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  1. Dam reduced water exchange of the Neva Bay with the eastern part of the, gulf ,by 10–20 % that increased the contamination level of Neva Bay. The largest
  2. River, Porvoo, Vantaa and several other small rivers. Samoa Canal connects the, gulf ,with the Samoa lake. Geological history In Paleozoic,300–400 million years
  3. Inflows, such as head of Finnish Gulf with Neva mouth and head of Bosnian, gulf ,with close mouths of Rule, Tornio and Semi, the salinity is considerably lower.
  4. Sea are at their most pronounced in the shallow gulf . Geography The area of the, gulf ,is. The length (from the Hank Peninsula to Saint Petersburg) is and the
  5. Of the flute may help to explain" the probable behavioral and cognitive, gulf ,between" Neanderthals and early modern human. Was discovered in 2004,and two
  6. Rivers, especially from the Neva River (two thirds of the total runoff),the, gulf ,water has very low salinity – between 0.2 and 5.8 ‰ at the surface and 0.3–8.5
  7. The edge of the continental shelf such as the Mississippi alluvial fan in the, gulf ,of Mexico and the Nile alluvial fan in the Mediterranean Sea. A downside
  8. Era, the unemployment rate still hovers near 30 % and there remains a huge, gulf ,between actual and potential Gross Domestic Product. Global competitiveness The
  9. Gorky, Ino, Totleben, Kronshlot and others. The largest rivers flowing into the, gulf ,are Neva (from the east),Larva (from the south),and KYTI (from the north
  10. Close to 0 °C in winter; in summer, it is at the surface and at the bottom. The, gulf ,is usually frozen from late November to late April; the freezing starts in the
  11. Which nearly led to loss of life whilst trying to cross the notorious, gulf ,of Corryvreckan and gave him a soaking which was not good for his health. In
  12. Upon the service industry began to live more comfortably. This widened the, gulf ,between Cubans' material standards of living, in conflict with the Cuban
  13. To the west of the archipelago have a climate which is influenced by the moist, gulf ,stream. They are well vegetated even at low levels and have extensive tracts of
  14. Though not its claim),while gaining an unencumbered passage to the, gulf , The area making up today's northern and central Alabama, known as the Yahoo
  15. School of which a majority now can be found in North Africa and some Persian, gulf ,states. Imam Malik, whose real name was Abu Abdullah, Malik bin Ana's, was born
  16. Developed across the mouths of the Volta and smaller rivers that empty into the, gulf ,in the same area, forming numerous lagoons, some quite large, making road
  17. Are significantly higher than the southern ones. Flora and fauna Most of the, gulf ,coast is covered with taiga consisting of forests, meadows and marshes. The
  18. In the hilly region of Bikini and flows in a southerly direction to enter the, gulf ,just west of Axis. Small craft can navigate approximately eighty kilometers
  19. In Russia, where the river Neva drains into it. Other major cities around the, gulf ,include Helsinki and Tallinn. The eastern parts of the Gulf of Finland belong
  20. From 1700,nineteen artificial islands with fortresses were built in the, gulf ,by Russia. Their purpose was defense from attacks from water and their
  21. Gulf is relatively shallow with the depth decreasing from the entrance to the, gulf ,to the continent. The sharpest change occurs near Narva-Jõesuu, which is why
  22. Of 1942,Pius explained to his college of Cardinals the reasons for the great, gulf ,that existed between Jews and Christians at the theological level:" Jerusalem
  23. For help in reviving Christianity, in particular" to bridge the widening, gulf ,between modern science and the world of spirit. " Andrei Belt, Joseph Buys
  24. The gulf ends with Neva Bay and on the west merges with the Baltic Sea. The, gulf ,contains numerous banks, skerries and islands. The largest include Kotlin
  25. Shallow waters of the gulf include Russia and spiny naiad. Fish species of the, gulf ,include Atlantic salmon, viviparous eel pout, goby, belica, loach, European chub
