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  1. Fire. Surviving By definition, the ambush contains the element of total, surprise ,; which means the victims of the ambush have no knowledge of how it has been
  2. To another while applying the known correction to achieve accuracy and, surprise , " Artillery had begun the shift away from massed fires to a greater emphasis
  3. To solve the Eastern question in accordance with her own interests, but to the, surprise ,and indignation of the cabinet of Saint Petersburg he confined himself to
  4. 1927) Poirot feigned his death and subsequent funeral in order to launch a, surprise ,attack on the Big Four. Major novels The Poirot books take readers through the
  5. Brambles and other thorny plants, and here he proposed to lay a stratagem to, surprise ,the enemy ”. When the Roman infantry became entangled in combat with his army
  6. In England was suspended. Arsenal began winning silverware again with the, surprise ,appointment of club physiotherapist Bertie Me as manager in 1966. After losing
  7. Volunteers. The Soviet Union finally withdrew from Afghanistan in 1989. To the, surprise ,of many, Mohammad Najibullah's communist Afghan government hung on for three
  8. 25,and local media broadcast printed the new design for all to see. Of great, surprise ,to many fans was a brand new color scheme; apparently the original colors used
  9. Many of their games against Victoria. Both New South Wales and Tasmania scored, surprise ,victories at home against Victoria in 1990. Towards a national club competition
  10. Together, however,they robbed the Vikings of their major strategic advantages:, surprise ,and mobility. Administration and taxation To obtain the needed garrison troops
  11. And continues his work with his own charity. On September 5,2007,Agassi was a, surprise ,guest commentator for the Andy Rodrick/Roger Federer US Open quarter-final. He
  12. Reign he was known for his unpredictable and arbitrary operations launched by, surprise ,after a pretext of peace negotiations. If he had any reasons of state for such
  13. The charismatic Tony Blair in the pomp of his political career, and it was no, surprise ,that little progress was made in reducing Labour's majority after a relatively
  14. Also took New Jersey, pushing the Continental Army into Pennsylvania, but in a, surprise ,attack in late December 1776 Washington crossed the Delaware River back into
  15. Plight of starving beggars in Ireland, so that the reader is unprepared for the, surprise ,of Swift's solution when he states," A young healthy child well nursed, is
  16. The warriors time and space to mass without detection. They had the element of, surprise , and this was also aided by the defection of Arminius from Roman ranks prior to
  17. His grandson, Abd Brahman III (the son of his first son). This came as no, surprise , since Abdallah had already demonstrated his affection for his grandson in many
  18. Which ranked as the 4th most watched television program of the week – a major, surprise ,given the mediocre rating for the 1981 TV-movie. It was a rare tribute from the
  19. And became a hit in Sweden. The first signs of foreign success came as a, surprise , as the Andersson and Slaves single" She's My Kind of Girl" was released
  20. War on Bulgaria on November 14, 1885. The military strategy relied largely on, surprise , as Bulgaria had moved most of its troops near the border with the Ottoman
  21. Historically have had no more than niche appeal. In 2004,Australia won a, surprise ,silver medal at the Olympic Games. The Israel Baseball League, launched in 2007
  22. August 1950,and which also starred Minute, became,on September 10, 1951,the, surprise ,winner of the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival and was subsequently
  23. Late, however,for the new Emperor to make much of a difference. An attempted, surprise ,attack against the crusader camp failed despite the emperor's personal
  24. On April 9,1999. At the 1999 French Open Agassi and Steffi Graf were the, surprise ,champions, since he had not won a Grand Slam title since 1995, and she had not
  25. Green Bay Packers in the NFC Divisional Playoffs 48–21. 2011 The Falcons made a, surprise ,trade up with the Cleveland Browns in the 2011 NFL Draft to select Alabama wide
  26. Of Philip of Macedon. On a particularly dark and wet night Philip attempted a, surprise ,attack but was thwarted by the appearance of a bright light in the sky. This
  27. Concentrated many of his forces from around the theater and launched a massive, surprise ,attack against Grant at the Battle of Shiloh on April 6,1862. As the
  28. Defence was impossible; there are hints, not well substantiated, of treachery;, surprise ,is a more likely explanation. However, this may be—for our information at this
  29. Boiling point of alkanes is primarily determined by weight, it should not be a, surprise ,that the boiling point has almost a linear relationship with the size (
  30. Lifeforms Basilicas, the first at the Battle of Salary and the latter in a, surprise ,night attack on his camp. Alexios was ordered to march against his
  31. The ambushing force) take advantage of concealment and the element of, surprise ,to attack an unsuspecting enemy from concealed positions, such as among dense
  32. That one of the central goals of Soviet diplomacy was to terminate SDI. A, surprise ,attack from the Americans would destroy much of the Soviet ICBM fleet, allowing
  33. Fate of the Minas Gerais was still unknown, with China having reportedly made a, surprise ,bid for its purchase. The navy's priority re-equipment plans for the 1990s
  34. Bill. This time Lord Derby (as he had become) took office, and to general, surprise ,appointed Disraeli Chancellor of the Exchequer. Disraeli had offered to stand
  35. And North Africa while mass-producing their wunderwaffe. The Axis launch a, surprise ,invasion of an isolationist United States in 1953,which forces the country to
  36. Athens, Greece. *1900 – Philippine–American War: Filipino guerrillas launch a, surprise ,attack on U. S. infantry and begin a four-day siege of Causing, Philippines.
  37. Sultan Yusuf ADSL Shah and war between the Deccan sultanates. So he invested by, surprise ,in the capture of Goa to the Sultanate of Dimapur. He thus completed another
  38. NH2D,NHD2,and ND3 The detection of triply reiterated ammonia was considered a, surprise ,as deuterium is relatively scarce. It is thought that the low-temperature
  39. Raises cattle and livestock as a means for an income. Therefore, it is not a, surprise ,to see that 71 % of the country’s land is used for communal grazing, which has
  40. Season, as the club saw a dip in their Serie A form, yet proved itself to be a, surprise ,dark horse in Europe. Florentina started their domestic campaign strongly
  41. Down immediately after. In September 1980,Ibadan was almost overrun during a, surprise ,attack on Khuzestan by Iraq, marking the beginning of the Iran–Iraq War. For 18
  42. Hammers, other work tools and homemade grenades. They caught the SS guards by, surprise , overpowered them and blew up the Crematorium IV, using explosives smuggled in
  43. As the use of rugged terrain allowing cover and concealment, the element of, surprise , and the quick assault/advance comes down to the present day, and is stressed
  44. Even Schliemann's first excavations at Hissarlik in the Road did not excite, surprise , But the" Burnt City" of his second stratum, revealed in 1873,with its
  45. For example, converged or distributed, whether adjustment is permissible or, surprise ,essential, the need for special procedures such as precision or danger close
  46. Preservation of the force to" live to fight another day ", when not taken by, surprise , Avoiding The best way to survive an ambush is not to encounter them. In order
  47. And were tipped by Marcello Lippi and other prominent names in football as a, surprise ,challenger for the Students. However, this form tailed off towards the middle
  48. A small initial perturbation into a large climate change. There is therefore no, surprise ,that the temperature and rose in parallel, with the temperature initially in
  49. Most distinctive characteristics of human development and culture. So it is no, surprise ,that the science of acoustics spreads across so many facets of our
  50. The British commander at Detroit, retook Incenses, Clark returned in a, surprise ,march in February 1779 and captured Hamilton. In March 1782,Pennsylvania

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