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  1. Is made along the side of a cone, the side surface can be flattened out into a, sector ,of a circle, and the resulting area computed. The formula for the surface area
  2. 3½" floppy disk drive,360 KB capacity when formatted to standard 9, sector , 80 track layouts. *Ports: TV out (on ST-M and ST-FM models, NTSC or PAL
  3. Some of which will be sold off (or have already been sold off) to the private, sector , while other facilities are still in use just as during the Olympics, or have
  4. Alberta Institute of Technology. There is also a large and active private, sector ,of post-secondary institutions, mostly Christian Universities, bringing the
  5. Stability in 2002,mainly thanks to the fast-rising earnings of the oil, sector , Angola faces huge social and economic problems. These are in part a result of
  6. 8,000 (2007 est. ) country comparison to the world: 120 GDP - composition by, sector ,: agriculture: NA % industry: NA % services: NA % (2002) Labor Force: 17,630 (
  7. Strategy was made for 2002–2005. Far-reaching reforms of the banking, sector ,are conducted in the country. The main challenges are due to the slow
  8. Tank would go below half full. An emergency battery was also added to another, sector ,in the service module. In June 1970,the
  9. Of its soil. 14 percent of its labor force are employed in the agricultural, sector , About 90 percent of Algerians live in the northern, coastal area; the minority
  10. That the economy of Anguilla was expanding rapidly, especially the tourism, sector ,which was driving major new developments in partnerships with multinational
  11. The country one of the fastest growing economies in the world. But the banking, sector ,of Azerbaijan has yet to tap the vast growth potential that should be
  12. Ministry of Finance is focusing on improved revenue collection and public, sector ,expenditure discipline. For example, government revenues increased 31 % to $1.7
  13. Including those who work for them, the feudal France agriculture was the only, sector ,important to maintain the society. As English distribution of income differed
  14. S failure to eliminate widespread corruption and mismanagement in the energy, sector ,– abuses that cost Armenia at least $50 million in losses each year, according
  15. The South-North corridor, highlights the strategic importance of transportation, sector ,for the country’s economy. The transport sector in the country includes roads
  16. Timber and wood products. There is also a growing service and tourism, sector , Tourists have contributed to the economy by supporting local lodging. Energy
  17. The rubber stop block at the end of the rail – and read and execute code from, sector ,0. The code contained in there would then pull in the rest of the operating
  18. Resources, including sandstone and limestone. It had a productive agricultural, sector ,and occupied a vital place along the King's Highway, the ancient trade route
  19. But corruption and public- sector mismanagement remain, particularly in the oil, sector , which accounts for over 50 percent of GDP, over 90 percent of export revenue
  20. Declined to 30 % and by 1998,22.2 %. Market concentration has increased in the, sector ,as well, with the top 20 food manufacturers accounting for half the
  21. The Countermeasure, which drastically alters the local physics in that, sector ,of the galaxy. This shifts the surrounding area into the" Slow Zone" ( where
  22. Old Soviet central planning system, Armenia had developed a modern industrial, sector , supplying machine tools, textiles,and other manufactured goods to sister
  23. To the US dollar at US$1 = EC$2.68. The economyand especially the tourism, sector , suffered a setback in late 1995 due to the effects of Hurricane Luis in
  24. Outwards, as a popular myth has it. The canal construction in the southern, sector ,was completed by 1656. Subsequently, the construction of residential buildings
  25. S actions: In political life, there is a responsibility for a man's own, sector , For that he is of course fully responsible. But beyond that there is a
  26. The economy by attracting foreign and domestic investment outside the energy, sector ,have had little success in reducing high unemployment and improving living
  27. Region are related to environmental problems. Policies to encourage private, sector ,investment in Environmental Markets are now in force across the region. These
  28. Of the bow, and the heart-wood to the compression on the belly. Hence, a limb, sector ,of yew wood shows the narrow, light-coloured sap-wood on the 'straight' part
  29. Processing was the dominant industry in Aruba despite expansion of the tourism, sector , Today, the influence of the oil processing business is minimal. The size of
  30. 1991. The U. S. Government has invested USD $4 billion in Angola's petroleum, sector , Diamonds Angola is the third-largest producer of diamonds in Africa and has
  31. At Metaphor. Continued Russian financial difficulties have hurt the trade, sector ,especially, but have been offset by international aid, domestic restructuring
  32. To partition the circle into sector s, as shown in the figure to the right. Each, sector ,is approximately triangular, and the sector s can be rearranged to form
  33. The media on which their software shipped by changing the low-level, sector ,format or stepping the drive's head between the tracks; inevitably, other
  34. In agriculture. The services sector has overtaken agriculture as the economic, sector ,employing the most people worldwide. Despite the size of its workforce
  35. Heliport. The country has also been making progress in developing its telecoms, sector , Nonetheless, it still faces problems. These include poor infrastructure and an
  36. Trade. Tuna fishing and processing plants are the backbone of the private, sector , with canned tuna being the primary export. Transfers from the U. S. federal
  37. The Kelham Berufsschule has had a campus in Babelsberg, and outside the state, sector ,is the St. Francis Vocational Training Center, run by a Catholic youth
  38. Practitioner of physical force. That is, it forcibly prevents the private, sector ,from providing comprehensive security, such as a police, judicial,and prison
  39. Limited transportation, and its devastating hurricanes. Tourism, a developing, sector , may be held back by the current financial difficulties in East Asia. Numbers
  40. Agencies, including government-owned and controlled corporations, private, sector , schools, civil society groups and the citizenry in tree planting activity and
  41. For about 11 percent of greenhouse gases emitted by the U. S. transportation, sector , Boeing estimates that biofuels could reduce flight-related greenhouse-gas
  42. From the large agro-industrial complexes of the Soviet era. The agricultural, sector ,has long-term needs for more investment and updated technology. The
  43. One third of the world's workers were employed in agriculture. The services, sector ,have overtaken agriculture as the economic sector employing the most people
  44. But also less diversified, as a result of slow investment in non-oil, sector , With a history of industrial development of more than 100 years, Azerbaijan
  45. Investment. Economic ties with Russia remain close, especially in the energy, sector , The government made some improvements in tax and customs administration in
  46. The national average of 19.8 %. Economy South Australia's largest employment, sector ,is health care and social assistance, surpassing manufacturing in SA as the
  47. Importance of transportation sector for the country’s economy. The transport, sector ,in the country includes roads, railways,aviation, and maritime transport.
  48. Country comparison to the world: 22 GDP (per capita): $6,400 (2008) GDP by, sector ,Agriculture: 17.2 % Industry: 36.4 % Services: 46.4 % Unemployment: 7.1 % (
  49. Portuguese entrepreneurs. Similar developments can be verified in the service, sector , Overall,Angola's economy has undergone a period of transformation in recent
  50. Include coal, bauxite,copper and iron ore. Agriculture is the most significant, sector , employing some 58 % of the labor force and generating about 21 % of GDP.

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