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  1. Issues divide society (and scientists) sharply into those who fear ", environmental ,time bombs" and those who view resumption of pollution-prone industrial
  2. She arranged and financed summer camps for poor children in Sweden, focusing on, environmental ,and ecological issues. Her environmental work for this organization led up to
  3. Soil quality in many parts of the country. Armenia is trying to address its, environmental ,problems. It has established a Ministry of Nature Protection and introduced
  4. Of the United Nations Environment Program published a report assessing the, environmental ,impacts of consumption and production. The study found that agriculture and
  5. Of all concerned in the food production and consumption system. Economic, environmental , and social aspects of agriculture sciences are subjects of ongoing debate.
  6. For the single from this album," Even en Bloom" ( Even a Flower),deal with, environmental ,issues. In 2004,Gangsta recorded a song called" The Sun Will Shine Again "
  7. From genetics) are well documented, this study highlights an additional, environmental ,factor that may result from being raised by parents suffering from chronic
  8. Issues helped form the basis of the nationalist independence movement when, environmental ,demonstrations subsequently merged with those for other political causes in the
  9. Poor children in Sweden, focusing on environmental and ecological issues. Her, environmental ,work for this organization led up to the decision to record again. DUP
  10. As limited by fuel capacity in powered aircraft, or cross-country speed and, environmental ,conditions in unpowered aircraft. The range can be seen as the cross-country
  11. EU countries with €9.46 billion. Environmental issues Azerbaijan faces serious, environmental ,challenges. Soil throughout the region was contaminated by DDT and toxic
  12. Ice Age),prolonged periods of drought, cyclical periods of topsoil erosion, environmental ,degradation, de-forestation, hostility from new arrivals, religious or cultural
  13. Is a resource funded by the US Federal Government. TOXMAP's chemical and, environmental ,health information is taken from NLM's Toxicology Data Network (TONE) and
  14. Air and water pollution and solid waste disposal, whose revenues are used for, environmental ,protection activities. Armenia is interested in cooperating with other members
  15. Forces. Like other former Soviet republics, Azerbaijan faces a gigantic, environmental ,cleanup complicated by the economic uncertainties left in the wake of the
  16. By oxidizing various fuels while reducing Senate to arsenide. Under oxidative, environmental ,conditions some bacteria use arsenide, which is oxidized to Senate as fuel
  17. Some weak evidence to suggest that onset can be" triggered" by as yet unknown, environmental ,factors (see 'Epidemiology' below). Approximately 10 % of cases are "
  18. Of strategic industries, including energy efficiency, alternative energy and, environmental ,protection, and seeks to attract private investment. Measures include a
  19. Farm subsidies. In recent years there has been a backlash against the external, environmental ,effects of conventional agriculture, resulting in the organic movement. The
  20. In recent years there has been a backlash against perceived external, environmental ,effects of mainstream agriculture, particularly regarding water pollution
  21. Depletion of scarce water resources is merely one example of the many adverse, environmental ,impacts of rapid Asian growth. Water and air quality is also a cause of severe
  22. Products. As the oldest and largest human intervention in nature,the, environmental ,impact of agriculture in general and more recently intensive agriculture
  23. Organization,17 % of all deaths in the Asia-Pacific Region are related to, environmental ,problems. Policies to encourage private sector investment in Environmental
  24. But varies widely locally across the surface, depending on the geological and, environmental ,features. The term is derived from Latin albedo" whiteness ", in turn from
  25. Long-term fertility of the soil. While this feeling lay dormant for decades, as, environmental , awareness has increased in the 21st century there has been a movement towards
  26. That autism arises very early in development. Although evidence for other, environmental ,causes is anecdotal and has not been confirmed by reliable studies
  27. S cabinet, includes a minister of the environment. However, no comprehensive, environmental ,protection program has emerged, and decisions on environmental policy have been
  28. Dramatic market growth, countries in Asia face huge sustainability challenges:, environmental ,degradation, resource constraints and climate change, as well as social
  29. 12 former Soviet republics) and with members of the international community on, environmental ,issues. The Armenian Government is working toward closing the Armenian Nuclear
  30. Became a symbol of worsening air pollution in Yerevan. In independent Armenia, environmental ,issues divide society (and scientists) sharply into those who fear "
  31. In the late 1980s. In the postcommunist era, Armenia faces the same massive, environmental ,cleanup that confronts the other former Soviet republics as they emerge from
  32. Has proven to be controversial. Many issues surrounding food security and, environmental ,impacts have risen regarding GMO practices. For example, GMOs are questioned by
  33. Water supply and sanitation, road networks and urban transport. Reducing, environmental ,pollution is an equally important part of working towards leaner, more
  34. In the Atlantic would be Hurricane Katrina in the 2005 season. Current, environmental ,issues Endangered marine species include the manatee, seals,sea lions, turtles
  35. To ensure all water systems, such as lakes and rivers, have water allocated to, environmental ,flow. A key player who is credited to saving billions of lives because of his
  36. Of services, age at diagnosis, and public awareness, though unidentified, environmental ,risk factors cannot be ruled out. The available evidence does not rule out the
  37. Is to grow into an organism depends on the combination of the species and the, environmental ,conditions of where the spore lands. The spores of fresh-water Algae are
  38. Livestock are one of the most significant contributors to today's most serious, environmental ,problems ". Livestock production occupies 70 % of all land used for agriculture
  39. That would have provided incentives for improving standards for health, and, environmental , regulations,such as the number of animals an area of land can support without
  40. Also have contributed to present air and water pollution problems. Several, environmental ,organizations exist in Azerbaijan, yet few funds have been allocated to begin
  41. The company has also received widespread criticism for its contractors' labor, environmental , and business practices. To sell the Apple I personal computer kit. They were
  42. Various international treaties attempt to reduce pollution caused by, environmental ,threats such as oil spills, marine debris, and the incineration of toxic wastes
  43. Limited funds, establishing pollution standards, or monitoring compliance with, environmental ,regulations. Early in 1994,plans called for Azerbaijan to participate in the
  44. Present. In 1992,Gangsta was asked and chosen to be the chairperson for the, environmental ,organization" Artistes for Milton" ( Artists for the Environment) in Sweden.
  45. Is a school of thought within anarchism which puts an emphasis on, environmental ,issues, with an important precedent in anarcho-naturism and whose main
  46. Role played by the former in closing major industries. In 1994 three national, environmental ,laws were in effect: the Law on Environmental Protection, the Basic Law on the
  47. Also realizing that water resources need to be allocated to maintain natural, environmental ,services, such as protecting towns from flooding, cleaning ecosystems and
  48. Of agricultural activity. Environmental Problems A broad public discussion of, environmental ,problems began in the mid-1980s,when the first" green" groups formed in
  49. Made by growers to sustainably produce higher-quality products with a reduced, environmental ,impact. Intensive scientific research and robust investment in modern
  50. That agriculture and food consumption are two of the most important drivers of, environmental ,pressures, particularly habitat change, climate change, water use and toxic

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