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  1. Of August 22, 1862. The President said the primary goal of his actions as, president ,(he used the first-person pronoun and explicitly refers to his" official duty
  2. Of the 18 provinces were appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the, president , The Constitutional Law of 1992 established the broad outlines of government
  3. Judges in these courts. The Security Council is the deliberative body under the, president , and he organizes it according to the Constitution. It was established on 10
  4. Or" Tribunal the Replaced" ) judges of the Supreme Court are appointed by the, president , Administrative divisions Angola has eighteen provinces (provincial, singular
  5. Presidents of the United States in Congress Assembled. Under the Articles,the, president ,was the presiding officer of Congress, chaired the Committee of the States when
  6. On Huston and lost the position after he was wounded in the pelvis. The second, president ,of the Republic of Texas, Mirabeau B. Lamar, appointed him Secretary of War on
  7. Of the Press 2009 report gives it rating" Not Free ". The head of state is the, president ,of Algeria, who is elected for a five-year term. The president was formerly
  8. Which comes out strongest in the parliamentary elections become automatically, president ,and vice- president of Angola. Through a variety of mechanisms, the state
  9. Crop is lost, having been reaped too early. *Dan Conway is the middle-aged, president ,of the Phoenix-Durango railroad. Running a railroad is just about the only
  10. From all occupied territories of Azerbaijan. " In 1993,democratically elected, president ,Ablaze Wichita was overthrown by a military insurrection led by Colonel Surat
  11. Governors of the 18 provinces are appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the, president , The Constitutional Law of 1992 establishes the broad outlines of government
  12. Cabinet). The Chairman of the Council (prime minister) is appointed by the, president ,; ministers are nominated by the president on the basis of the prime minister's
  13. Dependents were killed by the FLN or by lynch mobs in Algeria. Algeria's first, president ,was the FLN leader Ahmed Ben Bella. He was overthrown by his former ally and
  14. Short-term leaders representing the military, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, the current, president , was chosen by the army. Post-war By 2002,the main guerrilla groups had either
  15. And John Bell of the new Constitutional Union Party. He was the first, president ,from the Republican Party. Winning entirely on the strength of his support in
  16. In Washington’D. C. His death marked the first assassination of a U. S., president , Lincoln has been consistently ranked by scholars as one of the greatest U. S.
  17. Vocal in support of the Equalization of Opportunity Bill. *Claude Slagenhop is, president ,of political organization Friends of Global Progress and one of Lillian Rear den
  18. And becoming Vice-President of the Supreme Defense Council. Tarawa remained the, president ,and in control of the army until he was killed in September 1979. To bolster
  19. Prime minister) is appointed by the president ; ministers are nominated by the, president ,on the basis of the prime minister's recommendation. The People's Assembly
  20. State legislatures. Congress was denied any powers of, who was serving as the, president ,of the Continental Congress," that a wagon load of money will scarcely
  21. Lincoln Home National Historic Site in Springfield, Illinois commemorate the, president , Ford's Theatre and Petersen House (where he died) are maintained as museums
  22. Of" Morale Conditioner" in the government. *Horace Busby Owen is the, president ,of the Amalgamated Switch and Signal Company, Inc. of Connecticut. He is a
  23. part-time in Hollywood. While still in New York, in 1917 he was the founding, president ,of the East Coast chapter of the Motion Picture Directors Association. Career
  24. A member of the Prussian Academy of Sciences. In 1916,Einstein was appointed, president ,of the German Physical Society (1916–1918). In 1911,he had calculated that
  25. Of the regime. In the future, there will be no president ial elections: the, president ,and the vice- president of the political party which comes out strongest in the
  26. Lincoln placed second in the contest to become the party's candidate for vice, president , In 1857–58,Douglas broke with President Buchanan, leading to a fight for
  27. Administered as a district starting in 1884,with a governor appointed by the, president ,of the United States, as well as a district court headquartered in Site. For
  28. Debates and speeches, Lincoln secured the Republican nomination and was elected, president ,in 1860. Following declarations of secession by southern slave states, war
  29. That the Articles were too weak for an effective government. There was no, president , no executive agencies, no judiciary and no tax base. The absence of tax base
  30. On 10 April 1997. The administrative department is not a part of the, president ,'s office but manages the financial, technical and pecuniary activities of both
  31. Republican governors met at the War Governors' Conference; they supported the, president ,'s Proclamation, but suggested the removal of General George B. McClellan as
  32. Party member, as leader of the Democratic Party, back to power. The current, president ,Amir Topi was elected by Parliament in July 2007. The Euro-Atlantic
  33. Remedies are enlightenment and education ". After the death of Israel's first, president , Chief Weizmann, in November 1952,Prime Minister David Centurion offered
  34. And sentimentalities. Huxley became a close friend of Rem sen Bird, president ,of Occidental College. He spent much time at the college, which is in the Eagle
  35. Visit to Grant's headquarters at City Point, Virginia. This allowed the, president ,to confer in person with Grant and William Tecumseh Sherman about the
  36. Could only be taken by the commander-in-chief using war powers granted to the, president ,by the Constitution, and Lincoln was planning to take that action. In that
  37. More supportive of the Commander in Chief. Burnside, against the advice of the, president , prematurely launched an offensive across the Rappahannock River and was
  38. Salem Aims, a former university professor who had been a legal advisor to the, president , The current court is seen as more moderate and led by more technocrats than
  39. Era liberals honored Lincoln not so much as the self-made man or the great war, president , but as the advocate of the common man who doubtless would have supported the
  40. By the President, who is elected for a 5-year term by direct elections. The, president ,is authorized to form the Cabinet, an inferior executive body, subordinated to
  41. To finance itself or to ensure that its resolutions were enforced. There was no, president ,and no national court. Although historians generally agree that the Articles
  42. And vice- president of Angola. Through a variety of mechanisms, the state, president ,controls all the other organs of the state, so that the principle of the
  43. Of state is the president of Algeria, who is elected for a five-year term. The, president ,was formerly limited to two five-year terms but a constitutional amendment
  44. In February 1789 for the president ial electors to meet and select a new, president , and set the first Wednesday of March 1789 as the day the new government would
  45. Consists primarily of the Prime Minister, his Deputies and Ministers. The, president ,does not have the right to dissolve the National Assembly, but he has the right
  46. Provincial Assembly is the political entity governing a province, which has a ", president ,", who is elected by the members of the assembly. They are in turn elected on
  47. Election and secession On November 6,1860,Lincoln was elected the sixteenth, president ,of the United States, beating Democrat Stephen A. Douglas, John C. Breckinridge
  48. An incensed Booth changed his plans and became determined to assassinate the, president , Learning that the President, First Lady, and head Union general Ulysses S.
  49. In shallow water. The idea was never commercialized, but Lincoln is the only, president ,to hold a patent. In 1851,he represented Alton & Salmon Railroad in a
  50. Stevens, Sen. Charles Sumner and Sen. Benjamin Wade, political allies of the, president ,on other issues. Determined to find a course that would reunite the nation and

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