  26. One of the main criticisms levelled at the Premier League is the increasing, gulf ,between the Premier League and the Football League. Since it's split with the
  27. To eutrophication of the area. Also worrying is expansion of oil ports in the, gulf ,The port of Ronstadt is currently serving as a transit point for the import in
  28. Sometimes observed on the shores; however, those species are very rare in the, gulf , Nevertheless, in 2008,the Federal Service of Saint Petersburg announced that
  29. Its islands. Later uplifting of the Baltic Shield skewed the surface of the, gulf ,; for this reason, its northern shores are significantly higher than the
  30. Ferries also leave regularly from Quiet L'Herminia on the west side of the, gulf ,for Porto Torres, Marseille,Toulon and Nice. A major road, Route N194,travels
  31. Of 1800 m to 2400 m (6000 to 8000 ft) are reached. Exactly at the head of the, gulf ,the great peak of the Cameroon, on a line of volcanic action continued by the
  32. Level of the Baltic Sea. Some 4,000 years ago the sea receded and shoals in the, gulf ,have become its islands. Later uplifting of the Baltic Shield skewed the
  33. Coast has redeveloped dramatically over the course of the 20th century. The, gulf ,coast is highly populated. The petrochemical industry, launched with the major
  34. To on the meridian of the island Mostly; in the Neva Bay, it decreases to. The, gulf ,is relatively shallow with the depth decreasing from the entrance to the gulf
  35. Northwest to Southeast Alaska and, to a lesser degree, towns along Alaska's, gulf ,coast. The population of Ketchikan may rise by over 10,000 people on many days
  36. Yellow waterlilies and acute sedge. Aquatic plants in the shallow waters of the, gulf ,include Russia and spiny naiad. Fish species of the gulf include Atlantic
  37. Other possible origin of name Balticum is the Gaelic language, as " be" means, gulf , It is a historical reality that CMR people (Galatians and Washes) lived
  38. But when Lyell wrote that it remained a profound mystery how the huge, gulf ,between man and beast could be bridged, Darwin wrote" Oh! " In the margin of
  39. In an unredeemed world that its redemption has been accomplished. This is a, gulf ,which no human power can bridge. Following the Holocaust, attempts have been
  40. Buckingham was assassinated. The public rejoicing at his death accentuated the, gulf ,between the court and the nation, and between the crown and the Commons.
  41. Difficult, such unreliable English words include angst, breadth,depth, fifth, gulf , kiln, oblige (its second syllable is stressed),mulcts, ninth,and twelfth.
  42. Forest. As one travels east toward the African coast, the influence of the, gulf ,stream diminishes, and the islands become increasingly arid. Fuerteventura and
  43. A coast which fronts the open ocean, as opposed to a more sheltered coast in a, gulf ,or bay. A shore, on the other hand, can refer to parts of the land which adjoin
  44. Is the Bay of Bosnia or Bosnian Bay. The more rounded southern basin of the, gulf ,is called Bothnian Sea and immediately to the south of it lies the Sea of Åland
  45. Water and floods. (see Floods in Saint Petersburg). The northern coast of the, gulf ,is high and winding, with abundant small bays and sherries only a few large
  46. There are abundant sandy dunes, with occasional pine trees. In the east,the, gulf ,ends with Neva Bay and on the west merges with the Baltic Sea. The gulf
  47. North). Gala, Pirita, Jägala, Kunda, Luga, Sista and Karachi flow into the, gulf ,from the south. From the north flow Sistra River, Porvoo, Vantaa and several
  48. Ranges. Almost flat and featureless, the Accra Plains descend gradually to the, gulf ,from a height of about 150 meters. The topography east of the city of Accra is
  49. Problems affecting the Baltic Sea are at their most pronounced in the shallow, gulf , Geography The area of the gulf is. The length (from the Hank Peninsula to
  50. Scythia. Clients, probably the Bay of Kiel, is described, and from there a, gulf ,called Lag nus, which is on the frontier of the Timbre. Its location is not

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