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  1. Over 1,300 species of Acacia. See List of Acacia species for a more complete, listing , Famous acacia Perhaps the most famous acacia is the Are du Tenure in Niger.
  2. The village corporation for Cheney in Prince William Sound A more complete, listing ,is available at WWW. Ancsa. Net. Land selection by the State of Alaska under
  3. Issued by a carrier receiving goods for transport * Bill of materials, document, listing , the parts needed to make a product * Bill of quantities, tendering document
  4. Or set of books designed to have more in-depth articles on many topics. A book, listing ,words, their etymology, meanings,and other information is called a dictionary.
  5. To themselves all objects from all domains and hence, provide a global, listing ,of objects in the forest. However, in order to minimize replication traffic and
  6. Which requests member governments to monitor the trade in this species. This, listing ,was removed from CITES in June 2010 by the South African government and South
  7. To feel honored and not abused at Dylan's use of lines from his work. Track, listing ,Personnel * Angie Meyers — accordion, Hammond B3 organ, Vox organ The Beverly
  8. Fought contest. Series and matches: See also: List of Ashes series for a full, listing ,of all the Ashes series. Quest to" recover those ashes" Later in 1882
  9. Renamed Bombardier Limited and on January 23, 1969,the company went public, listing ,on the Montreal and Toronto stock exchanges. Aerospace In 1986,Bombardier
  10. Television services in the UK, with over 18 million customers. Its primary, listing ,is on the London Stock Exchange, and it is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index.
  11. Openly and graphically in his poetry. He also struck a note for gay marriage by, listing ,Peter Trotsky, his lifelong companion, as his spouse in his Who's Who entry.
  12. The island's the most famous scholars, Abel Henry Jones Greening) suggested the, listing ,of Wilshire as a county of England. Expressly named were" Wiltshire, Hampshire
  13. Attracted by Bermuda's regulatory environment. The Exchange specializes in, listing ,and trading of capital market instruments such as equities, debt issues, funds
  14. The successor, rather than them necessarily becoming governor, but the official, listing ,includes these as full governors. The governor and lieutenant governor are not
  15. No time, the Curb Exchange became the leading international stock market, listing ,more foreign issues than all other U. S. securities markets combined. In 1953
  16. Denominations of Christian Influence. (This section does not give a complete, listing ,of denominations, and therefore, it only mentions a fraction of the churches
  17. Code to date has been found for that game either. Atari's earlier 7800 games, listing ,showed Millipede as one of the games in the line-up; however, it does not
  18. Words. An emulator can be used to debug assembly-language programs. Example, listing ,of assembly language source code Example of a selection of instructions (for a
  19. APL implementation ISBN 0895880059 which is the complete, total source, listing ,for the microcode for a Digital Scientific Corporation Meta 4 microprogrammable
  20. Was unmarried. " Most eligible bachelor" is a generic term for a published, listing ,of bachelors considered to be desirable marriage candidates. Usually" most
  21. A complete schematic of the entire computer's circuitry and a complete source, listing ,of the" Monitor" ROM firmware that served as the machine's BIOS (later this
  22. Genome, supports its recognition. Nearly all living bony fishes are telecasts. A, listing ,of the different groups is given below, down to the level of orders, arranged
  23. And a translation of the Greek Passion of St Anastasios. He also created a, listing ,of saints, the Martyrology. Theological works In his own time, Bede was as well
  24. Florida to showcase the songs on the album and seek out Young's opinion. Track, listing ,All songs written by Bob Dylan. Side one #"Tangled Up in Blue" – 5:42 (Sound
  25. Expanded first, then the resulting wildcards are substituted normally. Hence,a, listing ,of JPEG and PNG images in the current directory could be obtained with:
  26. To perform most or all of the required Qualification testing, assessment and, listing ,functions. Bluetooth Qualification Experts (Bees) and Bluetooth Qualification
  27. And Casebook (Appeals) from national bridge championships. A cross-referenced, listing ,including documentation is available at WWW. Bridgehands. Com/Laws/index. Htm.
  28. And Brown Field. See List of airports in the Atlanta area for a more complete, listing , Freeways With a comprehensive network of freeways that radiate out from the
  29. Of the greatest historical names in automotive racing, and plans were made for, listing ,the company's shares on international stock exchanges. Bugatti also presented
  30. Could first check his record. The bank robber would find insurance companies, listing ,him as a very poor risk, and other firms would be reluctant to enter into
  31. Of play money, in denominations of $100,$500,$1000,and $5000 * 6 charts, listing ,the prices of shares of the chains The array on the game board is arranged with
  32. Lauren Belfer's historical novel set in 1901,which in turn engendered a, listing ,of real versus fictional persons and places featured in her pages. President
  33. Summary of results and statistics: See also: List of Ashes series for a full, listing ,of all the Ashes series since 1882. A team must win a series to gain the right
  34. Universe, the term" adventurer" is used as a synonym for" super-hero" when, listing ,a character's occupation. In role-playing games, the player characters are
  35. New York Curb Market, which then had a formal constitution with brokerage and, listing ,standards. After several years of outdoor trading, the curbstone brokers moved
  36. Number in the cell is the subshell's position in the sequence. For a linear, listing ,of the subshells in terms of increasing energies in multielectron atoms, see
  37. Ring needs to be. A larger turret ring necessitates a larger vehicle. To avoid, listing ,to the side, turrets are usually located at the center of the vehicle on
  38. Football League playoff games. Past ceremonies and ratings The following is a, listing ,of all Academy Awards ceremonies and ratings since 1929. Historically, the "
  39. Negation without the use of a compound double negative form,i.e. using a, listing ,of several successive single negation words) –" Nobody never nowhere nothing
  40. Isotopes 241Am and 242Am,their production and compounds were patented, listing ,only Seaborg as the inventor. The initial americium samples weighed a few
  41. For Zorn to expand his compositions. The album consistently impresses ". Track, listing ,: All compositions by John Zorn.; Disc One #" Several" - 6:55 #" Nikon" -
  42. Successful album to date, with worldwide sales over 26 million copies. Track, listing ,Additional notes:; Personnel *Max Martin – composer, keyboards,background
  43. Depreciation and prepayments are also done at this time. This results in a, listing ,called the adjusted trial balance. It is the accounts in this list and their
  44. A map and, listing ,of the neighborhoods from the University at Buffalo) Allentown, Bailey-Lovejoy
  45. Groups include the Paracanthopterygii, Scorpaeniformes, and Performed. The, listing ,follows Fishcake with notes when this differs from Nelson and ITIS. ** Order
  46. Configured as global catalogs. Global catalog (GC) servers provide a global, listing ,of all objects in the Forest. Global Catalog servers replicate to themselves
  47. Adolfo Carrion Jr., says 61. The Mayor's Community Assistance Unit, in a, listing ,of the borough's community boards, names 68. Wikipedia, the online
  48. Exchange and it is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index. It has a secondary, listing ,on the New York Stock Exchange. History BT is the world’s oldest
  49. Provides the 'backbone' for Revelation. He sets out a comparative table, listing ,the chapters of Revelation in sequence then identifying against most of them
  50. Negation without the use of a compound double negative form,i.e. using a, listing ,of several successive single negation words) – I did not there never go (" I

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