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  1. Early in the 12th century, around 1118. He was endowed by nature with the most, remarkable ,gifts both of mind and body: he was handsome and eloquent, but licentious; and
  2. Kensington, London. His first two pupils were" deaf mute" girls who made, remarkable ,progress under his tutelage. While his older brother seemed to achieve success
  3. The thermometer has fallen below zero (-18 °C),as was the case in the, remarkable ,cold wave of the 12th-13 February 1899,when an absolute minimum of -17 °F (
  4. In Iranian philosophy In Western literature and culture In addition to many, remarkable ,reflections in Ancient and Medieval European literature, such as those related
  5. Arcadia, a warrior mentioned by Xenophon *Ananias, son of Dithers, signed the, remarkable ,statue called the Borges Warrior, in the Louvre *Ananias, son of Oenophiles
  6. Wasting his time at a Public School ". Despite this, Turing continued to show, remarkable ,ability in the studies he loved, solving advanced problems in 1927 without
  7. 270 different minerals. The chief ore of aluminum is bauxite. Aluminum is, remarkable ,for the metal's low density and for its ability to resist corrosion due to the
  8. Was killed. After this battle and the loss of one of Portugal's most, remarkable ,infants, the Duke of Organza became the de facto ruler of the country.
  9. Conducting solutions containing solvated electrons. Apart from these, remarkable ,solutions, much of the chemistry in liquid ammonia can be classified by analogy
  10. Worth seeing, for example a notable number of churches and monasteries, a few, remarkable ,17th- and 18th-century buildings in the particular Baroque style typical of the
  11. Patricia Bell Scott and Barbara Smith describe Black feminists mobilizing" a, remarkable ,national response to the Anita Hill-Clarence Thomas (Supreme Court nomination
  12. To nave or choir. The latter terminated in a three-sided apse. This church is, remarkable ,for its exceeding narrowness in proportion to its length. Extending in
  13. S Thesis ". Emil Post (1936) and Alan Turing (1936–7,1939) Here is a, remarkable ,coincidence of two men not knowing each other but describing a process of
  14. Agreed to be reappointed before the Third Test at Heading. This was a, remarkable ,match in which Australia looked certain to take a 2–0 series lead after they
  15. Benedictine type. The Austin canons' house at Thornton, in Lincolnshire, is, remarkable , for the size and magnificence of its gate-house, the upper floors of which
  16. Techniques during a time period is often called an agricultural revolution. A, remarkable ,shift in agricultural practices has occurred over the past century in response
  17. The same can be said for any Abelian group of order 15,leading to the, remarkable ,conclusion that all Abelian groups of order 15 are isomorphic. For another
  18. Coordinates is central to algebraic geometry, but it has undergone a series of, remarkable ,transformations beginning in the early 19th century. Before then, the
  19. Request of the king. Little is known of the personality of Agnes, beyond the, remarkable ,influence which she seems to have exercised over Philip II. She has been made
  20. Institute of Technology (MIT). Early life and work Alan Kay showed, remarkable ,ability at an early age, learning to read fluently at three years old. In an
  21. Which, according to the author Robert, encouraged and assisted Ansgar's, remarkable ,missionary feats. Through the course of this work, Ansgar repeatedly embarks on
  22. Of economic bounty between wars in which Spain remained neutral. Particularly, remarkable ,are the famous bath house Las Arenas, the building hosting the Rectorship of
  23. Two groups, Insecta and Verses (worms). For Charles Singer," Nothing is more, remarkable ,than Aristotle's efforts to exhibit the relationships of living things as a
  24. For the UEFA Cup, after spending most of the season in the top two spots. A, remarkable ,achievement, since AZ is financially not a big club, and it does not have a
  25. Metal, which could hardly be fashioned into a useful vase, and therefore this, remarkable ,'find' must represent the lost art of rendering antimony malleable. " An
