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  1. Sides when the druids fight among themselves. He later meets and marries a, girl , renouncing his old ways and even losing his former speech patterns. A chance
  2. Na hid (Lydia) daughter of Philips. Due to her bad breath, Darab sent back the, girl ,to her homeland and there she bore a child named Standard, who later rose to
  3. Along with the two pilots, one entire family was lost, and all but a young, girl ,from the other. No bodies were ever found. The sole survivor (Cindy Mosey)
  4. Where Christina comes across like a natural-born skank, Britney is the, girl ,next door cutting loose at college, drinking and smoking and dancing and sexing
  5. Peoples can't make no time: And I can't get no hearing from that Memphis, girl ,of mine. " However, although the blues gained an association with misery and
  6. Another religion. Six people are confirmed dead, including a nine-month baby, girl ,and five others are seriously wounded. * March 20 - Declassified documents
  7. Kelly May,Jed's only child, is a mountain beauty with the body of a pinup, girl ,and the soul of a tomboy. She can throw a fastball as well as" reissue" most
  8. Wrestler and manager *1985 – Ashley Alexandra Dupe, American singer and call, girl ,*1987 – Ali pate Carlyle, Australian rules footballer * 1987 – Nikki Webster
  9. The lord of Terranen. However, Serret, the lady of Terranen, is the same, girl ,who taunted him years ago, and she is determined to enslave GED by using the
  10. Production enjoyed a six-week run in Moscow where Crowley met a young Hungarian, girl ,named Any Ringer. Crowley went on to practice sadomasochistic sex with
  11. Black (2005). The film starred Bachchan as an aging teacher of a deaf-blind, girl ,and followed their relationship. His performance was unanimously praised by
  12. Note that he had at least three loves. Nobel's first love was in Russia with a, girl ,named Alexandra, who rejected his proposal. In 1876 Austro-Bohemian Countess
  13. Musician Frank Zappa about his long hair, asking Zappa if he thought he was a, girl , Zappa is said to have replied," You have a wooden leg; does that make you a
  14. And wearing the very same dress as the men ". Moreover, said Herodotus," No, girl ,shall we'd till she has killed a man in battle ". In the story related by
  15. she's a good girl pretending to be bad. Spears, however,comes across as a bad, girl ,acting good ... Spears' artificial-sweetener voice is much less interesting
  16. Shortly (" Soon" ). Anne's maidservant Petra, an experienced and forthright, girl , slightly older than the teen herself, offers her worldly but crass advice.
  17. For the stage, he removed the character of Caroline replacing her with a young, girl , This change saddened Christie, and she determined to give old maids a voice:
  18. Taylor's classic young adult novel, The Trouble With Tuck, is about a teenage, girl , Helen, who trains her blind dog to follow and trust a seeing-eye dog. The
  19. Time, and white foam arose from the immortal flesh; with it a girl grew. " This, girl ,became Aphrodite. She floated ashore on a scallop shell. This image of a fully
  20. But in her music and manner,she's too eager not to offend — she's a good, girl ,pretending to be bad. Spears, however,comes across as a bad girl acting good
  21. At the court of Lycopenes, king of Skirts. There, Achilles is disguised as a, girl ,and lives among Lycopenes' daughters, perhaps under the name" Pyrrha" ( the
  22. With a dancer known only as" Mike" for the first gigs. Also, during 1975,a, girl ,named Nathalie joined but was soon replaced by Claudia Barry. Then Bannock and
  23. Helen Neil (1826–1852) in 1845 and with her had three children, with only one, girl ,surviving infancy. In 1853,he married Jane Sum (1825–1893). In Canada
  24. Is usually portrayed as a maiden huntress, young,tall and slim, clothed in a, girl ,'s short skirt, with hunting boots, a quiver, a bow and arrows. Often, she is
  25. Published in a Hagerstown, Maryland,newspaper briefly describes a young, girl ,who's drawn away from her daily chores to play a familiar game with her
