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  1. One that depends on the encryption key. A set of reverse rounds are applied to, transform ,ciphertext back into the original plaintext using the same encryption key.
  2. Cdots \right \\ &\approx \franc \franc \\ &= \franc \franc \end The bilinear, transform ,essentially uses this first order approximation and substitutes into the
  3. Operates with a 32768 byte window, whereas bzip2 uses a Burrows-Wheeler, transform ,roughly 30 times bigger. Artemis was one of the most widely venerated of the
  4. Dance crazes in the period 1910–1930. The third event was a concerted effort to, transform ,some dance crazes into dances which could be taught to a wider dance
  5. Is used in digital signal processing and discrete-time control theory to, transform ,continuous-time system representations to discrete-time and vice versa. The
  6. House is rumored to be haunted, therefore,every Halloween, its residents, transform ,the entire building into a Haunted House. Student life At Acadia University
  7. System representations to discrete-time and vice versa. The bilinear, transform ,is a special case of a conformal mapping (namely, the Möbius transform ation)
  8. As with the Swiss pike men who gained many victories through their ability to, transform ,a traditionally defensive weapon into an offensive one. Likewise, the Zulus in
  9. Omega \ is input to the discrete-time filter designed by use of the bilinear, transform , it is desired to know at what frequency, \omega_a \, for the continuous-time
  10. Saturday, July 15 with the Palate of the People of Algiers. The projects will, transform ,the city of Algiers and its surroundings by equipping them with a retail area
  11. To a correspondingly delayed unit impulse),the result is precisely the Z, transform ,of the discrete-time sequence with the substitution of: \begin z &= ex \\ &=
  12. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions to this day. In the extreme south a major, transform ,fault separates Terra del Fuel from the small Scotia Plate. Across the wide
  13. Rolling the film, his end result was that he had managed to make a bus, transform ,into a hearse. This was just one of the great contributors to animation in the
  14. Appropriated" places and goods by a person implies his right to use and, transform ,these places and goods in any way he sees fit, provided only that he does not
  15. Crashes into the Moon. *1963 – In Libya, amendments to the constitution, transform ,Libya (United Kingdom of Libya) into one national unity (Kingdom of Libya)
  16. They cover different concepts: *Agriculture is the set of activities that, transform ,the environment for the production of animals and plants for human use.
  17. Denote its argument. If the Greek letter is used, it is assumed to be a Fourier, transform ,of another function, The first function is assumed, if the expression in the
  18. That are not. He also held that knowledge of true causes of passive emotion can, transform ,it to an active emotion, thus anticipating one of the key ideas of Sigmund
  19. Of inquiry and bring faculty from different fields together. Their goal was to, transform ,the survey course, which traditionally sought to cover a large amount of basic
  20. Up to the carrier frequency. Figure 2 is a result of computing the Fourier, transform ,of: A + m (t)\dot \sin (\omega_c t),\, using the following transform pairs
  21. Mandelbrot fractal animations. There are now many tools and programs that can, transform ,raster images into text symbols; some of these tools can operate on streaming
  22. Poetry and instrumental interludes. When performing Maugham, the singers have to, transform ,their emotions into singing and music. Maugham singer Slim Asimov is revered as
  23. Function fall inside the unit circle in the complex z-plane. The bilinear, transform ,maps the left half of the complex s-plane to the interior of the unit circle in
  24. Or conceptual learning, is roughly equivalent to the ability to manipulate and, transform ,inputs, that is, the ability to solve problems. Statistical analysis of his
  25. The Lamb's Club. While at the Lamb's, he came upon Lorenz Hart, and he helped, transform ,Lerner into his protégé. Lerner and Loewe's first collaboration was a musical
  26. It has lots of competition. I also think it and its competitors will eventually, transform ,into services that more directly serve the interests of mail recipients.
  27. The Navy. As a side effect, the huge industrial effort needed to be started to, transform ,the economy, from iron works making nails to agriculture feeding the quadrupled
  28. That is an exact mapping of the z-plane to the s-plane. When the Laplace, transform ,is performed on a discrete-time signal (with each element of the discrete-time
  29. A result, the emerging countries were forced to make considerable sacrifices to, transform ,their economies. The treaties created major political unease. As a result of
  30. Of discrete partials in the frequency domain (typically using a fast Fourier, transform ,), an additive resynthesis system can construct an equally weighted sinusoidal at
  31. In the sorted list (the cheap portion). This technique is also known as, transform ,and conquer. * Search and enumeration. Many problems (such as playing chess)
  32. Prince's 1975 version at the Delphi. Mr Judge's great innovation is to, transform ,the Liebeslieder Singers from the evening-dressed, after-dinner line-up into
  33. Quadrupole mass analyzer, quadrupole ion trap, time-of-flight,Fourier, transform ,ion cyclotron resonance, and so on. Electrochemical analysis Electroanalytical
  34. S unit delays \left (Zn \right) \ with first order all-pass filters. The, transform ,preserves stability and maps every point of the frequency response of the
  35. Some textbooks give the same name to the function and to its Fourier, transform ,:: ~f (\omega)=\int f (t) \exp (i\omega t) t. Rigorously speaking, such an
  36. Many famous and otherwise noted and historic buildings, such as The bilinear, transform ,(also known as Tustin's method) is used in digital signal processing and
  37. Says," if every man has the right to own his own body and if he must use and, transform ,material natural objects in order to survive, then he has the right to own the
  38. Ten thousand years" ), and that the song represents the ability of humanity to, transform ,itself instead of a transform ation taking place at the hands of God. " Grace "
  39. Buttons. The control pads have screw holes in their centers, so that one could, transform ,them into a joystick, as with the later Sega Master System's controller. Most
  40. They sailed for Boston in 1635. Her father was" the sort of rebel destined to, transform ,colonial America "; as clerk of the court, he was jailed for disobeying the
  41. Pharmacological and spiritual techniques. In Ayurveda the samsara are used to, transform ,heavy metals and toxic herbs in a way that removes their OSI. These processes
  42. Is often called the Oil Capital of Europe. There is now a concerted effort to, transform ,Aberdeen's reputation as the Oil Capital of Europe into the Energy Capital of
  43. Close to the Nyquist frequency. Discrete-time approximation The bilinear, transform ,is a first-order approximation of the natural logarithm function that is an
  44. Big-scale rebuilding as a model when he was asked by Emperor Napoleon III to, transform ,a then still quasi-medieval Paris into a" modern" capital that would make
  45. Transform of: A + m (t)\dot \sin (\omega_c t),\, using the following, transform ,pairs:: \begin m (t) \quad \stacked\quad M (\omega) \\ \sin (\omega_c t
  46. Features modern Stadia, shops and an elevated esplanade. Work is underway to, transform ,the grounds of the old Athens Airport – named Wellington – in the southern
  47. We wish to implement this filter as a digital filter, we can apply the bilinear, transform ,by substituting for s the formula above; after some reworking, we get the
  48. R (\tau) = \text (S (f) ) where IFFY denotes the inverse Fast Fourier, transform , The asterisk denotes complex conjugate. Alternatively, a multiple \tau
  49. In. In Alan Moore's series Miracle man, the word" Abraham" is shown to, transform ,the titular character back to his original human form. In Dan Simmons's
  50. Was not" revolutionary" at all, contending that it did not radically, transform ,colonial society but simply replaced a distant government with a local one.

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