  26. Of an influential Neapolitan noble. Here he produced a long series of operas, remarkable ,chiefly for their fluency and expressiveness, as well as other music for state
  27. Says that Anetholes was born in poverty but very early in life parlayed his, remarkable ,genius into a career as an inventor, first for weapons of war, and later, after
  28. 490 and 491) out of the twenty-five that any details are given. It is the more, remarkable ,that no incidents are recorded in the period between Marathon and Salamis
  29. Is not afraid of dead bodies and is not easily intimidated. She also has a, remarkable ,ability to latch onto a casual comment and connect it to the case at hand. Miss
  30. Fundamental constants are within the narrow range thought to allow life is not, remarkable , The strong anthropic principle as explained by Barrow and Tiller (see
  31. From a park. The buildings flanking the entrance, though very original and, remarkable ,with fantastically shaped roofs with unusual pinnacles, fit in well with the
  32. Upkeep for these fortresses and the maintenance of their standing garrisons. A, remarkable ,early tenth-century document, known as the Burial Hid age, provides a formula
  33. Social center. The island first attracted the notice of archaeologists by the, remarkable ,archaic Greek bronzes found in a cave on Mount Ida in 1885,as well as by
  34. Preserved remains of Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine architecture, the most, remarkable ,being the Temple of Augustus and Rome (20 BC) which is also known as the
  35. Included successful invasions of the two most powerful empires of the time,a, remarkable ,achievement in its own right. He set in motion a historical trajectory that in
  36. Chiefly copies of Mantegna, Albrecht Dürer, Parmigianino and Titian. The most, remarkable ,of his works are Mercury and Ignorance, the Deluge,Pharaoh's Host Drowned in
  37. The time and ` Ali Shaka Pasha regarded the more than 11000-word essay as a, remarkable ,feat for somebody of his age. Constantinople/Adrianople In 1863 Baha'u'Allah was
  38. And situated in a prosperous district of Barcelona. The building looks very, remarkable ,— like everything Saudi designed, only identifiable as Modernism or Art
  39. To the tympanum of the ear a stimulus which the mind interprets as sound ",a, remarkable ,statement that points to the beginnings of physiological and psychological
  40. Limestone in Bavaria, southern Germany, which is a lagerstätte, a rare and, remarkable ,geological formation known for its superbly detailed fossils. In 2010,Robert
  41. And logician Augustus De Morgan. From 1832,when she was seventeen, her, remarkable , mathematical abilities began to emerge, Lovelace never met her younger
  42. Sea and, later,usage shifted to refer to the Aegean Islands (since the sea is, remarkable ,for its large number of islands). It is now used to refer to any island group
  43. Creates the impression of a pair of antennae, with corresponding" eyes" ( a, remarkable ,case of automimicry). The" false head" effect is further reinforced by the
  44. East of Kandahar, where he died on (April 14, 1773). He had succeeded to a, remarkable ,degree in balancing tribal alliances and hostilities, and in directing tribal
  45. Of the church, had been rebuilt. The church, the ground-plan of which bears a, remarkable ,resemblance to that of Lincoln Cathedral, was of vast dimensions. It was. High.
  46. Hawaiians constructed oceanic fishponds (see Hawaiian aquaculture). A, remarkable ,example is a fishpond dating from at least 1,000 years ago, at Aleppo. Legend
  47. A passing weather worker to save his village from Karl raiders. The tale of his, remarkable ,feat spreads far and wide, finally reaching the ear of a wise Longish mage
  48. Of Hagia Sophia. He compiled a survey of mirror configurations in his work on, remarkable ,mechanical devices which was known to Arab mathematicians such as In
  49. When I had been introduced to the art of the Indians' nine symbols through, remarkable ,teaching, knowledge of the art very soon pleased me above all else and I came
  50. Apoptotic features such as membrane blabbing or nuclear fragmentation. A, remarkable ,feature of these KO mice is that they have a very restricted phenotype: Casp3

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