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  1. Pressure point, then inadvertent movement of the bow will result, with loss of, accuracy , By careful study of the bow's movement, the appropriate positioning and
  2. And fouling without failing to cycle. This reliability comes at the cost of, accuracy , as the looser tolerances do not allow for precision and consistency.
  3. And incorrect) assumptions he had to make for his method to work; the, accuracy ,of his value seems to based more on luck than good measurement, with his
  4. Leg of a trip separately. Computers also allow airlines to predict, with some, accuracy , how many passengers will actually fly after making a reservation to fly. This
  5. Of the method it describes has been called into question, due to the extreme, accuracy ,with which one would have to measure the water displacement. Archimedes may
  6. Use empirically derived relationships to predict apparent magnitudes when, accuracy ,is required. Example Moon: H_\! \, = +0.25: d_\! \, d_\! \,1 au: d_\! \,384.5
  7. Provide an account of many scientific observations, a mixture of precocious, accuracy ,and curious errors. For example, in his History of Animals he claimed that
  8. Proper motions of 118,218 stars were determined with an unprecedented degree of, accuracy , A new“ Tycho catalog” drew together a database of 1,058,332 to within 20-30
  9. Helps the archer's feeling of confidence on the shot, thereby contributing to, accuracy , Shooting technique and form The bow is held in the hand opposite to the archer
  10. Of Minus has delineated his bloody figures with tedious and disgusting, accuracy , " Austrian historian praised Minus as" the greatest literary genius that
  11. Transformation of society. Sound measurement and analysis reached new levels of, accuracy ,and sophistication through the use of electronics and computing. The ultrasonic
  12. Inertia. However, many archers have found an apparent improvement in their, accuracy ,with the use of flex / mounts. The weight in hand remains unchanged, and so may
  13. Salary describes the same music (by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) with the same, accuracy ,and passion with which Marshall speaks of the burger. *In episode 17,season 5
  14. Compound bows are often held at full draw for a short time to achieve maximum, accuracy , The arrow is typically released by relaxing the fingers of the drawing hand (
  15. Heavy to move. Archimedes has also been credited with improving the power and, accuracy ,of the catapult, and with inventing the odometer during the First Punic War.
  16. That of the rest of the world put together. However, there are issues with the, accuracy ,of China's returns. In 2001,the fisheries scientists Reg Watson and Daniel
  17. R. I. Servo dates Acts to the first quarter of the 2nd century. Historical, accuracy ,The question of authorship is largely bound up with the one of the historical
  18. If the fletching is not arranged to induce rotation, it will still improve, accuracy ,by causing a restoring drag any time the arrow tilts away from its intended
  19. Of oceanic waters. The associated processes cannot be studied with the required, accuracy ,by direct measurements of current velocities (of the order 50 meters per year
  20. Have stated that this film depicted the events of the mission with reasonable, accuracy , though some dramatic license was taken. Technical inaccuracies have also been
  21. On pronunciation are actually consistent and predictable with a fair degree of, accuracy , At the other extreme, are languages such as English, where the spelling of
  22. Rotational speed in analog fire-control computers was a basic element of their, accuracy , there was a motor with its average speed controlled by a balance wheel
  23. Style of kicking seen in today's game, principally because of its superior, accuracy , is the drop punt (the ball is dropped from the hands down, almost to the
  24. And sighting instruments, architects could build large stone structures with, accuracy ,and precision. The domestic dwellings of elite and ordinary Egyptians alike
  25. Described shapes with more flexible Bézier curves, providing unprecedented, accuracy , Font rendering in Illustrator, however,was left to the Macintosh's Quicker
  26. Positions it. A special type of integrator, used at a point where only moderate, accuracy ,was needed, was based on a steel ball, instead of a disc. It had two inputs
  27. Found in the firearms industry and literature, particularly that concerning the, accuracy ,of rifles, though the industry tends to refer to it as minute of angle. It is
  28. Un-impeded flight. This feature is known as the archer's paradox. It maintains, accuracy , for if part of the arrow struck a glancing blow on discharge, some
  29. Archery Competitive archery involves shooting arrows at a target for, accuracy ,from a set distance or distances. This is the most popular form of competitive
  30. With sufficient practice, such archers can normally achieve good practical, accuracy ,for hunting or for war. Aiming without a sight picture may allow more rapid
  31. Human Genome Project is completed with 99 % of the human genome sequenced to an, accuracy ,of 99.99 %. * 2003 – U. S. troops in Baghdad capture Abu Abbas, leader of the
  32. The archer's error. Further, an effect that does not actually give enhanced, accuracy , except in the mind of the archer, is the pleasing" forward roll" of the bow
  33. Or her body, as it may indicate problems with form (technique) that affect, accuracy , Aiming methods There are two main forms of aiming in archery: using a
  34. Arrange fletching to cause the arrow to rotate along its axis. This improves, accuracy ,by evening pressure buildups that would otherwise cause the arrow to" plane "
  35. Specified 'spine ', or stiffness rating, to maintain matched flexing and hence, accuracy ,of aim. This flexing can be a desirable feature, since,when the spine of the
  36. Is that the statistical moment calculations can be carried out to arbitrary, accuracy ,such that the computations can be tuned to the precision of, e. g., the data
  37. For the existence of ancient Assyrian telescopes, which could explain the great, accuracy ,of Assyrian astronomy. Other suggestions include its use as a magnifying glass
  38. Elder 03. JPG Style His bouquets were painted symmetrically and with scientific, accuracy ,in small dimensions and normally on copper. They sometimes included symbolic
  39. Turbulence, which,overall, maintains the intended direction of flight i.e., accuracy , This rotation is not to be confused with the rapid gyroscopic rotation of a
  40. Blow on discharge, some inconsistency would be present, and the excellent, accuracy ,of modern equipment would not be achieved. The accurate flight of an arrow is
  41. For example mathematical statistical calculation yields the following, accuracy ,for exactly the same rifle and ammunition combination (standard deviations of
  42. Ad absurdum),he could give answers to problems to an arbitrary degree of, accuracy , while specifying the limits within which the answer lay. This technique is
  43. Performed, the differences are often negligible in terms of practical hunting, accuracy ,at ranges up to 30 yards. In Central Asia and the Middle East, thumbrings were
  44. Their departure from ideal behavior is too great for computing of any great, accuracy , Analog computer setups that at first would seem to require inductors can be
  45. Then simply summarized, have been the source of debates over the historical, accuracy ,of Acts. Some scholars have objected to the language of the speeches as too
  46. Constant G and the solar mass ME. Neither G nor ME can be measured to high, accuracy ,in SI units, but the value of their product is known very precisely from
  47. Metric units 1 MOA at 100 meters = 2.908 centimeters. Sometimes, a firearm's, accuracy ,will be measured in MOA. This simply means that under ideal conditions, the gun
  48. Are equal to \text style \franc (x_n - \bar x_) (y_n - \bar y_). Even greater, accuracy ,can be achieved by first computing the means, then using the stable one-pass
  49. Fans, which were designed to stratify the cryogenic contents and increase the, accuracy ,of their quantity readings. Approximately 93 seconds later the astronauts heard
  50. This allows the archer to adjust aim with successive shots in order to achieve, accuracy , Modern archery equipment usually includes sights. Instinctive aiming is used

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