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  1. Harvest. As a result, the year's wheat crop from Minnesota never reaches the, rest ,of the country, but instead rots in storage; also, the soybean crop is lost
  2. The Northern Angolan province of Cabinet is unique in being separated from the, rest ,of the country by a strip, some wide, of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC
  3. S GDP was almost as large (current exchange rate method) as that of the, rest ,of Asia combined. In 1995,Japan's economy nearly equaled that of the USA as
  4. The rebellion, while 15 to 20 percent remained loyal to the Crown. The, rest ,attempted to remain neutral and kept a low profile. At least 25,000 Loyalists
  5. Oil reserves approximately equal to the conventional oil reserves of the, rest ,of the world, estimated to be 1.6 trillion barrels (254 km3). With the
  6. The modern name of Ankara. Celtic history In 278 BC, the city, along with the, rest ,of central Anatolia, was occupied by the Celtic race of Galatians, who were the
  7. In the cortex and weak functional connections between the frontal lobe and the, rest ,of the cortex. Other evidence suggests the under connectivity is mainly within
  8. If one recognizes the supremacy of reason and applies it consistently, all the, rest ,follows. " Reception and legacy Reviews During Rand's lifetime, her work
  9. There Plato too I saw, and Socrates, : Who stood beside him closer than the, rest , Influence on Islamic theologians Aristotle was one of the most revered Western
  10. 100–120 meters, and others from 0 to 50 meters and up (Houston, Absheron). The, rest ,of Azerbaijan's terrain consist of plains and lowlands. Hydrometric marks
  11. Suggest (with high bootstrap support) that Orchidaceae is the sister of the, rest ,of the Asparagus. Other studies have placed the orchids differently in the
  12. Altar was a main source for rubidium. Altar contained 21 % rubidium while the, rest ,was potassium and a small fraction of cesium. Today the largest producers of
  13. Space. It caused NASA to be skittish about the issue of religion throughout the, rest ,of the Apollo program. Buzz Aldrin, on Apollo 11,self-communicated
  14. Champlain and Hudson River corridor, effectively isolating New England from the, rest ,of the American colonies. Burgoyne's invasion had two components: he would
  15. Gallon. Transportation Roads Alaska has few road connections compared to the, rest ,of the U. S. The state's road system covers a relatively small area of the
  16. Of agents, nonliving or living, acting as the sources of change or movement or, rest , Representing the current understanding of causality as the relation of cause
  17. Studies they can move their nation forward and quickly catch up with the, rest ,of the world. Crime and law enforcement The National Directorate of Security (
  18. Break from imperial colonization, as in Europe, and provided the basis for the, rest ,of American continental expansion through the 19th Century. The Land Ordinance
  19. Or abroad in countries in North America, South America as well as the, rest ,of Europe. Aruba is also home to two medical schools: Aureus University School
  20. Western part of Alaska has no road system connecting the communities with the, rest ,of Alaska. One unique feature of the Alaska Highway system is the Anton
  21. Such as the Shawnee split into factions, and the Chickamauga split off from the, rest ,of the Cherokee over differences regarding peace with the Americans. The
  22. Macedonia, Montenegro and northern Greece, plus the Albanian diaspora in the, rest ,of Europe. RTSH has a past of being heavily influenced by the ruling party in
  23. Turkic, Mongolic,and Tunguska were for the most part borrowings and that the, rest ,could be attributed to chance resemblances. They noted that there was little
  24. A 39.2 % share. MONGOL, the state oil company, Total,and ENI-Agip own the, rest ,of the block. Chevron Texaco also operates Angola's first producing deepwater
  25. Or castle were laid by the Galatians on a prominent lava outcrop (), and the, rest ,was completed by the Romans. The Byzantines and Seljuks further made
  26. That Asparagus may be paraplegic, with Orchidaceae separated from the, rest , Within the monocots, Asparagales is the sister of the commend clade. The
  27. Of the Asparagus (although not in Orchidaceae, thought to be a sister to the, rest ,of the group). Almost all species have a tight cluster of leaves (a rosette)
  28. Felt-tip pen was sufficient to activate the switch. After about seven hours of, rest , the crew was awakened by Houston to prepare for the return flight. Two and a
  29. And Khmer have official status (in Vietnam and Cambodia, respectively ). The, rest ,of the languages are spoken by minority groups. Ethnologue identifies 168
  30. Suffers from extremely high prices for food and consumer goods, compared to the, rest ,of the country due to the relatively limited transportation infrastructure.
  31. With many dark peoples, the ruling caste or race is fairer than the, rest ,and has, therefore,evidently immigrated, for example, the Brahmans, the Incas
  32. Money, only a small portion is provided directly to the government budget. The, rest ,is provided to non-budgetary expenditure and donor-designated projects through
  33. About 50 % of Andorran children attend the French primary schools, and the, rest ,attend Spanish or Andorran schools. University of Andorra The University of
  34. The first quarter of 2008,Angola became the main exporter of oil to China. The, rest ,of its petroleum exports go to Europe and Latin America. From the 2000s many
  35. Who needed some convincing was James E. Webb, the NASA administrator. With the, rest ,of his agency in support of the new mission, Webb eventually approved the
  36. Can vary between and 530 km2,out of which one third belongs to Albania and, rest ,to Montenegro. The Albanian shoreline of the lake is. Oh rid Lake is situated in
  37. Little time at telescopes - most spend a few weeks per year observing, and the, rest ,of their time reducing the data (changing it from raw data to processed images
  38. Over his burial place with great feasting. Legend says that he was laid to, rest ,in a triple coffin made of gold, silver,and iron, along with some of the
  39. Styles of aikido. International dissemination Aikido was first brought to the, rest ,of the world in 1951 by Minor Mizuki with a visit to France where he
  40. If the virtue of the king and his family were greater than the virtue of the, rest ,of the citizens put together. Tactfully, he included the young prince and his
  41. The infamous" prison ships" system the British maintained in New York for the, rest ,of the war, in which more American soldiers and sailors died of neglect than
  42. The capital a fire broke out in the eastern palace of Xerxes and spread to the, rest ,of the city. Theories abound whether this was the result of a drunken
  43. Lincoln. Bell won Virginia, Tennessee,and Kentucky, and Breckinridge won the, rest ,of the South. The States' Electoral votes were decisive: Lincoln had 180 and
  44. Accounts for about a hundred genera, totaling over two thousand species. The, rest ,of the families together contain only about five hundred species. Conquest (
  45. Also known as the Panhandle, this is the region of Alaska closest to the, rest ,of the United States, and hence was where most initial non-Native settlement
  46. The book was done, she was so exhausted that her doctor ordered two weeks ', rest , Her continued use of the drug for a number of years may have contributed to
  47. The CEL animation process which dominated the animation industry for the, rest ,of the decade. El Pistol (Spanish:" The Apostle" ) was a 1917 Argentine
  48. Mainland of the North American continent, but is not connected by road to the, rest ,of the North American highway system. The state is bordered by the Yukon
  49. Was established, providing a framework for relations between Aruba and the, rest ,of the Kingdom. In 1972,at a conference in Suriname, Betico Cross (MEP)
  50. 2005 and growth was expected to reach 26 % in 2006 and stay above 10 % for the, rest ,of the decade. Chevron Texaco started pumping from Block 14 in January 2000,but

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