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  1. In a different 16-color palette for each of the screen's 200 scan lines as the, monitor ,'s electron beam traced the screen line by line. This exotic technique did not
  2. Ships that homed on the player's position if shot. Also included was a" 3-D ", monitor ,surround that glowed in the white-UV light. The ship and asteroids appeared to
  3. Monitor,14" screen, no speaker, replacement for SM124 * SC1224 - Color, monitor , 12" screen,640×200 pixels plus speaker * SC1425 - Color monitor ,14" screen
  4. Paul suggested this may be related to China policies where state entities that, monitor ,the economy are also tasked with increasing output. Also, until recently, the
  5. The game graphics are composed entirely of lines which are drawn on a vector, monitor , The hardware consists primarily of a standard MOS 6502 CPU, which executes the
  6. Television incompatible with commercial TV, so it was displayed on a special, monitor ,and a conventional TV camera viewed this monitor , significantly reducing the
  7. Command Module. The camera would also be used to allow flight controllers to, monitor ,the spacecraft's instrument panel in flight. Television cameras were carried
  8. On the screen, with NTSC composite video output suitable for display on a TV, monitor , or on a regular TV set by way of a separate RF modulator. The original retail
  9. Retail prices were FRF1990 with a green screen and FRF2990 with a color, monitor ,for the 464plus,and FRF2990 with a green screen and FRF3990 with a color
  10. GBP339.00/DM1198.00 with a green screen and GBP449.00/DM1998.00 with a color, monitor , After the successful release of the CPC464,consumers were constantly asking
  11. The comparatively low price for a complete computer system with dedicated, monitor , its high resolution monochrome text and graphic capabilities and the
  12. Over the next 12 minutes before the TLC burn, the Apollo 8 crew continued to, monitor ,the spacecraft and the S-IVB. The engine ignited on time and performed the TLC
  13. Commodore 64. The 520ST used an external" brick" power supply, floppy disk, monitor ,and mouse. Even basic system setups thus suffered from cable spaghetti, a
  14. In/out (with 'out-thru' ),RS-232 serial, Centronics parallel (printer), monitor , ( RGB or Composite Video color and mono,13-pin DIN),extra disk drive port (
  15. It was displayed on a special monitor and a conventional TV camera viewed this, monitor , significantly reducing the quality of the picture. The signal was received at
  16. August 2007 is the Light Weight Profiling (LWP),providing internal hardware, monitor ,with runtimes, to observe information about executing process and help the
  17. GBP249.00/DM899.00 with a green screen and GBP359.00/DM1398.00 with a color, monitor , Following the introduction of the CPC6128 in late 1985,suggested retail
  18. On the screen, with NTSC composite video output suitable for display on a TV, monitor , or on a regular TV set by way of a separate RF modulator. The original retail
  19. Speaker on the left of screen, a jack to plug ear-listeners * SC1435 - Color, monitor , 14" screen, stereo speakers, replacement for SC1224 (readied Magnate
  20. IBM PCs – separate central unit with cooling system and two 5.25-inch disks, monitor ,and keyboard. Compatibility with original Apple II was complete. Elite high
  21. Graphics, and could display onto either a television set, a color (RGB), monitor , or a" green screen" monitor . At its peak, the Electron was the third best
  22. Was in Michael Jackson's movie Ghosts. At the left of the screen, an Amiga, monitor ,and keyboard can be easily seen at the end credit. (at exactly 38:40)
  23. Of the Amiga. In 1988 the release of the Amiga A2024 fixed-frequency monochrome, monitor ,with built-in frame buffer and flicker fixer hardware provided the Amiga with a
  24. Drives in a single enclosure designed to stack between the computer and the, monitor , and a new controller card to run it. This controller was (by design)
  25. The DVG reads the commands and generates appropriate signals for the vector, monitor , There are DVG commands for positioning the cathode ray, for drawing a line to