  26. According to some versions two of the Niobium were spared, one boy and one, girl , Amnion, at the sight of his dead sons, killed himself. A devastated Niobe and
  27. Growing up in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. From episode 9:" When I was a, girl ,back in Tennessee, I set so many boys' hearts on fire that they took to
  28. Sue, knows just what to do" (" Tutti Fruit ", Little Richard) or" See the, girl ,with the red dress on, She can do the Bird land all night long" (" What'd I
  29. Of a Childhood is directly autobiographical, a warm account of a Polish-Jewish, girl ,in an immigrant family growing up before World War II, and living near Arthur
  30. Jewish American Leo Frank is lynched for the alleged murder of a 13-year-old, girl , in Marietta, Georgia,United States. * 1915 – A Category 4 hurricane hits
  31. He accidentally saw Artemis bathing or attempted to rape her, was turned into a, girl ,by the goddess. Actaeon Artemis was once bathing in a vale on Mount Citation
  32. Among Lycopenes' daughters, perhaps under the name" Pyrrha" ( the red-haired, girl ,). With Lycopenes' daughter Bavaria, whom in the account of Status he rapes
  33. Of a bear for Artemis started from the Brandon cult. Every year, a little, girl ,age between five and ten was sent to Artemis' temple at Brandon. Arts e
  34. Usual. Jethro did have one success, of sorts. When he rescued a Bird Watchers, girl ,troop who fell into the" cement pond" ( they were attacked by ants),Jethro
  35. Peace activities '. Nobel's third and longest-lasting love was with a flower, girl ,named Sophie Hess from Vienna. This liaison lasted for 18 years and in many of
  36. Young poet named Amit Malta who falls deeply in love with a beautiful young, girl ,named Pooja played by actress Rather Guitar. The film saw him again nominated
  37. February or early March 1902 he fathered a child with Marie Screech, a servant, girl ,in the Berg family household. His daughter, Albine, was born on December 4
  38. The sea a long time, and white foam arose from the immortal flesh; with it a, girl ,grew. " This girl became Aphrodite. She floated ashore on a scallop shell. This
  39. As well. Fältskog's blonde good looks had long made her the band's" pin-up, girl ,", a role she disdained. During the Australian tour, she performed in a
  40. It killed her, while in other versions it clawed her eyes out. Either way,the, girl ,'s brothers killed the bear, and Artemis was enraged. She demanded that young
  41. Show themselves, so he can make a choice. Berwick suggests Jenny as the right, girl ,for Jack, who finds her rates too high. She pleads with Jack to reconsider ("
  42. Sung in a rare meter (Sapphire Ionic in minor) in the voice of a distressed, girl ," Wretched me, who share in all ills! " - possibly imitated by Horace in an
  43. She is quoted saying:" I have been a huge fan of Madonna since I was a little, girl , She's the person that I've really looked up to. I would really, really like
  44. Lawyer. He has recently married an 18-year-old trophy wife, Anne,a vain, girl ,who is in love with Fredrik, but too immature to grasp the concept of marriage.
  45. Nazi concentration camps. Perhaps the most famous deportee was the young Jewish, girl ,Anne Frank, who died in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. At the end of the
  46. And his attempts to win his freedom by helping his young master woo the, girl ,next door. The plot displays many classic elements of farce, including puns
  47. September 2008 in which she travelled around London and Birmingham talking to, girl ,gangs. In October 2010,she appeared on BBC One's Strictly Come Dancing
  48. Together with free room and board thrown in. Mabel was a bright, attractive, girl , who was ten years his junior but became the object of Bell's affection. Losing
  49. Surviving myth. The Iliad reduced the figure of the dread goddess to that of a, girl , who, having been thrashed by Hera, climbs weeping into the lap of Zeus. A poem
  50. And the people there fed it, so that over time the bear became tame. A young, girl ,teased the bear, and,in some versions of the myth it killed her, while in

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