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  1. Feels strongly isolated from his family and removed from daily life. Another, topic ,concerns how soldiers' lives are put at risk by their commanding officers who
  2. Hume 1974:385,footnote 17. ) 10. Of miracles (in two parts) The next, topic ,which Hume strives to give treatment is that of the reliability of human
  3. Ideas. Indeed, one of the many famous passages of the Inquiry was on the, topic ,of the incorrigibility of human custom. In a later chapter, he wrote:: :"The
  4. Harvard Robotics Laboratory, analog computation is a research, topic , http://www.lyricsemiconductor.com/ Lyric Semiconductor's error correction
  5. 1868,but had not worked it out to this level of detail. It continues to be a, topic ,of research in evolutionary biology today, with both computer simulation and
  6. England captain Douglas Sardine. Analysis is the process of breaking a complex, topic ,or substance into smaller parts to gain a better understanding of it. The
  7. Art forms beautiful, disgusting,or boring in the same way? A third major, topic ,in the study of aesthetic judgments is how they are unified across art forms.
  8. S Cell, And on the Origin of Species. Wallace's defense of the Origin on the, topic ,of evolution of the hexagonal bee cell. * 1863:
  9. Another inbound call to the same or another test number). ANA numbers (the, topic ,of this article) can also appear in the 958 range, but there is no requirement
  10. Description of the several realms that are described as falling under this, topic , The most well-known are: *Valhalla: (lit. " Hall of the Slain" i.e." the
  11. Just completed a game of human history up to the present, they wanted a fresh, topic ,and chose science fiction. With no previous experience in science fiction games
  12. To evolve naturally even before Babel (Genesis 10:5). Dante addresses the, topic ,in his De Vulgar Eloquent. He argues that the Adamic language is of divine
  13. Directions (repulsion). This laid the foundation of electrodynamics. The, topic ,of electromagnetism thus begun, Ampère developed a mathematical theory which
  14. So there are no regulations or safety standards in place. In Australia,the, topic ,is termed as complementary medicine and the Therapeutic Goods Administration
  15. Aquinas see Aquinas and the Sacraments and Thought of Thomas Aquinas. On the, topic ,of original sin, Aquinas proposed a more optimistic view of man than that of
  16. Sociologist and philosopher of science, Auguste Comte, and has become a major, topic ,for psychologists (especially evolutionary psychology researchers)
  17. Damian, and a furnace of the quintessence in Stirling Castle. In England,the, topic ,of alchemy in that time frame is often associated with Doctor John Dee (13
  18. A number of cases Darwin had attributed to sexual selection. He revisited the, topic ,at length in his 1889 book Darwinism. Wallace's effect In 1889,Wallace wrote the
  19. Somatic hypermutation and affinity maturation: For more details on this, topic , see Somatic hypermutation and Affinity maturation Following activation with
  20. Corporation Meta 4 microprogrammable processor implementing APL. This, topic ,was also the subject of his PhD thesis. Extensions Recent extensions to APL
  21. With considerable success. When he began his experiments with mesmerism,the, topic ,was very controversial and early experimenters, such as John Elliot son, had
  22. Had been involved with it for some time. After reviewing the literature on the, topic ,and attempting to test the phenomena he witnessed at séances, he came to accept
  23. The analysis of Homer or Freud. This is mainly to do with the breaking up of a, topic ,to make it easier to understand. Mathematics Mathematical analysis can be
  24. Species and varieties adapted to their environment. Bateson revisited the, topic ,in his 1979 book Mind and Nature: A Necessary Unity, and other scholars have
  25. With the launch of Sputnik, the Earth's first artificial satellite. In 1958,a, topic ,of research by the U. S. was the test explosions of several low yield nuclear
  26. The process of programmed cell death. However, it was not until 1965 that the, topic ,was resurrected. While studying tissues using electron microscopy, John Fox ton
  27. Information). OED's evaluation resources are displayed by resource type, topic , region and country, and date. Learnings are also gathered in an online
  28. Cartesian and Lockean epistemologies. In the second section he returns to the, topic ,of hard skepticism by sharply denouncing it.: :"For here is the chief and most
  29. The basis of debates involving Alexander. On Mixture and Growth discusses the, topic ,of mixture of physical bodies. It is both an extended discussion (and polemic
  30. To as the" Boston-Neoclassical Model ". The most prominent writers on this, topic ,have been Harold Good glass and Edith Kaplan. * Individuals with Broca's
  31. Many of the causes of amphibian declines are still poorly understood, and are a, topic ,of ongoing discussion. A global strategy to stem the crisis has been released
  32. Entomological Society, Wallace asked for any evidence anyone might have on the, topic , In 1869,Weir published data from experiments and observations involving
  33. As its input size (usually denoted as n) increases. Run-time efficiency is a, topic ,of great interest in computer science: A program can take seconds, hours or
  34. The microscopic Algae, such as the phytoplankton, entirely. Distribution The, topic ,of distribution of algal species has been fairly well studied since the
  35. Lower level compiler. Compilation of APL programs was a frequently discussed, topic ,in conferences. Although some newer enhancements to the APL language
  36. Bertrand Russell by debating with the Jesuit scholar Frederick Collection on the, topic ,of religion. Between 1945 and 1947,together with Russell and George Orwell, he
  37. And later the subject of" the progress of opulence ". On this latter, topic ,he first expounded his economic philosophy of" the obvious and simple system
  38. Precipitated further clashes with Jeans and Edward Arthur Milne. An important, topic ,was the extension of his models to take advantage of developments in quantum
  39. The plays often treat them quite seriously. Even jokes can be serious when the, topic ,is politics — especially in wartime. The butts of the most savage jokes are
  40. Tradition. His early and influential writing on the human will, a central, topic ,in ethics, would become a focus for later philosophers such as Schopenhauer and
  41. In observing or" armchair astronomers" who may simply be interested in the, topic , Societies range widely in their goals, depending on a variety of factors such
  42. The word course in American use typically refers to the study of a restricted, topic ,(for example, a course in Early Medieval England, a course in Integral
  43. The teacher does not bombard the student with too much material; focuses on one, topic ,at a time; helps them discover what they don't understand, rather than moving
  44. He issued a reward of £100 for whomever could write the best essay on the, topic ,of his work. The winner of this would prove to be J. F. C. Fuller (1878–1966)
  45. Centers referrals. Criticism Moderation or abstinence: For more details on this, topic , see Stanton Peele argued that some AA groups apply the disease model to all
  46. Organism, is that it is not constant, but highly variable. " Nevertheless,the, topic ,of Huxley’s eyesight continues to endure similar, significant controversy
  47. Irrigation system, impossible. Wallace originally became interested in the, topic ,because his anthropocentric philosophy inclined him to believe that man would
  48. Dallas may be Athena's father or opponent, without involving Triton. On this, topic , Walter Burke rt says" she is the Dallas of Athens, Pallas Athenian, just as
  49. Research to celestial mechanics. In 1840,he presented a dozen papers on this, topic ,to the Academy. The confounded membership of the Bureau lasted until the end of
  50. s)=\track. After the war, he turned to sieve theory, a previously neglected, topic ,which Selberg's work brought into prominence. In a 1947 paper he introduced

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