  26. Color monitor ,12" screen,640×200 pixels plus speaker * SC1425 - Color, monitor , 14" screen, One speaker on the left of screen, a jack to plug ear-listeners *
  27. Need to buy a prohibitively expensive, even if exceptionally crisp and clear, monitor ,). These models were known as the 520STM (or 520STM). Later F and FM models
  28. For the 464plus,and FRF2990 with a green screen and FRF3990 with a color, monitor ,for the 6128plus. GX4000 Developed as part of the plus range, the GX4000 is
  29. A typical solution for malicious applets is to make the web browser to, monitor ,applets' activities. This will result in a web browser that will enable the
  30. With a green screen and USD799.00/GBP399.00/DM2098.00 with a color, monitor , In 1990,the 6128plus replaced the CPC6128 in the model line-up, and
  31. Later),a rectangular base unit with two floppy drives on the front, and a, monitor ,on top with a separate detachable keyboard. The second incarnation was a much
  32. Rely upon a landing signal officer (LSO, sometimes called" paddles" ) to, monitor ,the plane's approach, visually gauge glideslope, attitude,and airspeed, and
  33. Monitor,12" screen,640×400 pixels,70 Hz refresh * SM147 - Monochrome, monitor , 14" screen, no speaker, replacement for SM124 * SC1224 - Color monitor ,12 "
  34. Onto either a television set, a color (RGB) monitor or a" green screen ", monitor , At its peak, the Electron was the third best-selling micro in the United
  35. Replacement for SC1224 (readied Magnate 1CM135) * SM195 - Monochrome, monitor , 19" screen for TT030. 1280×960 pixels. 70 Hz refresh * SH204 - External hard
  36. And, often,a small video camera is used to show the procedure on a, monitor ,in the operating room. The surgeon manipulates instruments within the abdominal
  37. Data encoding),aerial TV connector (RF modulator),composite video and RGB, monitor ,output Quirks Like the BBC Micro, the Electron was constrained by limited
  38. Which the teacher could see the display of each pupil's screen on his own, monitor , Working modes The Aster used 64 KB of RAM memory and had the unique feature of
  39. And physicians often recommend that other family members and loved ones, monitor ,the young patient's behavior for any signs of suicidal ideation or behaviors
  40. Combined in a single unit, and optionally sold with its own dedicated display, monitor , Most home computers at that time such as Sinclair’s EX- series, the Commodore
  41. Disk drive. The main units were only sold bundled with a color or monochrome, monitor ,that doubles as the main unit's power supply. Additionally, a wide range of
  42. The most active are in Damascus and Cairo. They review language development, monitor ,new words and approve inclusion of new words into their published standard
  43. S borders with Georgia and Azerbaijan, while Russian troops continue to, monitor ,its borders with Iran and, which acts as another deterrent to Azeris military
  44. Helicopters are almost always fitted with video/FLIR systems to allow them to, monitor ,and co-ordinate real-time relief efforts. They can also be fitted with
  45. Be separately supplied by an updated version of the bundled green screen/color, monitor ,(GT-65 and CTM-644 respectively). The CPC664 was only produced for
  46. To the CITES section III appendix, which requests member governments to, monitor ,the trade in this species. This listing was removed from CITES in June 2010 by
  47. Quantity (~1000),only a few working models remain. * SM124 - Monochrome, monitor , 12" screen,640×400 pixels,70 Hz refresh * SM147 - Monochrome monitor ,14 "
  48. Were conceived to make the logo more accessible, and to represent the fact the, monitor ,could reproduce images in color. The logo is often erroneously referred to as a
  49. With Nike to offer the Nike+iPod Sports Kit enabling runners to synchronize and, monitor ,their runs with iTunes and the http://nikeplus.nike.com/nikeplus/ Nike+ website
  50. To mid 2005,AOL used online volunteers called Community Leaders, or CLS, to, monitor , chatrooms, message boards, and libraries. AOL's use of remote volunteers dated

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