as do business, travel, healthcare , and vital infrastructure. The situation improved somewhat after 2006.
  46. Out of the top 50 cities in the United States by Healthgrades for excellence in, healthcare , Several key institutes and centers for health care exist in the Dayton region.
  47. Economy is a highly developed one in which most people work in services such as, healthcare , government, or retail. Primary industries are also of great importance
  48. Prevalence of" combination products," the lines are now blurring among, healthcare ,products such as drugs, biologics,and various types of devices. Medical
  49. And funded by Rick Scott that argues for private insurance methods to pay for, healthcare ,* Classification of Pharmaco-Therapeutic Referrals, taxonomy to define
  50. Sexes. Bulgaria has traditionally had high educational standards. In 2010,the, healthcare ,budget amounts to 4.2 % of GDP, or about 1.3 billion euro. Bulgaria has 181

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