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  1. Ball at a second given point. Thus, its main application in optics is to, solve ,the problem," Given a light source and a spherical mirror, find the point on
  2. Gas will have a greater pressure even if the volume had not changed. We can, solve ,for the temperature of the compressed gas in the engine cylinder as well, using
  3. Of why such a skilled detective would be out of work and available to, solve ,mysteries at an English country house),but also at the time of Christie's
  4. Of the particular substance (i.e., matter and form),Aristotle tries to, solve ,the problem of the unity of the beings, for example," what is it that makes a
  5. An Inspector from Scotland Yard and appears in many of the stories, trying to, solve ,the cases Poirot is working on. Lapp is an outgoing, loud and sometimes
  6. Centre and the largest mosque in Algiers. New residential developments aim to, solve ,Algiers current housing shortage. Sports Algiers is the largest sporting center
  7. With far fewer programmers than using other technology. APL lets an individual, solve ,harder problems faster. Also, being compact and terse, APL lends itself well to
  8. Reconstruction began during the war (and continued to 1877) in an effort to, solve ,the issues caused by reunion, specifically the legal status of the 11 breakaway
  9. Bunyakovsky, Korkin and Regor Solitary about an apparently new method to, solve ,linear ordinary differential equations and was invited to the so-called Working
  10. Him to create the German Empire, it was thought that he would help Russia to, solve ,the Eastern question in accordance with her own interests, but to the surprise
  11. That led people to devise a number of illogical schemes that would purportedly, solve ,social and economic ills. Swift was especially insulted by projects that tried
  12. Introduced in The Mirror Crack'd From Side To Side. Miss Marple is able to, solve ,difficult crimes not only because of her shrewd intelligence, but because St.
  13. To give a simple accounting of events, but strived on the contrary to pose and, solve ,problems and, neglecting surface disturbances, to observe the long and
  14. To take it. The Bureau DES Longitudes was an organization founded in 1795 to, solve ,the problem of determining position on sea - mainly the longitudinal coordinate
  15. Raw" ). Online anagram solve rs Various websites offer the ability to, solve ,anagrams online. For example: * http://www.ssynth.co.uk/~gay/anagram. HTML Andy
  16. Attempting to simulate a paranoid schizophrenic. * Proverb, a system that can, solve ,crossword puzzles better than most humans. * SHRILL, an early natural language
  17. I'll show you can't prove that a program is 'elegant'"—such a proof would, solve ,the Halting problem (ibid). Algorithm versus function computable by an
  18. Fish stocks. In the book Out of Water: From abundance to scarcity and how to, solve ,the world's water problems, authors Colin Chartres and Salyut Karma of the
  19. Something such as: ä AAU='On '; ü instead of: C digraphs were created to, solve ,this problem for ANSI C, although their late introduction and inconsistent
  20. Her description of thallium poisoning that on at least one occasion it helped, solve ,a case that was baffling doctors. To honor her many literary works, she was
  21. Also that which is found in every region whether inhabited or uninhabited. " To, solve ,the problem, Archimedes devised a system of counting based on the myriad. The
  22. Even spheres. They understood basic concepts of algebra and geometry, and could, solve ,simple sets of simultaneous equations. Mathematical notation was decimal, and
  23. And overlapping subproblems, meaning the same subproblems are used to, solve ,many problem instances, a quicker approach called dynamic programming
  24. Conceived in 1937,the machine was not programmable, being designed only to, solve ,systems of linear equations. It was successfully tested in 1942. However, its
  25. The federal agents have been inquiring for her in nearby Pensacola. Money would, solve ,everything, declares Berwick, and she decides to soak the four new arrivals for
  26. Because it was a particularly clear demonstration that quantum mechanics could, solve ,the specific heat problem in classical mechanics. Peter Deb ye refined this
  27. Of medieval Europe. Many authors repeated explanations that attempted to, solve ,the problem of the Moon appearing larger near the horizon than it does when
  28. To most analytical techniques and is used instead of a calibration curve to, solve ,the matrix effect problem. Signals and noise One of the most important
  29. Certain sets of problems exists if one can build a machine which will then, solve ,any problem of the set with no human intervention beyond inserting the question
  30. Serial problems. * Deterministic or non-deterministic: Deterministic algorithms, solve ,the problem with exact decision at every step of the algorithm whereas
  31. What he considers to be his only failure. Poirot admits that he has failed to, solve ,a crime" innumerable" times::" I have been called in too late. Very often
  32. From the actinium and its decay products might induce new mutations. To, solve ,this problem,225Ac was bound to a cheating agent, such as citrate
  33. Hypothesis, and many other un solve d mathematical problems. When one attempts to, solve ,problems in this class, it makes no difference whether ZF or ZFC is employed if
  34. Places that novel out of published order before Roger Across. He declines to, solve ,a case for the Home Secretary because he is retired in Chapter One of Peril at
  35. S Last Theorem when the female protagonist Lizbeth Slander attempted to, solve ,it. * Tom Lehrer's song That's Mathematics mentions that Wiles" confirms
  36. Or patrons. The Amazon myth is that they had one breast removed to, solve ,this problem. Roger Assam mentions one archer, presumably with an unusual
  37. That solve s an identical subproblem and uses the solution of this subproblem to, solve ,the bigger problem. Divide and conquer divides the problem into multiple
  38. Constructs like loops and sometimes additional data structures like stacks to, solve ,the given problems. Some problems are naturally suited for one implementation
  39. 10^5 We know the compressed gas has V 100 cc and P 2.50E6 pascals, so we can, solve ,for temperature by simple algebra: T = 751 That's 751 Kelvins, or 477 °C, or
  40. Same problem (usually recursively) until the instances are small enough to, solve ,easily. One such example of divide and conquer is merge sorting. Sorting can be
  41. A \LE b: | a | \GE b \IFF a \LE -b \box b \LE a These relations may be used to, solve ,inequalities involving absolute values. For example:: Absolute value is used to
  42. Some silver had been substituted by the dishonest goldsmith. Archimedes had to, solve ,the problem without damaging the crown, so he could not melt it down into a
  43. El Seth – Hardin d’essays Province projects Several ongoing projects aim to, solve ,Algiers deficit and transportation problems. A tram connecting the downtown
  44. Known as Baron Altar. They also meet in England where Poirot often helps Lapp, solve ,a case and lets him take the credit in return for special favors. These
  45. Then moving on too quickly; anticipates questions; and helps them learn to, solve ,difficulties and find solutions to problems. Yet another of Augustine's major
  46. Notice, who argued that her meta-ethical argument is unsound and fails to, solve ,the is–ought problem posed by David Hume. Some responses to Notice by other
  47. Decision at every step of the algorithm whereas non-deterministic algorithms, solve ,problems via guessing, although typical guesses are made more accurate through
  48. Reduces rules of recursion to numbers. Effective inoculability: In an effort to, solve ,the Entscheidungsproblem defined precisely by Hilbert in 1928,mathematicians
  49. S axiom. And Christopher Flavius. In elementary geometry, Alhazen attempted to, solve ,the problem of squaring the circle using the area of lines (crescent shapes)
  50. Random input. A partial formalization of the concept began with attempts to, solve ,the Entscheidungsproblem (the" decision problem" ) posed by David Hilbert in

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