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  1. Considered part of the set of seven mechanical arts. Modern era image of the, above ,farms. To the untrained eye, this image appears a hodgepodge of colors
  2. Soul). They believed in the four elements and the four qualities as described, above , and they had a strong tradition of cloaking their written ideas in a labyrinth
  3. Africa, and this certainly applies to its use in everyday life. Moreover, and, above , all,the proportion of native (or near native) speakers of the official
  4. Hydrogen rarely acts like an alkali metal, as can be seen from the data, above , In fact, it is sometimes placed over lithium (due to its electron
  5. Rather than just to respond to a detected crisis. Using one of the examples, above , gas sensors for people with dementia can be used to trigger a device that
  6. Grew 18 % in 2005 and growth was expected to reach 26 % in 2006 and stay, above ,10 % for the rest of the decade. Chevron Texaco started pumping from Block 14 in
  7. At the corners on a layer of adobe mortar. Adobe walls usually never rise, above ,two stories because they are load bearing and have low structural strength.
  8. Particles settle out first, so gravel will be on the bottom, sand above , silt, above , that and very fine clay and organic matter will stay in suspension for days.
  9. Improved statistical analysis, and precision farming. Balancing these, as, above , are the natural and human sciences of agricultural science that seek to
  10. And family stress, and are often a focus of clinical attention over and, above ,the primary ASD diagnosis. History A few examples of autistic symptoms and
  11. Heavier particles settle out first, so gravel will be on the bottom, sand, above , silt above that and very fine clay and organic matter will stay in suspension
  12. Minutes before they hit the top of the atmosphere, the crew saw the Moon rising, above ,the Earth's horizon, just as had been predicted by the trajectory specialists.
  13. As" second-handers"—those who attempt to live through others, placing others, above ,self. It was rejected by twelve publishers before finally being accepted by the
  14. Reference database Amphibian Species of the World. The numbers of species cited, above ,follow Frost. Respiration The lungs in amphibians are primitive compared to
  15. Theological schools within Catholicism, in coining the word Altruism, as stated, above , Many biblical authors draw a strong connection between love of others and love
  16. At mean sea level (the gelid). Because the clocks had been on average well, above ,sea level, this meant that TAI slowed down, by about 10−12. The former
  17. The bottom of the ridge is three times as deep and of course several peaks rise, above ,the water and form islands. The South Atlantic Ocean has an additional
  18. Door openings, a lintel is placed on top of the opening to support the bricks, above , Within the last courses of brick, bond beams are laid across the top of the
  19. Study of 68 adults who were diagnosed before 1980 as autistic children with IQ, above ,50 found that 12 % achieved a high level of independence as adults,10 % had
  20. Process to make sure that the design is accessible and usable. In the example, above , a voice message could be used to remind the person with dementia to turn off
  21. Substances. The acid dissociation constant (PKA) values of all alkanes are, above ,60,hence they are practically inert to acids and bases (see: carbon acids).
  22. Did not settle in their original" habitat ", but in the cities—and again, above ,all in Luanda. As a consequence, more than half the population is now living in
  23. Transmission from the Columbia. A diver from the Navy helicopter hovering, above ,attached a sea anchor to the command module to prevent it from drifting.
  24. 2009 US study found the average age of formal ASD diagnosis was 5.7 years, far, above , recommendations,and that 27 % of children remained undiagnosed at age 8 years.
  25. Which are called Goldberg at and Mount Jamaica, the highest on the island at, above ,sea level. Oranjestad, the capital, is located at. To the east of Aruba are
  26. S. Definition, as of June 20, 2011,529 people qualify as having reached space, above ,altitude. Of eight X-15 pilots who exceeded in altitude, only one exceeded 100
  27. High school she determined that she was an atheist and that she valued reason, above ,any other human attribute. After graduating from high school in the Crimea, at
  28. Land miles west of their target point. Five minutes into the descent burn, and, above , the surface of the Moon, the LM navigation and guidance computer distracted the
  29. The United States, professional,military, and commercial astronauts who travel, above ,an altitude of are awarded astronaut wings. As of June 20, 2011,a total of 523
  30. French over Portuguese. The dynamics of the language situation, as described, above , were additionally fostered by the massive migrations triggered by the Civil
  31. The Ge'EZ alphabet (an abused) is descended. Note that the scripts mentioned, above ,are not considered proper alphabets, as they all lack characters representing
  32. Although alcohols and amines can be Brønsted-Lowry acids as mentioned, above , they can also function as Lewis bases due to the lone pairs of electrons on
  33. The first U. S. income tax. This created a flat tax of 3 percent on incomes, above ,$800 ($ in current dollars),which was later changed by the Revenue Act of
  34. Become less severe with age. Acquiring language before age six, having an IQ, above ,50,and having a marketable skill all predict better outcomes; independent
  35. To Mount Shishaldin, which is an occasionally smoldering volcano that rises to, above ,the North Pacific. It is the most perfect volcanic cone on Earth, even more
  36. Also the only region in Alaska in which the average daytime high temperature is, above ,freezing during the winter months. The climate of Anchorage and south central
  37. Was not suitable for the movie moguls, who demanded fast, dynamic dialogue, above ,all else. For Dick Hummer, during the 1940s,Huxley went to the first of a five
  38. Lunar orbit for Apollo missions was planned as a nominal circular orbit, above ,the Moon's surface. Initial lunar orbit insertion was an ellipse with a
  39. Philosophy and religion appear frequently in Schopenhauer's writing. As noted, above , he appreciated the teachings of the Buddha and even called himself a "
  40. Of his game, but it improved steadily over the course of his career to being, above ,average. He often used his hard slice serve in the deuce service box to send
  41. First, after which he sings the usual first verse. In the third verse (see, above ,), the author scolds the materialistic and self-serving robber barons of her
  42. Its conjugate bases: \alpha_== \alpha_== \alpha_== A pattern is observed in the, above ,equations and can be expanded to the general n -erotic acid that has been
  43. In order to lose a proton, it is necessary that the pH of the system rise, above ,the PKA of the pronated acid. The decreased concentration of H+ in that basic
  44. The metal is separated from other elements in igneous minerals such as those, above , Lithium salts are extracted from the water of mineral springs, brine pools
  45. Hope of escape. As with the previous burn, the crew had to perform the maneuver, above ,the far side of the Moon, out of contact with Earth. The burn occurred exactly
  46. If a woman succeeds in withdrawing from the mass, or rather raising herself, above ,the mass, she grows ceaselessly and more than a man. " Heredity and eugenics
  47. That is, two high tides occur during each 24 lunar hours. In latitudes, above ,40° North some east-west oscillation occurs. Climate is influenced by
  48. Anthropology as it emerged amongst the Western colonial powers (mentioned, above ,) has generally taken a different path than that in the countries of southern
  49. Ocean currents isolate the Sargasso Sea, a large elongated body of water, with, above , average salinity. The Sargasso Sea contains large amounts of seaweed and is
  50. Sources, these numbers have no more credibility than the British ones mentioned, above , Most estimates also omit the microscopic Algae, such as the phytoplankton

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