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  1. American football player *1984 – Shawn Dietary, American wrestler and, manager ,*1985 – Ashley Alexandra Dupe, American singer and call-girl *1987 – Ali pate
  2. Australian racing driver *1955 – Bruce Boch, American baseball player and, manager ,*1956 – David McDowell Brown, American astronaut (d. 2003) *1959 – Scott
  3. Dutch politician (d. 1987) * 1919 – Ralph Hour, American baseball player and, manager ,(d. 2010) *1920 – Enzo Big, Italian journalist and writer (d. 2007) *
  4. Princess Royal of the United Kingdom * 1950 – Tom Kelly, American baseball, manager ,*1951 – Ann Alderman, American film and television writer * 1951 – Bobby
  5. Le Cor busier, Swiss architect (b. 1887) *1967 – Brian Epstein, English, manager , of The Beatles (b. 1934) *1968 – Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent (b. 1906)
  6. Crew of Apollo 10 named their spacecraft Charlie Brown and Snoopy, assistant, manager , for public affairs Julian Sheer wrote Manned Spacecraft Center director George
  7. Such that he was able to leave the mines under the control of a general, manager ,and return to Boston in 1868 before winter closed navigation. The mines
  8. Eclectic program that fit Polish conditions. His practical experience as a farm, manager ,combined with socialist," single-tax," and Slavic communal ideas shaped his
  9. The town. Government The city of Ames operates with a city council and, manager ,system of government. Education; Public high school in Ames: Ames High School
  10. Activist (birth year unknown) *2003 – Ray Hartford, English footballer and, manager ,(b. 1945) * 2003 – Gregory Hines, American actor and dancer (b. 1946) *
  11. To get commissions. He had little success, and his father gave him a job as, manager ,of the elder Speer's properties. In July 1932,the Speer's visited Berlin to
  12. Rich, American actor (b. 1946) * 2002 – Billy Are, English footballer and, manager ,(b. 1952) *2003 – Graham Jarvis, Canadian actor (b. 1930) * 2003 – Graham
  13. To Agassi. In December 2008 Agassi's childhood friend and former business, manager , Perry Rogers, sued Graph for $50,000 in management fees he claimed that she
  14. Flying, was very reluctant to leave her children for such a long time. ABBA's, manager , Sting Anderson, realized the potential of showing a simple video clip on
  15. Had produced several acts for EMI Records. Parsons asked Woolf son to become his, manager ,and Woolf son managed Parsons' career as a producer and engineer through a
  16. Publisher (d. 1929) *1857 – Ned Hanson, American baseball player and, manager ,(d. 1937) *1860 – Paul Gottlieb Nikon, German inventor (d. 1940) * 1860 –
  17. Entomologist, botanist and carcinologist * Adrian Heath, English football, manager ,and former player * Adrian Holiday, American Web developer, journalist and
  18. Of the 1860s Andrey Grigorevich moved to St Petersburg to become an asset, manager ,of the princess Ekaterina Aleksandra Valvatyeva. In 1866 Andrey Andreevich
  19. Result was that only the" D" mission had to be delayed. Almost every senior, manager ,at NASA agreed with this new mission, citing both confidence in the hardware
  20. U. S. Senator from Pennsylvania *1962 – Dave Miley, former baseball player and, manager ,* 1962 – Hillel Slovak, Israeli-born guitarist (d. 1988) *1965 – Patricio
  21. Army Special Forces (b. 1902) * 2004 – Ioannis Rastas, Greek footballer and, manager ,(b. 1952) * 2004 – Carrie Snodgrass, American actress (b. 1946) * 2004 –
  22. The Tombs, Pere ABU) (d. 1977) *1953 – Paul Entering, American wrestling, manager ,* 1958 – Lane Huffman, American professional wrestler * 1958 – Vernon Reid
  23. March 24, 1869 – November 29, 1954) was a professional baseball player, manager ,and league promoter from 1887 through 1916 and went on to play a pioneering
  24. Quality of their combined talents. " Ring Ring" For 1973,the band and their, manager ,Sting Anderson decided to have another try at Melodifestivalen, this time with
  25. Repeatedly during 1983 and 1984. Internal strife between the group and their, manager ,escalated and the group sold their shares in Polar Music during 1983. With this
  26. The given name Alexander or variants include: * Alex Ferguson (born 1941), manager , of Manchester United FC * Alexander Hamilton (1755–1804),a Founding Father
  27. Rod Laver, Australian tennis player * 1938 – Otto Raphael, German football, manager ,* 1939 – Romano Prod, Italian politician and statesman *1941 – Way Bandy
  28. English illustrator (d. 1898) *1878 – Richard Simulates, German football, manager ,(d. 1963) *1879 – Claude Grahame-White, British pioneer aviator and builder (
  29. Rock guitarist (The Dawn) (d.1988) *1964 – Erik Breaking, Dutch cyclist and, manager ,* 1964 – Kevin Duckworth, American basketball player (d. 2008) * 1964 – Scott
  30. Jefferson Airplane) (b. 1946) *2001 – Alec Stock, English football, manager ,(b. 1917) *2002 – Ruth Fer tel, American restaurateur (b. 1927) * 2002 –
  31. Acoustic version of" Tivedshambo ", which was the first song written by their, manager , Sting Anderson, for a Swedish TV show honoring Anderson on his 55th birthday.
