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  1. Some of its original character has arguably been lost, but Apple still has a, reputation ,for fostering individuality and excellence that reliably draws talented people
  2. King and praised him. Some literature critiques believe that this change in the, reputation ,was due to the use of a specific source by meadows which no longer exists.
  3. Places throughout the Roman Empire and Agrippina acquired a well-deserved, reputation ,for successful childbearing. Eventually Agrippina was proud of her large family
  4. For four violins, two violas, cello,and basso continue (RV 580). Posthumous, reputation ,During his lifetime,Vivaldi's popularity quickly made him famous in other
  5. In the South considered Lincoln as a man of outstanding ability. Lincoln's, reputation ,grew slowly in the late 19th century until the Progressive Era (1900-1920s)
  6. That still stand today. He began working as a general contractor, earning a, reputation ,for being a hardworking, honest man as well as having a working man's view on
  7. Orphaned girls. He obtained the consulship in 120; then greatly increased his, reputation ,by his conduct as proconsul of Asia, probably during 134-135. He acquired much
  8. Equally serve in a fricassee, or a ragout. " Readers unacquainted with its, reputation ,as a satirical work often do not immediately realize that Swift was not
  9. A long period of abandonment in the late 20th century, the area is acquiring a, reputation ,as an artistic and fashionable neighborhood due to the opening of many arts
  10. Account Smiley Prabhupada Llama. Ginsberg donated money, materials,and his, reputation ,to help the Swami establish the first temple, and toured with him to promote
  11. Until four years after his death. This was a detriment to his career and, reputation ,among his fellow doctors, and feeling he had no future in academic medicine in
  12. The development of the Athens Olympic Stadium, which has since gained a, reputation ,as one of the most beautiful Stadia in the world, and one of its most
  13. Considering the neoclassical methodology to be irredeemably flawed. Later, reputation ,Austrian economics was ill-thought of by most economists after World War II
  14. Defense agency answering the teller's call for help. But the robber's loss of, reputation ,would be even more damaging. Specialized companies would list aggressors so
  15. Of land can produce ninety-four asparagus plants. Babelsberg asparagus enjoys a, reputation ,among connoisseurs as a particular delicacy. In addition to asparagus, the
  16. Pre-war Punch from its ponderous facetiousness; he had made a considerable, reputation ,as a playwright (like his idol J. M. Barrie) on both sides of the Atlantic;
  17. In 1821,but it started to actually be played much later, and built its, reputation ,from there. At that time in Vienna, mouth harmonicas with Danielle (chambers
  18. Which he passed off as an original Vivaldi work) helped revive Vivaldi's, reputation , This spurred the French scholar Marc Pitcher to begin an academic study of
  19. André Breton coined the anagram Avid Dollars for Salvador Dalí, to tarnish his, reputation ,by the implication of commercialism. Applications While diagramming is
  20. Over Pintos, evokes modern rather than archaic sea-law. " Luce had also a, reputation ,as a place of healing. Ananias (III.19,13) reports that the Delphic Pythias
  21. A trained fighter, who was known for his skills with the sword. Because of his, reputation ,as a frightening warrior and a heartless general, he was sent to curb the riots
  22. But his work remained secret for many years. Turing had something of a, reputation ,for eccentricity at Bletchley Park. Jack Good, a cryptanalyst who worked with
  23. Abhorred van Vogt’s style and politics and thoroughly demolished his literary, reputation ,in the 1950s. Harlan Ellison writing in 1999 the introduction Notable quotes
  24. Party, or any man devised, or expected. God alone can claim it. " Historical, reputation ,In surveys of scholars ranking Presidents, Lincoln is ranked in the top three
  25. Some titles make extensive use of common utilization: LCL, for example, has a, reputation ,for wild, exaggerated utilization. Other titles use different methods: Only
  26. And finally retired to Chateaux, where he died in 1202. He had a very widespread, reputation ,during his lifetime and his knowledge, more varied than profound, caused him to
  27. Then-unknown actor Toshiba Minute in a starring role, cemented the director's, reputation ,as one of the most important young filmmakers in Japan. The two men would go on
  28. Time to time led to improperly designed structures and gained aluminum a bad, reputation , One important structural limitation of aluminum alloys is their fatigue
  29. Roman wife was required to stay home. Agrippina had earned herself a, reputation ,as a heroic woman and wife. During her time in Germania, Agrippina had proved
  30. Century Ottoman mosque. * Exarchal (), located north of Molokai, has a mixed, reputation ,as the recent or current location of the city's anarchist scene and as a
  31. Mediums against allegations of fraud in the 1870s damaged his scientific, reputation , It strained his relationships with previously friendly scientists such as
  32. Favored those interests but ultimately represented whoever hired him. His, reputation ,grew, and he appeared before the Supreme Court of the United States, arguing a
  33. For Vice President to balance the ticket. Lincoln's success depended on his, reputation ,as a moderate on the slavery issue, and his strong support for Whitish
  34. Considered far too suggestive and supposedly ruining the high-society model's, reputation , In the twentieth century, Pablo Picasso's Guernica (1937) used arresting
  35. Time—and with the theatrical and home video releases of the uncut version—its, reputation ,has steadily grown. It is now regarded by some commentators as the greatest
  36. September 1544 deprived him of this employment, but he had won a considerable, reputation , and when Charles was preparing to attack the Schmalkaldic League, he took
  37. Mary Todd's cousin. Lincoln became an able and successful lawyer with a, reputation ,as a formidable adversary during cross-examinations and closing arguments. He
  38. Teachers; he was mostly self-educated and was an avid reader. He attained a, reputation ,for brawn and audacity after a very competitive wrestling match to which he was
  39. Onwards, it has been considered outside the mainstream of economic thought. Its, reputation ,rose somewhat in the late 20th century. Mainstream economists are generally
  40. Was Rudolf Bultmann's student Ernst Baseman. Schweitzer established his, reputation ,further as a New Testament scholar with other theological studies including The
  41. For Lincoln, his articulation of the issues gave him a national political, reputation , In May 1859,Lincoln purchased the Illinois Staats-Anzeiger, a German-language
  42. History of Life-of-Jesus research" ). This book, which established his, reputation , was first translated into English by William Montgomery and published in 1910
  43. Will host its first Ashes Test match. Cultural references The popularity and, reputation ,of the cricket series has led to other sports or games, and/or their followers
  44. His dagger and rushed upon the sultan. Alp Asian, who took great pride in his, reputation ,as the foremost archer of his time, motioned to his guards not to interfere and
  45. It rejected mathematical and statistical methods in the area of economics. Its, reputation ,rose in the late-20th century with the work of Israel Kirchner and Ludwig
  46. Quickly in most seabeds and although not an articulated design, they have the, reputation ,of not breaking out with tide or wind changes, instead slowly turning in the
  47. Views emerged publicly in the middle of the 20th century due to his fame and, reputation ,for genius. Einstein offered to and was called on to give judgments and
  48. By Peter Bruce from the Isle of Man in the 1970s. Bruce gained his early, reputation ,from the production of large scale commercial anchors for ships and fixed
  49. Time, a series of major product flops and missed deadlines sullied Apple's, reputation , and Sculley was replaced by Michael Spindler. 1994–1997: Attempts at
  50. Never make another film. A difficult decade (1969–1977) Knowing that his, reputation ,was at stake following the much publicized Torn! Torn! Torn! Debacle, Kurosawa

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