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  1. Save him, while later, there were long queues of well-wishing fans outside the, hospital ,where he was recuperating. Nevertheless, he spent many months recovering and
  2. Within a couple of months. During the epidemic, Rieux heads an auxiliary, hospital ,and works long hours treating the victims. He injects serum and lances the
  3. Newsman, joined him in 1924,and Dr. Mark Gutenberg in 1925; the growing, hospital ,was manned by native orderlies. Later Dr. Trees replaced Newsman, and Martha
  4. The 21st century, there were 51 hospital s in the country, including a military, hospital ,and specialist facilities. The most common causes of death are circulatory
  5. Years. Mikhail Kalashnikov began his career as a weapon designer while in a, hospital ,after he was shot in the shoulder during the Battle of Bryan. After tinkering
  6. Construction of a governor's house, the Adelaide Jail, police barracks,a, hospital , a customs house and a wharf at Port Adelaide. In addition, houses for public
  7. The Philippines Aurora Quezon,61,is assassinated while en route to dedicate a, hospital ,in memory of her late husband; her daughter and 10 others are also killed.
  8. Abortion, and can be performed in a primary care office, abortion clinic, or, hospital , Complications are rare and can include uterine perforation, pelvic infection
  9. Concrete tower with guyed mast on its top * Shelby Genus, the second largest, hospital ,in Denmark * Den Permanent a popular closed beach area, also providing views
  10. Care Ames is served by Mary Greeley Medical Center, a 220-bed regional referral, hospital ,which is adjacent to McFarland Clinic PC, central Iowa's largest
  11. Been misplaced. Amaya received only minor injuries and was released from the, hospital ,later the same day. Warhol however, was seriously wounded by the attack and
  12. And whether a definite article is used, in very few cases (AME to the, hospital , BRE to hospital ; contrast, however,AME actress Elizabeth Taylor, BrE the
  13. A high level of support and very limited autonomy, and 12 % needed high-level, hospital ,care. A 2005 Swedish study of 78 adults that did not exclude low IQ found worse
  14. The most rewarding professions that anyone can follow ". She later worked at a, hospital ,pharmacy, a job that influenced her work, as many of the murders in her books
  15. Flaws in the practices and attitudes of Schweitzer and his staff. The, hospital ,suffered from squalor and was without modern amenities, and Schweitzer had
  16. Downplays the seriousness of the situation. A" special ward" is opened at the, hospital , but its 80 beds are filled within three days. As the death toll begins to rise
  17. Commemorating the State of Israel's seventh anniversary with him to the, hospital , but he did not live long enough to complete it. Einstein refused surgery
  18. Attached to the RWTH, the Minimum Aachen, is the biggest single-building, hospital ,in Europe. Over time, a host of software and computer industries have developed
  19. Software),an application launcher for Mac OS X *The Alfred Hospital,a, hospital ,in Melbourne, Australia Events * 475 – The Roman general Orestes forces western
  20. And Hans Muggenstorm joined them. Joseph also returned. In 1925-6 new, hospital ,buildings were constructed, and also a ward for white patients, so that the
  21. Lasted well into her adult years. During the First World War, she worked at a, hospital ,as a nurse; she liked the profession, calling it" one of the most rewarding
  22. Would seem to be contradicted by an incident recounted by one biographer, his, hospital , treatment in 1960 for condylomota, a sexually transmitted disease. The question
  23. As he was afraid to enter hospital s and see doctors. His family sued the, hospital ,for inadequate care, saying that the arrhythmia was caused by improper care and
  24. Newborn daughter Anne Leah (nicknamed Toupee, born February 1920,died in a, hospital ,in Palermo 14 October 1920),Crowley, along with Leah Hiring, founded the
  25. Experiences transcending the confines of the brain. In one instance,a, hospital ,placed an LED marquee above its patients’ beds which displayed a hidden
  26. District in Moscow. From November 1947 to spring 1948,he was in a, hospital ,with tuberculosis. Many themes of his childhood - the evacuation, his mother
  27. No one who claimed near-death experience or out-of-body experience within that, hospital ,had reported having seen the hidden message. In 2008,Penny Satori, an
  28. Covered by CLASS at rates of 75 % for out-patient expenses such as medicines and, hospital ,visits,90 % for hospital ization, and 100 % for work-related accidents. The
  29. His mother and her two children, the withdrawn father, the time in the, hospital ,- feature prominently in his film The Mirror. Following high school graduation
  30. Of antibiotics may actually decrease rates of resistance. Poor hand hygiene by, hospital ,staff has been associated with the spread of resistant organisms and an
  31. Wine to" shut-ins" or members of the parish who are unable to leave home or, hospital ,to attend the Eucharist). Lay people also serve on the parish altar guild (
  32. A university, a research center and a medical center. It should also include a, hospital ,complex, a care, centre, a hotel zone, an urban center and a thermal spa with
  33. He was close to death. However, in 1954,he was permitted to be treated in a, hospital ,in Tashkent, where his tumor went into remission. His experiences there became
  34. By a para cholera virion (facultative anaerobic bacteria). With the new, hospital ,built and the medical team established, Schweitzer returned to Europe in 1927
  35. Of blood. He required an emergency splenectomy and remained critically ill in, hospital ,for many months, at times close to death. The public response included prayers
  36. Kill herself by slitting her wrists and was soon taken to Grey stone, a mental, hospital ,; she would spend much of Ginsberg's youth in mental hospital s. His experiences
  37. Of her cure. After the fame surrounding the event, Carrel could not obtain a, hospital ,appointment because of the strong and pervasive anticlericalism in the French
  38. This mission, Antigua and Barbuda is building the most technologically advanced, hospital ,in the Caribbean, the Mt. St. John Medical Center. The island of Antigua
  39. A shed formerly used as a chicken hut, in autumn 1913 they built their first, hospital ,of corrugated iron, with two 13-foot rooms (consulting room and operating
  40. Equip a small hospital . In Spring 1913 he and his wife set off to establish a, hospital ,near an already existing mission post. The site was nearly 200 miles (14 days
  41. Attempts are futile. Squealer reports that the van was purchased by the, hospital ,and the writing from the previous owner had not been repainted. He recounts a
  42. Him to attempt suicide by leaping from a high window. Alex wakes up in, hospital , where he is courted by government officials anxious to counter the bad
  43. Built like native huts, of unhook logs, along a 30-yard path leading from the, hospital ,to the landing-place. The Schweitzer's had their own bungalow, and employed as
  44. Schweitzer returned to Europe in 1927,this time leaving a functioning, hospital ,at work. He was there again from 1929 to 1932. Gradually his opinions and concepts
  45. Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem. Schweitzer died on 4 September 1965 at his beloved, hospital ,in Nazarene, Gabon. His grave, on the banks of the Goose River, is marked by
  46. With the whip, or some more scientific procedure, followed by a short stay in, hospital , would probably suffice to insure order. Those who have murdered, robbed while
  47. Last accepted. By concerts and other fund-raising he was ready to equip a small, hospital , In Spring 1913 he and his wife set off to establish a hospital near an already
  48. Not a definite article is used, in very few cases (AME to the hospital , BrE to, hospital ,; contrast, however,AME actress Elizabeth Taylor, BrE the actress Elizabeth
  49. Through the NHS Grampians health board. Aberdeen Royal Infirmary is the main, hospital ,in the city, with the Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital for children, the
  50. Servant Joseph Grand exhaustively treat patients in their homes and in the, hospital , Lambert informs Narrow of his escape plan, but when Narrow tells him that

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