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  1. High radioactivity. Below, hydrogen is included for comparison. Hydrogen The, element ,hydrogen, with its solitary one electron per atom, is usually placed at the top
  2. Trace amounts in uranium and thorium minerals. This makes it the second rarest, element ,in the crust after astatine. Which are then isolated by the magneto-optical
  3. Of the isotope. However, given that ununpentium is only the first period 8, element , on the extended periodic table, it may well be discovered in the near future.
  4. Non-empty sets, there exists at least one set C that contains exactly one, element ,in common with each of the sets in X. Another equivalent axiom only considers
  5. Active, ensouling masculine element bringing life to an inert, passive female, element , On these grounds, Aristotle is considered by some feminist critics to have
  6. The chemical properties of an element ; and it is for this reason that an, element ,can be defined as consisting of any mixture of atoms with a given atomic number
  7. Were at least three erroneous and incomplete discoveries. Eka-francium The next, element ,below francium is expected to be ununpentium (Due), element 119,although this
  8. Judicial and executive branches of power, and a monarch as an impartial, element ,able to practice justice (in a practical and everyday sense, not a
  9. Of underlying constants. Physics The five element s Aristotle proposed a fifth, element , either, in addition to the four proposed earlier by Empedocles. *Earth, which
  10. Sorting the list (the expensive portion) and then pulling out the middle, element ,in the sorted list (the cheap portion). This technique is also known as
  11. In an atom was exactly equal to its place in the periodic table (also known as, element ,number, atomic number, and symbolized Z). This proved eventually to be the
  12. Is present in the human body at about 0.14 %. *Potassium is also an essential, element ,for survival as its cation, K+, is essential for nerve and heart function.
  13. Soda niter, and zeolite. Potassium does not occur as the free, element ,in nature due to its reactivity but, in compounds, makes up 1.5 % of the weight
  14. Every time a given set appears as factor, and such element s correspond to an, element ,of the Cartesian product of all distinct sets in the family. The axiom of
  15. On the mainstream perception of alchemy, his approach becoming a stock, element ,in many popular texts on the subject to this day. Modern scholars are sometimes
  16. Laboratory of the chemist Jobs Jakob Berzelius, detected the presence of a new, element ,while analyzing petalite ore. This element formed compounds similar to those of
  17. And uncertainty in the numbering of all element s at least from lutetium (, element ,71) onwards (hafnium was not known at this time). In 1911,Ernest Rutherford
  18. As coprecipitating with cesium salts),which led Peary to believe that it was, element ,87,caused by the alpha decay of actinium-227. Peary then attempted to
  19. Lower period 8 element s are physically possible. Regardless of what the next, element ,below francium actually is, it will still be known as eka-francium, as it is
  20. The next element below francium is expected to be ununpentium (Due), element ,119,although this is not certain. The synthesis of ununpentium was attempted in
  21. Rather than simply locally optimal ones, the idea being that the random, element ,will be decreased as the algorithm settles down to a solution. Approximation
  22. Eka-francium Ununpentium has not been discovered as of. *Sodium is an essential, element ,for survival as its cation, Na+, is important for nerve function. Sodium is
  23. Derived from the Latin word Cassius, meaning sky-blue. Cesium was the first, element ,to be discovered spectroscopically, only one year after the invention of the
  24. 25 % off the figure for the atomic number in gold (Z 79,A 197),the single, element ,from which Rutherford made his guess). Nevertheless, in spite of Rutherford's
  25. Only four element s: earth, air,water, and fire. According to Aristotle, each, element , had a sphere to which it belonged and to which it would return if left
  26. Drugs, compounds,and medicines, many of which have mercury as their core, element , Its principles restored the health of those who were ill beyond hope and gave
  27. A collection X of nonempty sets, such that for every set s in X, f (s) is an, element ,of s. With this concept, the axiom can be stated:: For any set X of nonempty
  28. From the principles of quantum mechanics. The number of electrons in each, element ,'s electron shells, particularly the outermost valence shell, is the primary
  29. Swift's essay follows the rules and structure of Latin satires. The satirical, element ,of the pamphlet is often only understood after the reader notes the allusions
  30. Arabic, when treated with various transformations, held correspondences to the, element ,'s physical properties. The element al system used in medieval alchemy also
  31. Aristotle's analysis of procreation describes an active, ensouling masculine, element ,bringing life to an inert, passive female element . On these grounds, Aristotle
  32. Rain falls and flame rises. Outside all the other spheres, the heavenly, fifth, element , manifested in the stars and planets, moves in the perfection of circles.
  33. About ate mi are attributed to Morita Yeshiva, who considered them an essential, element ,of technique. Weapons training in aikido traditionally includes the
  34. Sensitivity of the experiment to the required level, due to the rarity of the, element , and extreme rarity of the isotope. However, given that ununpentium is only the
  35. It is the atomic number alone that determines the chemical properties of an, element ,; and it is for this reason that an element can be defined as consisting of any
  36. Represented by the symbol Z. The atomic number uniquely identifies a chemical, element , In an atom of neutral charge, the atomic number is also equal to the number of
  37. However, one can focus on element s of such a product that select the same, element ,every time a given set appears as factor, and such element s correspond to an
  38. The high economic growth. Still the banking system is considered an important, element ,of financial system of Azerbaijan. An advanced two-stepped banking system
  39. In the Content-Type header of some MIME messages, in the equivalent" meta ", element ,of some HTML documents, and in the encoding declaration part of the prologue of
  40. The pure actinium-227. Various tests eliminated the possibility of the unknown, element ,being thorium, radium,lead, bismuth,or thallium. The new product exhibited
  41. Comes from the German word (atomic number). Chemical properties Each, element ,has a specific set of chemical properties as a consequence of the number of
  42. Mixture of isotopes, and the average atomic mass of this mixture determines the, element ,'s atomic weight. The conventional symbol Z presumably comes from the German
  43. Rutherford's estimation that gold had a central charge of about 100 (but was, element ,Z = 79 on the periodic table),a month after Rutherford's paper appeared
  44. Under five seconds before they broke apart. More recently, reports of table-top, element ,transmutation—by means of electrolysis or sonic cavitation—were the pivot of
  45. Laboratory, up to and including human life. He analyzed each Aristotelian, element ,in terms of four basic qualities of hotness, coldness,dryness, and moistness.
  46. 1.5 % of the weight of Earth's crust and is the seventh-most-abundant chemical, element , Rubidium is roughly as abundant as zinc and rather more common than
  47. For the Tolstibogii tribe. The city was then known as Ankara. The Celtic, element ,was probably relatively small in numbers; a warrior aristocracy which ruled
  48. Detected the presence of a new element while analyzing petalite ore. This, element ,formed compounds similar to those of sodium and potassium, though its carbonate
  49. Choice function. Each choice function on a collection X of nonempty sets is an, element ,of the Cartesian product of the sets in X. This is not the most general
  50. Atomic numbers of the target and ion element s equals the atomic number of the, element ,being created. In general, the half-life becomes shorter as atomic number

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