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  1. Take Saith, the film premiered in April 1961 and was an immense success at the, box ,office, earning more than any previous Kurosawa film. Critical reaction was
  2. The baby as a foster mother. Athena puts the infant Erichthonius in a small, box ,(vista) which she entrusts to the care of three sisters, Herse, Pandrosus
  3. The film opened in September 1960 to positive critical reaction and modest, box ,office success. The 25-minute opening sequence, depicting a corporate wedding
  4. A function that takes the first box to the first element we chose, the second, box ,to the second element we chose, and so on. (A formal proof for all finite sets
  5. It is carried out in a specially designed laboratory equipped with a glove, box ,and radiation shielding. When actinium trichloride is administered
  6. Exactly one item from each box . Clearly we can do this: We start at the first, box , choose an item; go to the second box , choose an item; and so on. The number of
  7. Work in this symbol space, being capable of being in, and operating in but one, box ,at a time .... a box is to admit of but two possible conditions, i. e., being
  8. Vec u \times \dot \, dt. Surface area of 3-dimensional figures *rectangular, box ,: 2 (\ell w + \ell h + w h) the length divided by height *cone: \pi r\left (r
  9. Years. In 1994,one of his delayed films Insanity was released but was also a, box ,office failure. Producer and acting comeback 1996–99 Bachchan turned producer
  10. End. The result is an explicit choice function: a function that takes the first, box ,to the first element we chose, the second box to the second element we chose
  11. Over 400 motion pictures, many of them highly acclaimed, such as the 1949, box , office smash, Sands of Two Jim. He directed his last movie in 1961. He died in
  12. Home region. Released in December 1958,The Hidden Fortress became an enormous, box ,office success in Japan and was warmly received by critics. Today, the film is
  13. Him a Film fare Nomination for Best Actor. The film became a major hit at the, box ,office in 1975,ranking in at number 4. India times Movies ranks Dewar amongst
  14. Chorus section of" Just Like That" was eventually released on a retrospective, box ,set in 1994. Despite a number of requests from fans, Ulvaeus and Andersson are
  15. UCLA had its world premiere in Japan on August 2,1975,and did well at the, box ,office. While critical reception in Japan was muted, the film was better
  16. The Nutritive business opportunity with enthusiasm. They sold their second, box ,of supplements on their return trip to Michigan, and rapidly proceeded to
  17. In the Star Saloon next door. The now unguarded President sat in his state, box ,in the balcony. Seizing the opportunity, Booth crept up from behind and at
  18. Reviews were very negative, but the film was a moderate success at the, box ,office, largely because of the popularity of one of its stars, Setsuko Hara.
  19. It might reverse this trend, but the momentum was short-lived as his string of, box ,office failures continued. Notably, despite the lack of hits, it was during
  20. To being above average. He often used his hard slice serve in the deuce service, box ,to send his opponent off the court, followed by a shot to the opposite corner.
  21. Myrrh tree and, seeing him, takes pity on the infant. She places Adonis in a, box , and takes him down to Hades so that Persephone can care for him. Adonis grows
  22. Or unmarked, and having a single mark in it, say a vertical stroke.:" One, box ,is to be singled out and called the starting point. ... a specific problem is
  23. It quickly became a massive hit in Japan. The film was also a critical and, box ,office success abroad, winning the coveted Palme d'Or at the 1980 Cannes Film
  24. Undertones. The film opened on January 1,1962,quickly surpassing Combos, box ,office success and garnering positive reviews. Kurosawa had meanwhile
  25. Space, being capable of being in, and operating in but one box at a time .... a, box ,is to admit of but two possible conditions, i. e., being empty or unmarked, and
  26. This ultimately would lead to a collapse of support for Democrats at the ballot, box ,in the next three or four election cycles and ultimately losing the last of the
  27. Won Kurosawa his second Cinema Juno" Best Film" award—and enormous, box ,office success. It remains the most acclaimed of all the artist's films set in
  28. Ceremony in which The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (pre-telecast, box ,office earnings of US$368 million) received 11 Awards including Best Picture
  29. Containing at least one item, then we can choose exactly one item from each, box , Clearly we can do this: We start at the first box , choose an item; go to the
  30. Androids, and Assaults of Athens. The goddess does not tell them what the, box ,contains, but warns them not to open it until she returns. One or two sisters
  31. Bachchan returned to films, playing the title role in Shahenshah, which was a, box ,office success due to the hype of Bachchan's comeback. After the success of
  32. Up to become distributors for Nutritive food supplements. They sold their first, box ,the next day for $19.50,but lost interest for the next two weeks. Shortly
  33. Ask Persephone, the queen of the underworld, for a bit of her beauty in a black, box ,that Aphrodite gave to Psyche. Psyche walked to a tower, deciding that the
  34. During the latter half of 1962 and released in March 1963. It broke Kurosawa's, box ,office record (the third film in a row to do so),became the highest grossing
  35. Actor away from being typecast as gangsters. Released in March 1949,it was a, box ,office success, but is generally considered one of the director's lesser
  36. Film was produced by the company. Tier Mere Sane failed to do well at the, box ,office but launched the careers of actors such as Ar shad Wars and South films
  37. By contrast, ceremonies honoring films that have not performed well at the, box ,office tend to show weaker ratings. The 78th Academy Awards which awarded
  38. Year of Titanic, which generated close to US$600 million at the North American, box ,office pre-Oscars. The 76th Academy Awards ceremony in which The Lord of the
  39. Two Vivaldi biopics may duel at the, box ,office * http://www.anima-veneziana.narod.ru/index.html Vivaldi biography. Free
  40. Made it seem that the problem had already passed. The film was a critical and, box ,office success, and was nominated for several Academy Awards including Best
  41. We can do this: We start at the first box , choose an item; go to the second, box , choose an item; and so on. The number of box es is finite, so eventually our
  42. Industry had opposed a Sunday broadcast because it would cut into the weekend, box ,office. On March 30, 1981,the awards ceremony was postponed for one day after
  43. And Muriel's Wedding. The same year, Thank You for the Music, a four-disc, box ,set comprising all the group's hits and stand-out album tracks, was released
  44. And partly due to the huge publicity of Bachchan's accident, the film was a, box ,office success. The director, Manmohan Desi, altered the ending of Coolie
  45. By considering a box . Then to each possible quantum motion of a particle in a, box ,associate an independent harmonic oscillator. Quantizing these oscillators
  46. Be able to reproduce the statistics of a Bose–Einstein gas by considering a, box , Then to each possible quantum motion of a particle in a box associate an
  47. His star power began to wane as all of his subsequent films failed at the, box ,office. The 1991 hit film, Hum,for which he won his third Film fare Best Actor
  48. Barley cake to Cerberus. Psyche left the underworld and decided to open the, box ,and take a bit of the beauty for herself, thinking that if she did so
  49. Subtypes step, each byte in the matrix is updated using an 8-bit substitution, box , the Randall S- box . This operation provides the non-linearity in the cipher.
  50. Was at the graceful age of 60. In 1898,Bell experimented with tetrahedral, box ,kites and wings constructed of multiple compound tetrahedral kites covered in

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