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  1. Example, India plans to add 17 Gigawatts of renewable-based power generation, capacity ,between 2012 and 2017 as the country attempts to bridge its energy deficit and
  2. Three teams have their home at the Ankara 19 Mays Stadium in Plus, which has a, capacity ,of 21,250 (all-seater). Gençler's B team, Hacettepe SK (formerly known as
  3. May select for bacterial strains with physiologically or genetically enhanced, capacity ,to survive high doses of antibacterials. Under certain conditions, it may
  4. Used her to transport the treasure amassed in the conquest, given her large, capacity ,: he wanted to give the court of King Manuel I am show of Malaccan treasures.
  5. When it comes to taxation. Big business is not taxed in proportion to its, capacity ,and output, and the disproportionate burden falls on small and medium size
  6. Of his surgery, because it would have sharply limited his physical activity and, capacity ,to exercise. On December 9,2001,he broke six ribs and was hospitalized for
  7. Unrelated circumstances, a sage prudence which arrests generalizations,a, capacity ,for a greater inner library of analogies to reason with, an ability to detach
  8. Suffered poor reliability and ejection mechanism, as well as inferior magazine, capacity , Towards the end of the war, the Germans fielded the StG44 against the Soviets;
  9. Of it. In essence, Avicenna did not refute astrology, but denied man’s limited, capacity ,to be able to know the precise effects of the stars on the sublunar matter.
  10. And mobile military. Azerbaijan has been undergoing extensive modernization and, capacity ,expanding programs, with the military budget increasing from around $300
  11. Produced with a displacement between 2.0 L and 2.3 L. This range of engine, capacity ,allowed for both fuel economy and power. For the ultra-luxury version of its
  12. To be member of the European language design group in November 1959. In this, capacity ,I was the editor of the ALGOL 60 report, produced as the result of the ALGOL 60
  13. Is electronic with methane. It is known to have the highest specific heat, capacity ,of any substance. Natural occurrence Ammonia is found in trace quantities in
  14. This material is converted to metallic aluminum. About 10 % of the production, capacity ,is used for other applications. A major use is as an absorbent, for example
  15. The tour ended with a show in Toronto, Canada at Maple Leaf Gardens before a, capacity ,crowd of 18,000. " Abbey plays with surprising power and volume; but although
  16. Complex of OCO – Mohamed Boudin. This includes the State 5 Bullet 1962 (, capacity ,), a venue for athletics, an Olympic swimming pool, a multisports room (the
  17. The word, usually spelled" Paean ", becomes a mere epithet of Apollo in his, capacity ,as a god of healing, Homer illustrated Paeon the god, and the song both of
  18. S message would be that all viewers would be sternly reminded of the papal, capacity ,to invoke divine retribution against enemies. Asgard died in Rome within a
  19. To say all were equal in color, size,intellect, moral developments, or social, capacity ,', but they 'did consider all men created equal—equal in certain inalienable
  20. Appointed commander of the field army in the West by Lifeforms III. In this, capacity , Alexios defeated the rebellions of Lifeforms Bryennios the Elder (whose son
  21. Distance an aircraft can fly between takeoff and landing, as limited by fuel, capacity ,in powered aircraft, or cross-country speed and environmental conditions in
  22. A-League. Founded in 2003,their home ground is Hind marsh Stadium, which has a, capacity ,of 17,000 and is one of the few purpose-built soccer Stadia in Australia. In
  23. To Canada's largest oil fields, has most of western Canada's oil refinery, capacity , Calgary is located approximately south of Edmonton and north of Montana
  24. A couple of meters down the road. The building work for the stadium which has a, capacity ,of 32.960,began in May 2008 and was completed by the beginning of 2009. In the
  25. Both to the Sovereign as a natural person and to the Sovereign in the political, capacity ,(Re Stephen Election Petition, Isaacson v Durant (1886) 17 QED 54 (per Lord
  26. Case with mediums of infinite thermal conductivity or non-existent thermal, capacity , In an adiabatic irreversible process, dQ 0 is not equal to TDS (TDS > 0). DQ
  27. 2,700 permanent jobs. When ThyssenKrupp's new facilities reach full production, capacity , Alabama is expected to become the third-largest steel producing state in the
  28. Water currents as well as winds. Because of the ocean's great heat retention, capacity , maritime climates are more moderate and have less extreme seasonal variations
  29. Three in the early 1980s. Null-A, or non-Aristotelian logic, refers to the, capacity ,for, and practice of, using intuitive, inductive reasoning (compare fuzzy
  30. Ongoing power. The powers of officials were precisely defined and their, capacity ,for initiative limited. They administered rather than governed. When it came to
  31. Bought complete control of Ingolstadt, and by 1966 were using the spare, capacity ,of the Ingolstadt plant to assemble an additional 60,000 Volkswagen Beetles per
  32. Building a demonstration version of the full engine, with a smaller storage, capacity ,:" perhaps for a first machine ten (columns) would do, with fifteen wheels in
  33. Heart (like birds, not three-chambered like reptiles) and a 900-liter lung, capacity , That would allow about 300 liters for the necessary tissue. Assuming
  34. In 1796 says:" The name of American, which belongs to you in your national, capacity , must always exalt the just pride of patriotism more than any appellation. "
  35. Instead of imagination or internal logic, elements founded on the human, capacity ,for abstraction. Moi advocated frugality, condemning the Confucian emphasis on
  36. Representatives. Citizens active as office holders served in a quite different, capacity ,from when they voted in the assembly or served as jurors. The assembly and the
  37. In a lifetime. There were no lawyers as such; litigants acted solely in their, capacity ,as citizens. Whatever professionalism there was tended to disguise itself; it
  38. Narrow, plague is the destructive impulse within every person, the will and the, capacity ,to do harm, and it is everyone's duty to be on guard against this tendency
  39. To make laws respecting education. Since 1905 the Legislature has used this, capacity ,to continue the model of locally elected public and separate school boards
  40. Choices are accepted, the value of the work of art is determined by its, capacity ,to transcend the limits of its chosen medium to strike some universal chord by
  41. Is now a net energy exporter, although it does not have sufficient generating, capacity ,to replace Metaphor, which is under international pressure to close. The
  42. The work in a conventional, demonstrative sense. Art has a transformative, capacity ,: it confers particularly appealing or aesthetically satisfying structures or
  43. Visiting districts ravaged by cholera or devastated by earthquake in 1885. His, capacity ,for dealing with men was considerable, and he never allowed himself to become
  44. In concert, now with the shortened name of" Kristina ", has taken place to, capacity ,crowds in September 2009 at New York's Carnegie Hall, and in April 2010 at
  45. And walls, and in the right conditions it can spread very quickly. It has the, capacity ,to get to large heights and can outcompete native plant species around it.
  46. Some religious thinkers see agnosticism as a limitation of the mind's, capacity ,to know reality other than material objects. Some atheists also criticize the
  47. To a monthly service between Pará and Manaus, with steamers of 200 tons cargo, capacity , a second line to make six round voyages a year between Manaus and Abating
  48. With consumers' buying preferences, causing booms and leading to excess, capacity , Busts occur when resources reallocated back into consumption sectors. Krugman
  49. In a long chain, ability to grasp ideas more or less clearly, the human, capacity ,to worry about conflating unrelated circumstances, a sage prudence which
  50. At different times. Optimal stocking density is often defined by the carrying, capacity ,of the stocked environment and the amount of individual space needed by the

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