  32. Filipino politician (d. 2007) * 1960 – Rafael Benítez, Spanish football, manager ,* 1960 – Pierre Littbarski, German footballer *1962 – Ian Mac Kaye, American
  33. Career. Production Crew: Terry Noemi served as script supervisor, production, manager , associate director or assistant to the producer on all Kurosawa’s films from
  34. Also performed privately at another friend's 40th birthday: their old tour, manager , Class AF Gamertag. They sang a self-composed song titled" Her Plane Franz
  35. It is Easy to Say ", a song later recorded by The Hep Stars. Sting Anderson was the, manager ,of The Hootenanny Singers and founder of the Polar Music label. He saw
  36. Functions). With very large, complex projects, an independent construction, manager ,is sometimes hired to assist in design and to manage construction. In the
  37. Director’s career. Hiroshi New was production supervisor or unit production, manager ,on all the films from Seven Samurai to Dodeskaden, except Majuro. Actors:
  38. Landing. The program was named after the Greek god of light and music by NASA, manager ,Abe Silverstein, who later said that" I was naming the spacecraft like I'd
  39. Lina Weissmuller, Italian film director *1930 – Earl Weaver, American baseball, manager ,*1932 – Lee Hoffman, American author (d. 2007) *1933 – Richard R. Ernst
  40. Performances (1981–1982) In January 1981,Slaves married Lena Callers, and, manager , Stig Anderson celebrated his 50th birthday with a party. For this occasion
  41. Aircraft manufacturer (b. 1899) * 1980 – Alfred Neubauer, German racing team, manager ,(b. 1891) *1989 – Robert Gondoliers, Belgian cyclist (b. 1933) * 1989 –
  42. Of Barnett Stephan * 1954 – Sammy McIlroy, Northern Irish footballer and, manager ,*1955 – Caleb Carr, American novelist and military historian *1956 – Folio
  43. Argentine racing driver * 1955 – Ned Most, American baseball player and, manager ,*1957 – Li-Young Lee, Indonesia-born American poet * 1957 – Christine Monterey
  44. British writer * 1959 – Kevin Lowe, Canadian ice hockey player and general, manager ,* 1960 – Tony Jones, English snooker player * 1960 – HRH Prince Philippe, Duke
  45. This eventually led to the removal of Storms as Command Module program, manager , Lunar Module The Lunar Module (LM) (originally known as the Lunar Excursion
  46. Body line in retaliation, but Woodhull flatly refused. He famously told England, manager ,Pelham Warner," There are two teams out there. One is playing cricket; the
  47. McClure, American baseball player * 1952 – Ron Washington, American baseball, manager ,(Texas Rangers) *1954 – Jake Burton Carpenter, American snowboarder * 1955 –
  48. Tamil actor and politician *1956 – Takes hi Oneida, Japanese football, manager ,* 1956 – Henri Poisoned, Finnish rally driver (d. 1986) * 1957 – Simon
  49. Singer (Creed) *1974 – Scott D'More, Canadian professional wrestler and, manager ,* 1974 – Andy Primula, British racing driver * 1976 – Seung-Yeop Lee, Korean
  50. Performance art show. Warhol, with Paul Morrissey, acted as the band's, manager , introducing them to Nico (who would perform with the band at Warhol's

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