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  1. With temperature from about 2 ohm·cm at liquid helium to 69 ohm·cm at, room ,temperature; this behavior is similar to that of neptunium, uranium,thorium
  2. Collectivism and individual possession of the leased land. His pragmatism left, room ,even for private peasant ownership, despite his Marxism. Australia In Australia
  3. And curium which show a rapid rise up to 60 K followed by saturation. The, room ,temperature value for americium is lower than that of neptunium, plutonium and
  4. With electricity to convey sound and later installed a telegraph wire from his, room ,in Somerset College to that of a friend. Throughout late 1867,his health
  5. Of footage in the can. After watching the rushes, I usually go to the editing, room ,and work. ” Because of this practice of editing as he went along, the
  6. Turkey, the southern terminus of the railway. The hotel maintains Christie's, room ,as a memorial to the author. The Greenway Estate in Devon, acquired by the
  7. Was for teacher and student to continue their work together with free, room ,and board thrown in. Mabel was a bright, attractive girl who was ten years his
  8. Requirements---the refectory for eating, the dormitory for sleeping, the common, room ,for social intercourse, the chapter-house for religious and disciplinary
  9. Scholars. * In the early 1960s Stanford University named the sole lecture, room ,of the Poly Hall Mathematics building" Alan Turing Auditorium ". *One of the
  10. Of americium changes with pressure and temperature. When compressed at, room ,temperature to 5 GPA, α-Am transforms to the β modification, which has a
  11. 3: After prison Barred from returning home (his parents are now renting his, room ,to a lodger),the defenseless Alex wanders the streets and accidentally
  12. On 20 March began performing ritual invocations of the god Horus in his rented, room , It was after this invocation that Rose, or as he now referred to her, Ouarda
  13. Consulting room and operating theater) and with a dispensary and sterilizing, room ,in spaces below the broad eaves. The waiting room and dormitory (42 by 20 feet
  14. Punk band The Clash. Attendance to his poetry readings was generally standing, room ,only for most of his career, no matter where in the world he appeared. Ginsberg
  15. A place to stay at nearby Salem with Georgie's grandmother, complete with a, room ,to" experiment ". Although the offer was made by George's mother and followed
  16. Benedict charged them to invite their monks to their table, provided there was, room , on which occasions the guests were to abstain from quarrels, slanderous talk
  17. Their first hospital of corrugated iron, with two 13-foot room s (consulting, room ,and operating theater) and with a dispensary and sterilizing room in spaces
  18. Recorded words are" Cher AMI! ", spoken to Hastings as the Captain left his, room , Poirot is buried at Styles, and his funeral is arranged by his best friend
  19. At about 16 ohm·cm after 140 hours. This effect is less pronounced at, room ,temperature, due to annihilation of radiation defects; also heating to room
  20. Has all the typical features of a classical Roman bath: a Frigidaire (cold, room ,), tepidarium (warm room ) and calcium (hot room ). The bath was built
  21. A dispensary and sterilizing room in spaces below the broad eaves. The waiting, room ,and dormitory (42 by 20 feet),were built like native huts, of unhook logs
  22. The liquid transmitter, Watson,listening at the receiving end in an adjoining, room , heard the words clearly. Although Bell was, and still is, accused of stealing
  23. That the sight had no effect on him, other than to cause him to avoid that, room , When Hitler deprecated Werner March's design for the Olympic Stadium for the
  24. At room temperature, due to annihilation of radiation defects; also heating to, room ,temperature the sample which was kept for hours at low temperatures restores
  25. A presentation in which burglar alarms would go off when entering the, room , Warhol's cooperation with the musicians of The Velvet Underground was driven
  26. Have been some notable cases regarding the ADA. For example, two major hotel, room ,marketers (Expedia. Com and Hotels. Com) with their business presence on the
  27. Mr W. H." who worked at the house, in which Crowley dies pacing in his living, room , Crowley claimed the following Masonic degrees: *33° of the Scottish Rite in
  28. Is an eccentric figure, silent and secretive, who tries to hang himself in his, room , Afterwards, he does not want to be interviewed by the police, since he has
  29. José Santiago, who do not belong to the camp of literary idealism. There was, room ,for interpretation by the bodies he had named for deciding on the physical
  30. Medical personnel held a conference using an unoccupied second floor control, room ,(there were two identical control room s in Houston on the second and third
  31. Less electronegative than tellurium or arsenic. Antimony is stable in air at, room ,temperature but reacts with oxygen if heated to form antimony trioxide,Sb2O3.
  32. The trivialize is heated with aluminum. The composition Ali is unstable at, room ,temperature with respect to the trioxide: Such materials quickly
  33. Started to come to her, and she wrote them down upon returning to her hotel, room ,at the original Antlers Hotel. The poem was initially published two years later
  34. In his head all the information about all shots filmed, and if, in the editing, room , he asked for a piece of film, and she handed him the wrong one, he would
  35. Was that of the Lemuria. In Tirol, cakes are left for them on the table and the, room ,kept warm for their comfort. In Brittany, people flock to the cemeteries at
  36. Sometimes he is sociable, but at other times he shuts himself up in his, room , Eventually, he loses his mental balance and shoots at random at people on the
  37. And cared for no possessions; therefore they built their church like a long, room , The Premonstratension order still exists and a small group of these Chan ones
  38. Small video camera is used to show the procedure on a monitor in the operating, room , The surgeon manipulates instruments within the abdominal cavity to perform
  39. Of the total beds available and 41 % of the overnight stays in Amsterdam. The, room ,occupation rate was 78 % in 2006,up from 70 % in 2005. The majority of
  40. Argon is inert under most conditions and forms no confirmed stable compounds at, room ,temperature. Although argon is a noble gas, it has been found to have the
  41. A case Poirot has the habit of collecting all people involved into a single, room ,and explaining to them the reasoning that led him to the solution, and revealing
  42. Fluorite) crystal structure. The oxalate of americium (III),vacuum dried at, room ,temperature, has the chemical formula Am2 (C2O4)3·7H2O. Upon heating in vacuum
  43. Alkene is formed. Tertiary alcohols eliminate easily at just above, room ,temperature, but primary alcohols require a higher temperature. This is a
  44. Stood four or five stories tall, with single-story room s facing the plaza;, room ,blocks were terraced to allow the tallest sections to compose the pueblo's
  45. Of a classical Roman bath: a Frigidaire (cold room ),terrarium (warm, room ,) and calcium (hot room ). The bath was built during the reign of Emperor
  46. Above themselves and were able to accurately recount what had happened in the, room ,even though their bodily eyes were closed. Investigation of the afterlife also
  47. Whereas only AsF5 is the main pentahalide. Arsenic pentafluoride is stable at, room ,temperature, whereas the pentachloride is stable only below −50 °C. Acrylic
  48. 8-bit,relatives of ASCII, with the 128 additional characters providing, room ,to avoid most of the ambiguity that had been necessary in 7-bit codes. For
  49. Reagents such as sodium borohydride. Sabine decomposes spontaneously at, room ,temperature. Because Sabine is thermodynamically unstable (positive heat of
  50. Bath: a Frigidaire (cold room ),terrarium (warm room ) and calcium (hot, room ,). The bath was built during the reign of Emperor Caracalla in the 3rd century

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