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  1. Ranging from ham and cheese to other more sophisticated combinations such as, raw ,ham, tomatoes,olives,hard-boiled eggs, tuna,lettuce, red pepper, and the
  2. Before consumption. Culinary uses While the almond is often eaten on its own, raw ,or toasted, it is also a component of various dishes. Almonds are available in
  3. Coastal strip of current-day Angola, which relied on slave trade, commerce in, raw ,materials, and exchange of goods for survival. The African slave trade provided
  4. Flesh of abalones is widely considered to be a desirable food, and is consumed, raw ,or cooked in a wide variety of dishes. Description The shell of abalones has a
  5. That boils at 78.4 °C, which is used as an industrial solvent, car fuel, and, raw , material in the chemical industry. In the US and some other countries, because
  6. A jeu d'esprit knocked off for money in three weeks, it became known as the, raw ,material for a film which seemed to glorify sex and violence. The film made it
  7. Soymilk and some of which actually use no heat, resulting in" raw milk" ( see, raw ,Fordism). The Marconi variety of almond, which is shorter, rounder,sweeter
  8. Year observing, and the rest of their time reducing the data (changing it from, raw ,data to processed images) and analyzing it. Many astronomers work entirely
  9. To her brother Ares, the patron of violence, bloodlust and slaughter —" the, raw ,force of war ". Athena's wisdom includes the cunning intelligence (Métis) of
  10. In the CSM Signal Conditioning Equipment (SHE). The SHE converts, raw ,signals from instrumentation to standard voltages for the spacecraft instrument
  11. But after Khrushchev had been ousted from power in 1964,the time for such, raw ,exposing works came quietly, but perceptibly, to a close. Persecutions
  12. Implemented voluntarily over the previous two years. Since September 1,2007, raw , untreated California almonds have technically not been available in the United
  13. Compiler). The language was classified as an assembler, because it worked with, raw ,machine elements such as opcodes, registers,and memory references; but it
  14. By volume and 1.28 % by mass of the Earth's atmosphere, and air is the primary, raw ,material used by industry to produce purified argon products. Argon is isolated
  15. Because of Armenia's dependence on outside supplies of energy and most, raw ,materials. Land routes through Azerbaijan and Turkey are closed; routes through
  16. As well as fish, fowl,millet, vegetables,herbs, and roots. They never ate, raw ,fish or flesh; it was always boiled or roasted. Their traditional habitations
  17. The same. Game seeds are about the size of a small Lima bean and are eaten, raw ,with guacamole, sometimes cooked and made into a sauce. They can also be made
  18. Sargon in the 24th century BC. The region was famous for exporting various, raw ,materials. Unlike the Akkadians and the Assyrians, whose Anatolian possessions
  19. Became scarce. Many citizens traveled to the countryside to forage. Dogs, cats, raw , sugar beets, and Tulip bulbs—cooked to a pulp—were consumed to stay alive. Most
  20. That" my rage, my fury would drive me now to hack your flesh away and eat you, raw ,– such agonies you have caused me ". Achilles then got his vengeance. With the
  21. Rodin, however,would have multiple plasters made and treat them as the, raw ,material of sculpture, recombining their parts and figures into new
  22. Products shipped all over the world, and Edmonton's oil refineries provide the, raw ,materials for a large petrochemical industry to the east of Edmonton. The
  23. Be crazy, is the mixing of ethnic cuisines. It is not at all uncommon to find, raw ,fish listed next to tortillas on the same menu. Ethnic crossovers also occur
  24. Azerbaijan is also an important economic hub in the transportation of, raw ,materials. The Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline (BTC) became operational in May
  25. Other goods, supplies of olive oil. In exchange for its luxury imports and, raw ,materials, Egypt mainly exported grain, gold,linen, and papyrus, in addition
  26. Of a substance called Amtrak can be separated from ambergris by heating, raw ,ambergris in alcohol, then allowing the resulting solution to cool. Breakdown
  27. Also been speculated that the English" curd" comes from the Latin crud us (", raw ,"). Online anagram solvers Various websites offer the ability to solve
  28. To that of soy milk and some of which actually use no heat, resulting in ", raw ,milk" ( see raw Fordism). The Marconi variety of almond, which is shorter
  29. Sales tax,from 1 to 7.5 %, typically 3–5 %. Other local taxes levied include, raw ,fish taxes, hotel,motel, and bed-and-breakfast 'bed' taxes, severance taxes
  30. In the United States. Controversially, California almonds labeled as ", raw ," are required to be steam-pasteurized or chemically treated with propylene
  31. By predictable bottlenecks such as I/O operations and paging. This has made, raw ,code execution speed a non-issue for many programmers. There are some
  32. Allowed more common consumption of this once rare delicacy. In Japan, live and, raw ,abalone are used in away sushi, or served steamed, salted,boiled, chopped,or
  33. To Asia and back, and from northern Africa to the Baltic Sea. An important, raw ,material, amber was transported from the North Sea and Baltic Sea coasts
  34. Lower boiling point (64.7 °C),and is used mainly as a solvent, fuel,and, raw ,material. Unlike ethanol, methanol is extremely toxic: One sip (as little as
  35. Q=1,2,..., Q,then each \gamma_n can be expressed in terms of the equivalent n, raw ,moments:: \gamma_ m_ \gamma_ \squad \quad \text rm \quad n 1,2,3,4 \quad \text
  36. M_ \franc \quad \text rm \quad n 1,2,3,4 Known relationships between the, raw ,moments (m_n) and the central moments (\theta_n = E (x-\mu)in) ) are then
  37. And bridges. The second was in his vertical integration of all suppliers of, raw ,materials. In the late 1880s,Carnegie Steel was the largest manufacturer of
  38. Delta x_k is the total area of the histogram. After this normalization, the n, raw ,moments and central moments of x (t) can be calculated from the relative
  39. Gamma. These combined values of \gamma can then be inversely transformed into, raw ,moments representing the complete concatenated time-history: m_ \franc \quad
  40. The process independently. It is also unclear whether they made their own, raw ,glass or merely imported pre-made ingots, which they melted and finished.
  41. Products shipped all over the world, and Edmonton's oil refineries provide the, raw ,materials for a large petrochemical industry to the east of Edmonton. The
  42. Purchases, international investors buy thousands of hectares of farmland or, raw ,land at prices of a few hundred US$ per hectare. To promote exports of
  43. Sea, including Baku Bay, has been polluted by oil leakages and the dumping of, raw ,or inadequately treated sewage, reducing the yield of caviar and fish. In the
  44. Civil War: Battle of Wilson's Creek – the war enters Missouri when a band of, raw ,Confederate troops defeat Union forces in the southwestern part of the state.
  45. Injuries, and practical treatments. Wounds were treated by bandaging with, raw ,meat, white linen, sutures,nets, pads and swabs soaked with honey to prevent
  46. Directly to the consumer in small quantities. Nor is the treatment required for, raw ,almonds sold as exports to countries outside of North America. This
  47. Textiles, and other manufactured goods to sister republics in exchange for, raw ,materials and energy. Since the implosion of the USSR in December 1991,Armenia
  48. Shoot a film based on their novel Dead Mountaineer's Hotel, and he developed a, raw ,script. Influenced by a discussion with Already Strugatsky he changed his plan
  49. Though it is not an abalone, but a Mauricio. File: AbaloneMeat. JPG|The, raw ,meat of abalone File: Seeohr-Sashimi. JPG|Abalone sashimi File:
  50. Agricultural products can be broadly grouped into foods, fibers,fuels, and, raw , materials. In the 21st century, plants have been used to grow biofuels

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