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  1. It also gave transportation to 10,000 slaves, carrying through on its, commitment ,to them. They evacuated and resettled more than 3,000" Black Loyalists" to
  2. A young seamstress named Rose Beret, with whom he would stay — with ranging, commitment ,— for the rest of his life. The couple bore a son, Auguste-Eugène Beret (
  3. Platform. The original agenda included interventionist economic policies, commitment ,to environmental causes, support for constituents. The party also appealed to
  4. Union, and Russia, which opened a dialogue with Mahmud Abbas, and announced his, commitment ,to the creation of a Palestinian state in the future. He embarked on a course
  5. Party and the New LM, after principals of those minor parties secured the, commitment ,of former Liberal minister Don Chip, as a high profile leader. The party's
  6. The master maintaining a ghostly presence. Its end is death, not the renewal of, commitment ,to the living that typified its outcome in earlier films. " However, according
  7. Required the most sudden burst of technological creativity, and the largest, commitment ,of resources ($24 billion),ever made by any nation in peacetime. At its peak
  8. Forces deployed on three major operations: * Operation Slipper – Australia's, commitment ,to the War on Terror. The army contribution is primarily concentrated in
  9. Around 80 to 120 troops to this Task Force * Operation Mazurka – Australia's, commitment ,to Multinational Force and Observers (MFA). From 1982 to 1986,the RAAF provided
  10. AA is religious in nature, for an AA member to remain sober a high level of, commitment ,is necessary. This commitment is facilitated by a change in the member's world
  11. Still others claiming that it represents a retreat from the artist's previous, commitment ,to social and political change. The film marked something of an end of an era
  12. Surrounded by parkland. Early Adelaide was shaped by religious freedom and a, commitment ,to political progressivism and civil liberties, which led to the moniker" City
  13. At the time. However, the Proclamation became a symbol of the Union's growing, commitment ,to add emancipation to the Union's definition of liberty. Name "
  14. Islamist coup d'état in Sudan, led by Colonel Omar al-Bashir, who professed a, commitment ,to reordering Muslim political values. During this time, bin Laden assisted the
  15. The laying-on of hands, but as expressing continuity with the unbroken chain of, commitment , beliefs and mission starting with the first apostles; and as hence emphasizing
  16. Nations to maintain peace and stability. * Operation Anode – Australia's, commitment ,to the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands (RAMS) Consists of a
  17. Of Destruction, Tooze, following Gotta Serena, argues that Speer's ideological, commitment ,to the Nazi cause was greater than he claimed. Booze further contends that an
  18. For an AA member to remain sober a high level of commitment is necessary. This, commitment ,is facilitated by a change in the member's world view. To help members stay
  19. Manner. The lack of financial benefit can also be seen as a sign of, commitment ,to an activity; and until the 1970s the Olympic rules required that competitors
  20. Of revelation as an event, as opposed to a process. This relates to Israel's, commitment ,to God. Section three discusses his views of how a Jew should understand the
  21. Been sold on the benefits of instant results may hesitate giving the required, commitment ,of twenty to forty private lessons. This is the duration most Alexander
  22. Development and working practices in the national and regional museums. * A, commitment ,to examine the potential for using Museum Accreditation as a more effective
  23. Of the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (PCA) in 1995 signaled a, commitment ,to political, economic and trade cooperation. Some assistance was provided to
  24. The Groove Schulz Minute where the government and the ANC agreed on a common, commitment ,towards the resolution of the existing climate of violence and intimidation, as
  25. The struggle of the fledgling Colonies, recommending an early and open Spanish, commitment ,to the Colonies. However, he was overruled by José Moving,1st Count of
  26. Position to hold because it demonstrated the aspiring politician's, commitment ,to public service, as well as giving him the opportunity to hold public
  27. Corpus produced by Anglican divines is diverse. What they have in common is a, commitment ,to the faith as conveyed by Scripture and the Book of Common Prayer, thus
  28. To eradicate all pro-Confederate influences in the state. " This" unwavering, commitment ,to the Union" was a significant factor in his choice as vice president by
  29. Have no religious significance, they serve to reaffirm the Imamat's worldwide, commitment ,to the improvement of the quality of human life, especially in the developing
  30. The creation of the Polytechnic campus and extended education sites. His, commitment ,to diversity, quality in undergraduate education, research,and economic
  31. Literary bachelor ", had preferred passing liaisons and visits to brothels over, commitment ,; he had once written to Savoring: The letter proved prophetic of Chekhov's
  32. Known as" 11 Alive. " In 2008,preseason games aired on WAGA-TV due to WXIA's, commitment ,to the 2008 Summer Olympics. Both stations are owned by Gannett Company. Fox
  33. By Baku. By the Decree of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR in February 1942,the, commitment ,of more than 500 workers and employees of the oil industry of Azerbaijan was
  34. And a half years—maybe—to do that right. And that's a pretty strong level of, commitment , I'm going to look at that again. That comes up every three years. " One of
  35. And evacuated, almost ten years to the day since the first Australian troop, commitment ,to South Vietnam. *1981 – More than 100 workers are exposed to radiation during
  36. Resolution of the existing climate of violence and intimidation, as well as a, commitment ,to stability and to a peaceful process of negotiations. The ANC negotiated the
  37. Of compulsory treatment via inpatient (hospital) commitment or outpatient, commitment , This may involve various methods to persuade a person to take the medication
  38. Details of the space program, and was put off by the massive financial, commitment ,required by a manned Moon landing. When Kennedy's newly-appointed NASA
  39. Impossibly polished, have always been convincing because of her delivery, her, commitment , and her presence. For her mostly teenage fans, Spears expresses perfectly the
  40. Interests of distinct social classes, which tended to undercut a unified, commitment ,to the Patriot cause. The Assembly balanced the competing demands of elite
  41. United Nations and its Director-General, Jacques Drought, for their long-standing, commitment ,to fighting hunger and poverty. In 2008,Anderson Cooper was the first
  42. 1940s,but this was ruled unconstitutional by the High Court of Australia. The, commitment ,to nationalization was dropped by Golf Whitley. From its formation until the
  43. Burning lignite produces harmful emissions, Vattenfall has announced its, commitment ,to transitioning to cleaner sources, such as renewable energy. In the former
  44. For these proposals as representing a breakdown of Christian theology and, commitment , The lack of social consensus among and within provinces of diverse cultural
  45. However, was circumspect in his response to the news, refusing to make a, commitment ,on America's response to the Soviets. On April 20,Kennedy sent a memo to Vice
  46. Player to remain at the club in its new incarnation was Angelo Di Livia, whose, commitment , to club's cause further endeared him to the fans. Helped by Di Livia and
  47. Are sometimes used as part of compulsory treatment via inpatient (hospital), commitment , or outpatient commitment . This may involve various methods to persuade a person
  48. Longer-term decline continued. The original Millennium Challenge Account, commitment ,for $235 million had been reduced to about $175 million due to Armenia’s poor
  49. In Britain. Americans feared the corruption was crossing the Atlantic; the, commitment ,of most Americans to republican values and to their rights, energized the
  50. In 1838 by the Baptist Community,Acadia's beginning was the result of the, commitment ,and enthusiasm of a community determined to build a university. The University

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