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  1. Inhabitants who were not citizens, such as slaves, were also excluded from the, audience , ) The conservative views expressed in the plays might therefore reflect the
  2. Of humanity, and Earth. Aztlan Underground has been cultivating a grassroots, audience ,across the country, which has become a large and loyal underground following.
  3. And his work, states:" That Kurosawa had brought Japanese film to a Western, audience ,meant to Shiva that he must be pandering to Western values and politics. "
  4. Training of the Chorus in rehearsal, it also covered his relationship with the, audience ,as a commentator on significant issues. Aristophanes claimed to be writing for
  5. Ginsberg introduced Bhaktivedanta Swami to some three thousand hippies in the, audience ,and led the chanting of the Hare Krishna mantra., Metro Section, p B1,February
  6. And it has been argued that Aristophanes produced plays mainly to entertain the, audience ,and to win prestigious competitions. The plays were written for production at
  7. Finland. Their Stockholm show at the Krona Land amusement park had an estimated, audience ,of 19,200. In 1974," So Long" was released as a single in the United Kingdom
  8. A process of using the creative skill, a product of the creative skill, or the, audience ,'s experience with the creative skill. The creative arts (art as discipline)
  9. S Division I Basketball Championship, which would cut into the Academy Awards, audience , The earlier date is also to the advantage of ABC, as it now usually occurs
  10. However, it is uncertain whether he led or merely responded to changes in, audience ,expectations. Aristophanes won second prize at the City Dionysian in 427 BC with
  11. Between the right and the wrong ". Despite his inelegant appearance—many in the, audience ,thought him awkward and even ugly—Lincoln demonstrated an intellectual
  12. Of the river god Census, who had scorned him. In Ovid's telling for a Roman, audience , Phoebes Apollo chaffs Cupid for toying with a weapon more suited to a man
  13. Was" stormed by throngs who wanted to hear him ". In Einstein's talk to the, audience , he expressed his happiness over the event: Emigration from Germany In 1933
  14. Speaking to autistic individuals are more likely to overestimate what their, audience ,comprehends. *Restricted behavior is limited in focus, interest,or activity
  15. Denied pandering to Western tastes:“ He has never catered to a foreign, audience ,” writes Audio Bock,“ and has condemned those who do. ” Kurosawa was often
  16. A skill is being used to express the artist's creativity, or to engage the, audience ,'s aesthetic sensibilities, or to draw the audience towards consideration of
  17. And is not related to the intentions of the artist or the reactions of the, audience ,in any way whatsoever. A genre is a set of conventions and styles within a
  18. As for instance in the prologue, before the arrival of the Chorus, when the, audience ,is introduced to the main issues in the plot. The Albanians opens with these
  19. Composer. At age 24,his opera Phaethon was performed for the first time, to an, audience ,who booed and heckled it. After 19 years, Phaethon was performed again, but
  20. And he enters the theater ludicrously disguised as Hercules. He observes to the, audience ,that every time he is on hand to hear a joke from a comic dramatist like
  21. His films, allowing characters to act, even when not talking, when most of the, audience ,would not be paying attention. It became his trademark style. Acute
  22. Clean (there represented as a Patagonian slave) but we are assured that the, audience ,is clever enough to identify him anyway. *The real scene of action: Since Old
  23. In which he championed a pure form of Christian doctrine and chastised his, audience ,about their laxity. During the first stage of the plague outbreak, Paneloux
  24. At two of Sweden's largest concert venues in October and November 2007 with an, audience ,of 14,000., singing their 1966 hit" Marianne ". Andersson and Slaves are
  25. Discerning audience , yet he also declared that 'other times' would judge the, audience ,according to its reception of his plays. He sometimes boasts of his originality
  26. On Broadway in 1935. Each night the" jury" was selected from members of the, audience , and one of the two different endings, depending on the jury's" verdict "
  27. Aim was to write whatever he pleased and who had, until then, found a ready, audience ,for each change of direction: he had freed pre-war Punch from its ponderous
  28. Or to engage the audience 's aesthetic sensibilities, or to draw the, audience ,towards consideration of the finer things. Goethe defined art as another resp.
  29. Him to walk out of the hall during a matinée performance of this work. The, audience , according to Edward Cushing, responded with" a demonstration of enthusiasm
  30. Japan in October 1970,but though a minor critical success, it was greeted with, audience ,indifference. The picture lost money and caused the Club of the Four Knights to
  31. A way of communicating these feelings. Artists express something so that their, audience ,is aroused to some extent, but they do not have to do so consciously. Art may
  32. No man ever before made such an impression on his first appeal to a New York, audience , " Donald described the speech as a" superb political move for an unannounced
  33. The publisher insisted would be 'more realistic' and appealing to a U. S., audience , The film adaptation, directed by Stanley Kubrick, is based on the American
  34. Forum, responding afterward in her famously spirited form to questions from the, audience , During these speeches and Q&A sessions, she often took controversial stances
  35. In the plays, allowing for serious points to be made while still whetting the, audience ,'s appetite for the next joke. *Lyrics: Almost nothing is known about the music
  36. Therefore reflect the attitudes of a dominant group in an unrepresentative, audience , The production process might also have influenced the views expressed in the
  37. Bell demonstrated the invention to Queen Victoria who had requested a private, audience ,at Osborne House, her Isle of Wight home. She called the demonstration" most
  38. Throughout the festival, overseeing the plays like a privileged member of the, audience , In The Frogs, the god appears also as a dramatic character, and he enters the
  39. Record of a Living Being opened in November 1955 to mixed reviews and muted, audience ,reaction, becoming the first Kurosawa film to lose money during its original
  40. Issues. Aristophanes claimed to be writing for a clever and discerning, audience , yet he also declared that 'other times' would judge the audience according to
  41. Often characterized as the site of tension. For the author to reach his or her, audience , the work usually must attract the attention of the editor. The idea of the
  42. And he continued to publish novels and short stories, but by the late 1930s the, audience ,for Milne's grown-up writing had largely vanished: he observed bitterly in his
  43. Became known outside Japan in the 1980s. Anime, like manga, has a large, audience ,in Japan and recognition throughout the world. Distributors can release anime
  44. In Kerouac's novel The Dharma Bums, describing how change was collected from, audience ,members to buy jugs of wine, and Ginsberg reading passionately, drunken,with
  45. On May 16, 1929,at a private brunch at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel with an, audience ,of about 270 people. The post Academy Awards party was held at the Mayfair
  46. Experimental art gallery in San Francisco. Ginsberg's" Howl" electrified the, audience , According to fellow poet Michael McClure, it was clear" that a barrier had
  47. Include the influences of the editor and the publisher in order to engage the, audience ,in writing as a social act. Pierre Bourdieu’s essay“ The Field of Cultural
  48. Film Crash (with a pre-Oscar gross of US$53.4 million) generated an, audience ,of 38.64 million with a household rating of 22.91 %. In 2008,the 80th Academy
  49. S second film of 1950,Fashion, that would ultimately win him a whole new, audience , International recognition (1950–1958) After finishing Scandal, Kurosawa was
  50. To dominate the leisure time of the formerly large and loyal Japanese cinema, audience , And as film company revenues dropped, so did their appetite for

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