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  1. In the Wyoming Valley and at Cherry Valley in 1778 provoked Washington to, send ,the Sullivan Expedition into western New York during the summer of 1779. There
  2. War. The news aroused the 13 colonies to call out their militias and, send ,troops to besiege Boston. The Battle of Bunker Hill followed on June 17, 1775.
  3. By Volta, was the remotely operated pistol. He made use of a Laden jar to, send ,an electric current from Como to Milan (~50 km or ~30 miles),which in turn
  4. Say he wishes me to publish, but I shall, of course, at once write and offer to, send ,to any journal. " Distraught about the illness of his baby son, Darwin put the
  5. Ship eventually comes to a stop again when not thrusting. The player can also, send ,their ship into hyperspace, causing it to disappear and reappear in a random
  6. A certified e-mail system called Good mail, which will allow companies to, send ,email to users with whom they have pre-existing business relationships, with a
  7. Org./IN"> pl"/> In 1943,the" Kampfgruppe Auschwitz" was organized with the aim to, send ,out as much information about what was happening in Auschwitz as possible. They
  8. Called for citizens who knew anything about the founding of baseball to, send ,in letters. After three years of searching, on December 30, 1907,Spalding
  9. Meet in Metz, France,and come to an agreement wherein the Russian church would, send ,observers to the Second Vatican Council and in exchange, the Roman Catholic
  10. Following James Madison's recommendation, invited all the states to, send ,delegates to Annapolis, Maryland to discuss ways to reduce these interstate
  11. McClellan resisted General-in-Chief Halleck's orders to, send ,reinforcements to John Pope's Union Army of Virginia, which made it easier for
  12. Que l'original but impossible, outside the rules. Instead, she suggested he, send ,a number of works for her loan exhibition of French art from American
  13. In response to South Carolina's nullification claim, Jackson vowed to, send ,troops to South Carolina to enforce the laws. In December 1832,he issued a
  14. Virginia),which had repeatedly rejected Confederate overtures, now refused to, send ,forces against their neighbors, declared their secession, and joined the
  15. Of his feud with Agamemnon. In Book 9,Agamemnon and the other Mycenaean chiefs, send ,Ajax, Odysseus and Phoenix to the tent of Achilles in an attempt to reconcile
  16. S successor Zara Yacob in 1450,in which he wrote that he would be happy to, send ,artisans to Ethiopia if their safe arrival could be guaranteed, but it probably
  17. Then was to starve the Bush into submission, but this allowed the king time to, send ,assistance with his mobile field army or garrisons from neighboring Burns. In
  18. Had contracted with inventors Thomas Edison and Elisha Gray to find a way to, send ,multiple telegraph messages on each telegraph line to avoid the great cost of
  19. Churchill, try to seize power, the utopians simply point a ray gun at them and, send ,them on to someone else's universe. Wells describes a multiverse of
  20. And performing out-of-band status queries. It also allowed the server to, send ,asynchronous attention messages to the client. Applejack Transaction Protocol
  21. Dimapur. The shah's ambassador to Dimapur visited Albuquerque inviting him to, send ,back an envoy to Persia. Miguel Ferreira was sent via Hormuz to Tabriz, were he
  22. With a power adapter. It provides data transfer at 2400 bit/s, and can also, send ,and receive fax messages at 9600 and 4800 bit/s respectively. Power options The
  23. A maximally entangled Bell state are distributed to Alice and Bob. Alice could, send ,bits to Bob in the following way: If Alice wishes to transmit a" 0 ", she
  24. In Kosovo and Afghanistan. There are also debates within the government to, send ,peacekeepers to Lebanon since there are many Armenians living
  25. Slander. The distributors had used Amway's Amos voice messaging service to, send ,the rumor to their downline distributors in April 1995. After more than a
  26. First shot; they did just that. " On April 15,Lincoln called on the states to, send ,detachments totaling 75,000 troops to recapture forts, protect Washington’D.
  27. Or" vacate" ) the whole decision or any part of it. It may, in addition, send ,the case back (" remand" or" remit" ) to the lower court for further
  28. With binary coded decimal. However, it would require all data transmission to, send ,eight bits when seven could suffice. The committee voted to use a seven-bit
  29. Manipulate probability. *Lords: A character who has mastered the Lords can, send ,out Lords tendrils and pull themselves or objects through shadow.
  30. The unique ring homomorphism from Z to A is determined by the fact that it must, send ,1 to the identity in A. Therefore rings and Z-algebras are equivalent concepts
  31. Hagar or Ishmael. When the teenager was jesting around, Sarah told Abraham to, send ,the two of them away. She declared that Ishmael would not share in Isaac's
  32. The morning of 19 December, when,being so weak, she declared:" if you will, send ,for a doctor, I will see him now ". It was far too late. At about two o'clock
  33. And powerful Syrian opponents made this situation unstable, leading Rome to, send ,forces to secure the country as a province of its empire. Roman Period Egypt
  34. Above average. He often used his hard slice serve in the deuce service box to, send ,his opponent off the court, followed by a shot to the opposite corner. Agassi
  35. Engine to return the CM to Earth, thus demonstrating the Saturn V's ability to, send ,the Apollo craft to the Moon, and a direct return-to-Earth abort capability.
  36. Then waste the Saturn V on another simple Earth-orbiting mission, they chose to, send ,the crew planned to make the second orbital LM test in Apollo 9,to orbit the
  37. Ajax, despite their sacrifices Athena is so angry that she persuades Zeus to, send ,a storm that sinks many of their ships. When Ajax finally leaves Troy, Athena
  38. Was opened, each end sent the other an ATP request which basically meant ", send ,me more data ". The client's response to the server was to send a block of
  39. NASA loses contact with the Mars Observer spacecraft. *2001 – NATO decides to, send ,a peace-keeping force to the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. * 2001 –
  40. Capitulation. Northerners rallied behind Lincoln's call for all the states to, send ,troops to recapture the forts and to preserve the Union
  41. His ordinary advisers, Alexander ordered the Minister of the Interior to, send ,a circular to the provincial governors of European Russia, containing a copy of
  42. Meant" send me more data ". The client's response to the server was to, send ,a block of PostScript code, while the server could respond with any diagnostic
  43. Throughout the conflict, apart from small German states that were willing to, send ,troops (" Hessians" ) to do much of the fighting. The Americans had a large
  44. And since he was already engaged in a romantic affair with her, he decided to, send ,Octavia back to Rome. Octavian used this to spread propaganda implying that
  45. The Ainu held such ceremonies there as" locate," a ceremony to, send ,the spirit of a bear to the gods. Life of Ainu The Ainu people had various
  46. Inaw (singular) and NASA (plural). They are placed on an altar used to ", send ,back" the spirits of killed animals. Ainu ceremonies for send ing back bears
  47. Scrutinized for a Control-D character (ASCII 4),which BASIC programs would, send ,before seemingly Printing a disk command to get DOS's attention (the disk
  48. Arranged to have transcribed onto 1,100 typewritten pages. He was also able to, send ,letters and financial instructions, and to obtain writing paper and letters
  49. The struggle against the growing activity of al-Qaeda in Yemen, and promised to, send ,additional aid. Because of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the U. S. is
  50. Came to power and Parliament debated whether to repeal the stamp tax or, send ,an army to enforce it. Benjamin Franklin made the case for repeal, explaining

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