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  1. At one time getting up to a top speed of 11 miles per hour (18 kilometers per, hour ,), which still stands as the record speed for any wheeled vehicle on the Moon (
  2. And docking with the LM Antares. Repeated attempts to dock went on for 1, hour , and 42 minutes, until it was suggested that pilot Rosa hold Kitty Hawk against
  3. A day, and also features news and sports updates at the top and bottom of every, hour , W7ASU is an amateur radio station that was first organized in 1935. W7ASU has
  4. Their chief meal in a common refectory or dining hall at 3 P. M., up to which, hour ,they usually fasted. They ate in silence, with hoods so drawn over their faces
  5. Had left on the lunar surface registered the vibrations for more than an, hour , The crew stayed an extra day in lunar orbit taking photographs, for a total
  6. Used. Such an agency has the grim task of saving civilization every day, every, hour , with patrol members—depicted most notably in Paul Anderson's" Time
  7. 2004 message was much more vehement than usual in this speech, lasting over an, hour , In the past, Alneda. Com and Jihad. Net were perhaps the most significant
  8. Increasing production by eight to one (requiring 12.5 man- hour s before,1, hour ,33 minutes after),while using less manpower. Because workers have to stand in
  9. Crash. Almost all the successful rescues of survivors occurred within half an, hour ,of the impact. Initially, rescue efforts were led by the military and civilian
  10. The (derived) unit of angular measurement in the SI system. *The astronomical, hour ,angle is 1/24 of a turn. Since this system is amenable to measuring objects
  11. Making it the best funded health care system per-capita in Canada. Every, hour ,more than $1.5 million is spent on health care in the province. A highly
  12. Allowable concentrations (Macs): continuous exposure (60 days): 25 ppm / 1, hour , : 400 ppm Ammonia vapor has a sharp, irritating,pungent odor that acts as a
  13. Show in Sweden. This TV performance, amongst many others, is included in the 3½, hour , documentary Frida - The DVD. Gangsta released several singles on EMI and had
  14. Later Russia. *1996 – Whitewater controversy: President Bill Clinton gives a 4½, hour , videotaped testimony for the defense. * 1996 – In Tasmania, Australia,Martin
  15. Create by the next six weeks. " While in Moscow, Crowley would see Any for an, hour ,and then he would write poetry. During this summer in Moscow, Crowley would
  16. And was a setback for the labor movement and the struggle for the eight, hour ,day. In 1890 a second attempt, this time international in scope, to organize
  17. Novel Uncle Tom's Cabin. Three verses were emblematically sung by Tom in his, hour ,of the deepest crisis. He sings the sixth and fifth verses in that order, and Stowe
  18. Motivations of himself and his fellow conspirators. At the end of Galt's 3, hour , speech,he expresses admiration for the man, as he says what he means. Despite
  19. September 9,1919,the HD-4 set a world marine speed record of 70.86 miles per, hour ,(114.04 km/h),a record which stood for ten years. Aeronautics In 1891,Bell
  20. Respectively. Eleftherios Denizens accommodates 65 landings and take-offs per, hour , Of those 16,538,390 passengers,5,955,387 passed through the airport for
  21. Out a cone as it rotated. The crew had to make minor adjustments every half, hour ,as the cone pattern got larger and larger. The first mid-course correction came
  22. Known as" barbecue" roll. PTC involved the spacecraft rotating about once per, hour ,along its long axis to ensure even heat distribution across the surface of the
  23. May Alcott was born on her father's birthday, November 29, 1832,at a half, hour ,past midnight. Bronson described her as" a very fine healthful child, much
  24. She takes up the sport just so she can be with Adonis. They spend every waking, hour ,with one another, and Aphrodite is enraptured with him. However, her anxiety
  25. Mistake Basin. The Haudenosaunee Thanksgiving Address, which can take an, hour ,to recite, directs thanks towards every being - plant, animal and other. *The
  26. 27 aircraft simultaneously and is capable of processing 3,000 passengers per, hour , Unusually for a major city, it is located only seven kilometers (4.4 mi)
  27. Accelerating the spacecraft to a speed of approximately 6,000 miles per, hour ,(2.68 km/s). * An S-II second stage, powered by five of the J-2 engines used
  28. A second attempt, this time international in scope, to organize for the eight, hour ,day was made. The event also had the secondary purpose of memorializing workers
  29. Mississippi River in Minneapolis, Minnesota,collapses during the evening rush, hour , Births *1377 – Emperor Go-Komatsu of Japan (d. 1433) *1545 – Andrew Melville
  30. Time the mission flew, the crew had spent seven hour s training for every actual, hour ,of flight. Although all crew members were trained in all aspects of the mission
  31. In the early fighting at the Battle of Gettysburg. Gettysburg was his finest, hour , but his relief by Maj. Gen. George G. Meade caused lasting enmity between the
  32. Of which mix prototypes and GTS. The CCA World Challenge consists of a one, hour ,race for each round, combining three classes: GT (Chevrolet Corvette, Aston
  33. Turing played a game in which he simulated the computer, taking about half an, hour ,per move. The game was recorded. The program lost to Turing's colleague Alice
  34. And Max Refer systematically. It became his custom to play during the lunch, hour ,and on Sunday afternoons. Schweitzer's pedal piano was still in use at
  35. Of twenty to forty private lessons which may last from thirty minutes to an, hour , Its principles have also been adapted to be taught in groups and workshops.
  36. Initially, the prisoners were kept in solitary confinement for all but half an, hour ,a day, and were not permitted to address each other or their guards. As time
  37. Not properly equipped or trained to deal with the hazards. It took about an, hour ,for the ICS structure to become fully operational. Firefighters from Fort Mayer
  38. Another coup d'état, he suspended (March 1903) the constitution for half an, hour , time enough to publish the decrees by which the old senators and councillors
  39. Camp, and were on the march in a pounding rainstorm. They did not dawdle at the, hour ,of decision but attacked quickly, using a massive series of short, rapid
  40. Approximately six minutes, taking the spacecraft to a speed of 15,300 miles per, hour ,(6.84 km/s) and an altitude of about 115
  41. Solo albums she recorded for the Polar Label. Included is also the 3 and a half, hour ,documentary Frida - The DVD. On this DVD, which covers her entire singing
  42. The leak without awaking the crew. Scott and Irwin were eventually awakened an, hour ,ahead of schedule, and the source of the leak was determined to be an open
  43. Some may suggest that it is probably advisable to use mouthwash at least an, hour ,after brushing with toothpaste when the toothpaste contains sodium Laurel
  44. The lunar rover, Young at one time getting up to a top speed of 11 miles per, hour ,(18 kilometers per hour ),which still stands as the record speed for any
  45. Are distinct from, and 15 times larger than, minutes and seconds of arc. 1, hour ,15° π/12 rad 1/6 quad. 1/24 turn ≈ 16.667 grad. *The point, used in navigation
  46. Distinguish the stars. By seven hour s into the mission, the crew was about one, hour ,and 40 minutes behind flight plan due to the issues of moving away from the
  47. And another mate tied themselves to it to keep from being washed over. After an, hour ,'s rest, an exhausted Newton returned to the deck to steer for the next eleven
  48. And pure, and know not any stain;: And be our hearts, from this thy holy, hour ,: Bound each to each, like flower to wedded flower. In Ancient Greece, the
  49. And intoned the opening word," Murder! " (" Shit tr! "). A quarter of an, hour ,of pandemonium ensued: outraged cries, booing,and whistling by the offended
  50. Australian unit of alcohol, or about 95 % of a UK unit of alcohol, in about one, hour ,. Formulae The number of units of alcohol in a drink can be determined by

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