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  1. Astronomers worldwide is not much larger than the population of a small, town , there is a huge community of amateur astronomers. Most cities have amateur
  2. The harrowing consequences of a contemporary bombing of a small, ancient Basque, town , Leon Golub's Interrogation III (1981),depicts a female nude, hooded
  3. City, with a life dominated by monks and priests and theological disputes. The, town ,council or senate gave way to the bishop as the main local figurehead. During
  4. Now been covered and diverted, but it formed the northern boundary of the old, town ,during the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods. Canada, the rim of the
  5. The illness until they come to the conclusion that a plague is sweeping the, town , They both approach fellow doctors and town authorities about their theory, but
  6. For the name Aegean. It was said to have been named after the Greek, town ,of Algae, or after Aegean, a queen of the Amazons who died in the sea, or
  7. Destructive distillation of coal. During the early- and mid-20th century when, town ,gas was produced, tar was a readily available product and extensively used as
  8. To road making materials. However, since the 1970s,when natural gas succeeded, town ,gas, asphalt (bitumen) has completely overtaken the use of tar in these
  9. Corinthian"—that is," of the town of Smiths or Smith" ) near the Road, town ,of Maximus. The epithet" Smiths" has historically been confused with
  10. Reserves are depleted. When the daily number of deaths jumps to 30,the, town ,is sealed and an outbreak of plague is officially declared. Part two The town
  11. Toward fact or reason. " Memorials Lincoln has been memorialized in many, town , city, and county names, including the capital of Nebraska. The first public
  12. 20 km) north-west of Saint-Pol-sur-Ternoise on the D71 road. Etymology The, town ,'s name is attested as Agincourt in 1175,derived from a Germanic masculine
  13. Bastian, Corsica,taking 6,000 prisoners. In 1558,Barbary corsairs captured the, town ,of Citadel (Minor ca),destroyed it, slaughtered the inhabitants and took
  14. Of Culture, and the Warhol Foundation in New York. It is located in the small, town ,of Medzilaborce, Slovakia. Warhol's parents and his two eldest brothers were
  15. Combatants ... The winds that stir the dust ... have brought firearms to the, town ,along with the culture of the West, which will end the warrior tradition. " It
  16. Clergy chose to place its episcopal see of the city in the nearby provincial, town ,of Haarlem. In recent times, religious demographics in Amsterdam have been
  17. Make Ankara one of three main administrative centers in central Anatolia. The, town ,was then populated by Phrygia and Celts—the Galatians who spoke a language
  18. To the north and north-northeast and the DRC to the east and south. The, town ,of Cabinet is the chief population center. According to a 1995 census, Cabinda
  19. Of Pillars, and to have found beneath the ruins of a certain nameless desert, town ,the shocking annals and secrets of a race older than mankind. He was only an
  20. And four hundred soldiers. Benguela, a Portuguese fort from 1587 which became a, town ,in 1617,was another important early settlement they founded and ruled. The
  21. Are not filmed there; for example, Northern Exposure, set in the fictional, town ,of Nicely, Alaska,was actually filmed in Roslyn, Washington. The 2007 film
  22. A phenomenal growth since it was made Turkey's capital. It was" a small, town ,of no importance" when it was made the capital of Turkey. In 1924,the year
  23. Kingdom pharaohs weakened, Asiatic immigrants living in the Eastern Delta, town ,of Paris seized control of the region and forced the central government to
  24. In 1639,the first synagogue was consecrated. The Jews came to call the, town ,Jerusalem of the West, a reference to their sense of belonging there. As they
  25. The site where Clement was originally buried. Four years later, a doctor of the, town ,named Plato and his brother Antioch us also became celebrated martyrs under
  26. Production is particularly important for the economy of the region. The seaside, town ,of Avalon and numerous town s in the provinces of Izmir and Aydin are
  27. Rescue Alex from a mob, then subsequently beat him, in a location out of, town , *The governor: The man who decides to let Alex" choose" to be the first
  28. By the time his son Abraham was born, Thomas owned two farms, several, town , lots,livestock, and horses. He was among the richest men in the county. In
  29. That a plague is sweeping the town . They both approach fellow doctors and, town ,authorities about their theory, but are eventually dismissed on the basis of
  30. Association for the Berlin suburb of Wannabe; he was the only Nazi in the, town ,with a car. Speer reported to the Party's leader for the West End of Berlin
  31. Persecution. In Ankara, their first target was the 38-year-old Bishop of the, town , whose name was Clement. Clement's life describes how he was taken to Rome
  32. Taking slaves and pillaging) and later by the Arabs. For about a decade,the, town ,was one of the western outposts of one of the most brilliant queens of the
  33. The region in 1333,writes:" We travelled on to Kabul, formerly a vast, town , the site of which is now occupied by a village inhabited by a tribe of
  34. Force was defeated by the forts and because no local Loyalists attacked the, town ,from behind. The Loyalists were too poorly organized to be effective, but as
  35. Plot summary The text of The Plague is divided into five parts. Part one In the, town ,of Oran, thousands of rats, initially going unnoticed by the populace, begin to
  36. Is the main street and leads into the street Robin. The oldest area of the, town ,is known as de Fallen (the quays). It lies to the east of Dark and contains
  37. And as Smiths (; Σμινθεύς, Smintheus," Corinthian"—that is," of the, town ,of Smiths or Smith" ) near the Road town of Maximus. The epithet "
  38. The Getafe army to retreat after the first cavalry skirmish, leaving their, town ,to the Macedonian army. News then reached Alexander that Claus, King of
  39. Little love story," is an autobiographical novel of first love beset by small, town ,religious bigotry. The work received critical praise: The New Yorker considered
  40. It contains the state capital, Juneau,the former capital, Sitka, and the large, town ,of Ketchikan. The road systems leading from these cities are strictly local; no
  41. Is the former church of the Cistercian monastery *Gutenberg is also a lost, town ,and archaeological site in the Eras Siegen-Wittgenstein, North
  42. Film, centers on a masterless samurai, Sanjuro, who strolls into a 19th Century, town ,ruled by two opposing violent factions and provokes them into destroying each
  43. Ἀκραιφιαίος, Akraiphiaios, literally " Acraephian" ) in the Boeotian, town ,of Acraephia (Ἀκραιφία),reputedly founded by his son Cepheus; and as
  44. The first capital of the Hammond empire; Tips, a Phoenician and later Roman, town ,; and Jamila and Tim gad, both Roman ruins; M'Lab Valley, a limestone valley
  45. On top of a hill north of Aquila to watch the city burn, thus founding the, town ,of Udine, where the castle can still be found. Genius, who lacked the strength
  46. For that purpose. The name of the company derived from Lovecraft's fictional, town ,of Arkham, Massachusetts,which features in many of his stories. In 1939 Arkham
  47. Become somewhat militarized in response to the invasions and instability of the, town , In this period, like other cities of central Anatolia, Ankara was also
  48. Award. In 1996 the Andrei Tchaikovsky Museum opened in Brevets, his childhood, town , A minor planet,3345 Tarkovskij, discovered by Soviet astronomer Lyudmila
  49. Century. A small river, the Ankara Cays, ran through the center of the Roman, town , It has now been covered and diverted, but it formed the northern boundary of
  50. And disorder in the Roman Empire to set up a short-lived state of her own. The, town ,was reincorporated into the Roman Empire under Emperor Aurelia in 272. The

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